MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





Basement 149 Toorak Rd, Sth Yarra

Dis place iz amazing. better than District 9!
Steve, Donny, Mon Sep 14 08:39:03 2009
i've been there for an afterparty one time- great venue! just curious, has it closed down cause i'm finding it impossible to contact them.
Jess, Eltham, Mon Mar 31 18:04:07 2008
awsome place to chill out mad djs hot chix ;) nah its really good see me there
sat night again lol. ciaoooo
wally, richmond, Fri Feb 2 09:06:58 2007
toga has gone down hill!! drop in if ur like 16 (they're not
too fussed about fake id's) but otherwise dont bother. its
pretty much an underage, private school hangout with lots
of prissy princesses and s. toga neva provides well
known headlining djs either
tom, malvern, Mon May 22 01:31:58 2006
Awesome place...
adam, diamond creek, Sun Mar 26 12:44:41 2006
Great crowd, friendly staff, nice size (you can't lose someone).
Ross, Northcote, Tue Mar 14 02:16:01 2006
Good music, nice chicks you always have a great time
Andrew, Lower Templestowe, Fri Mar 10 15:00:55 2006
its hot and plays hot house music!
Louise, heidelberg, Tue Feb 7 23:21:28 2006
Hot people, hot music that u can dance to all night.
Carla, Park Orchards, Tue Feb 7 02:28:01 2006
good crowd, great place.
Ross Stamford, Northcote, Fri Sep 16 03:13:29 2005
Good looking guys, awesome music
sarah, croydon north, Sat Jul 16 00:22:38 2005
great crowd, great house, great vibe, expensive, but classy and worth a look
Nick, east brighton, Wed Jun 29 05:43:59 2005
Its a small rockin crowd. Every1 has a good time
Jarrod, Donvale, Tue Jun 7 00:13:17 2005
Best atmosphere, everyone is having a good time.
Anthony, Carlton, Fri May 20 02:21:40 2005
Wicked house beats, loads of hot, sexy chicks.
Adam, Surrey Hills, Thu May 19 03:28:55 2005
house goes off. jarrod turns it on. ladies love it. i love it. bar staff always
looking after you. bouncers great blokes.
Wes, Collingwood, Fri May 13 01:51:51 2005
been to toga a while back, was a brilliant nite. Awesome looking guys (friendly
too!) no nasty girls and great music. that was a while back, is it still a good
nite, and is it still better to be on a list even if your going with just
chicks? anyway, rave reviews, awesome spot...LOVE IT
partygirl, ivanhoe, Wed Jan 12 10:06:30 2005
Goes off! Mr Timothy night 2 weeks ago was huge (although he was a knob), last
couple of months have been mad. Jared's tunes pump and we'll miss Rob Lee who's
gone! Get in early Saturday's or you're F*<&%d! The promoters are awesome. Go
Lise! (joel, caz, stu...)
Juz, Kew, Thu Dec 2 17:57:46 2004
was good last year, then died. now its the place to be again
Dean, doncaster, Sun Nov 28 19:08:58 2004
Good mix of music, atmosphere's hot and people everywhere having goodtime
Hope, north balwyn, Thu Nov 18 00:49:04 2004
Hey! It is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to get in
to this club on Saturdays........unless you
are on a guest list! (and being a hot chick
or being in the company of a few is
certainly a good way also!) If you want to
come to one of the biggest Saturday nights
in Melb. with the FATTEST beats, then email
all names to:
before 5pm Saturdays. Hope to see you
Guy, Inner Eastern, Wed Nov 10 04:04:54 2004
awesome night! i went at about 11, and it was pumping.. the music was awesome,
the guys were actually dancing, and the atmosphere was friendly. top night out !
PC, Camberwell, Tue Oct 26 13:32:53 2004
Always busy anyone whos anyone is their and the music that they play blow your
Paris, Toorak, Wed Jun 16 04:34:06 2004
The Cops have finally finished their raid on the South Yarra area and in
particular Saratoga. This Saturday the doors will be fully open all night and
the crowd will be flocking back. Cheap Ursus and Champagne all night. See you
Nick, South Yarra, Thu May 13 15:49:08 2004
The house music, the style of the bar. The classy looking women it has there.
Andy, Brighton, Wed Mar 24 14:13:58 2004
Last Saturday at Toga was absolutely massive. I got there around eleven and it
was pretty quiet, but by twelve it was completely full. I am told there was a
huge line too. THe crowd was awesome, great looking ladies and good down to
earth blokes.
David, Port Melbourne, Tue Feb 24 10:47:09 2004
Small club, always fills up, house music all nite, beautiful women, lots of fun.
If u want to be put on the guestlist email me, gives u
cheaper entry and you wont get kb'd.
james, toorak, Sun Feb 15 20:56:55 2004
hey unknown (sth Yarra),
for saratoga saturday nights, my email address is:
mob : 0412 932 555
jamie, wheelers hill, Mon Jan 19 20:43:15 2004
If u want to get into toga or want to promote on Saturday nights leave your
email address or Mobile and I will get in contact with you. (we are running the
Unknown, South Yarra, Mon Jan 19 15:40:05 2004
The Togas gone a little more upmarket, a little younger, and a lot dressier in
the last year. It is still an older crowd; though notably I don't think it's
quite as old. Also due to popularity and a tougher code - its become a little
harder to get in. You will find it is "guestlist only" on the door on Saturday
nights quite a lot - especially after 11.00 nowadays.
Scott Markworth, Melbourne, Mon Jan 19 00:28:34 2004
Saratoga on Saturdays has become massive with the new guys running it. There has
been massive lines and awesome crowds. Get in early to avoid queueing, it's well
worth it. The joint is full of a great crowd, and a good night is guaranteed.
Matt, Toorak, Thu May 22 12:54:33 2003
Saturday nights are getting huge at Saratoga. Great crowd last week and sure to
be bigger this week. Tim G plays great tracks all night long and the drinks are
cheap which is a change for Saratoga. FOr those who dont know the venue it is
awesome and a great night out.
Lucy, South Yarra, Sat Apr 26 16:52:06 2003
Went to Saratoge for the first time in ages last Saturday and it was pumping.
The promotors have done a great job with drink specials and the music had the
chicks going for it on the dance floor. Highly reccomend it to anyone who wants
a great night out!
Simon Heffer, South Yarra, Fri Apr 11 17:52:43 2003