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Daly St, South Yarra

Groovalicious is heading to Evolution, with a new night, Electric taking over at
Salt (23.11). It is an 80s night, with 80s party favs in the main room, RnB in
the Red Room, and funky vocal house in the lounge.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Nov 15 04:00:18 2002
This night now runs at Salt.
February 10, 2001
NOTE: This review is from when Groovalicious was run at Carousel.

Groovalicious at Carousel was one of my first ever nightclub experiences. My memory of it was very stylish, but weird music, because I really was not into R&B or hip-hop back then. I had been meaning to go back for years, but never did, until this visit. The people have changed, but the music hasn't, but now I love that music.

Your first taste of Carousel is about the location. It is on the GP track in Albert Park. More often than not, you have to park on the track and walk back to the venue. On that walk, you will see one of the finest collections of yuppie cars, Mercs, Beemers, Hondas, and so on. The club itself is on the lake, which is great, because it has views across the lake to the lights of Melbourne, and a sensational outdoor deck area to chill out (covered in winter). Very nice.

The club is actually a restaurant by day. By night, the tables disappear, the lights go down, and the place warms up. It is one long room, with couches at both ends, the entrance on one side, and it opens out to the outdoor deck on the other. The DJ and dancefloor with a couple of podiums are pretty much in the middle, with bars to either side, and another bar on the deck. Nothing too spectacular in the way of dancefloor lighting (the whole venue is too dark).

The music is provided to the whole venue from one booth occupied by some top R&B, soul, and Hip-Hop DJs. It is very cruisy music. Most of it is pretty current, but they are not afraid to dig into the archives for the odd Motown classic. This means you might get the Jacksons, but probably more likely to hear Coolio or Destiny's Child. This keeps the dancefloor packed, but the easy-going nature means you probably won't raise a sweat. The pro dancers on the podiums do however.

This brings us to the crowd. I went there expecting style, but maybe expecting too much. Guys in slacks and shirts, girls in semi-formal type skirts and dresses. Whilst this was the case in part, it was not across the board. At midnight, the place was not full either. Quite possibly the works going on to prepare the GP track for the upcoming race had made people think the place was closed for a while. The crowd that was there, was very broad. All manner of cultural backgrounds, ages, and sizes. Not totally dissimilar to Mothership Sundays at Mercury Lounge for obvious reasons.

As I recall, entry was about $12, reflecting a classy venue. Drink prices seemed normal.

You go to Groovalicious for the music. R&B, soul, hip-hop, and so on is the go. Everything about the night smacks of style, from the location to the music, to the prices and some of the people. The only thing missing was a few more of those people. Maybe that was just a case of bad timing.

Ben Clissold
December 23, 2000
Groovalicious is an all R'n'B / Hip Hop night @ Carosel Nightclub, looking over Albert Park lake, on Saturday nights. Although the dress code is formal, the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly. You can either dance all night or just chill at the bar or outside by the lake.

The DJ's are all sexy, playing all the best R'n'B and Hip Hop tracks all night, and the bar staff are all friendly and efficient. The venue is classy and comfortable. I strongly recommend it if you're into R'n'B and Hip Hop.

Kat Archer