MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




134 Toorak Rd, Sth Yarra

Forgot to mention, this venue closed some time ago.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Mar 9 17:55:38 2005
The Machine also play at Rush Bar on Toorak road and I agree they are spunky ;o)
Gabby, Sun Oct 31 17:33:53 2004
Saturday night rocked at Rush guys!! great band called the machine, and great
Emily, Sun Oct 3 14:37:30 2004
Saturday nights at Rush are fantastic! Screens to catch the footy then great
band The machine lots of fun and lots of interaction with the crowd.
Rena , Hawthorn , Tue Sep 21 16:08:22 2004
Apparently one or two of the players of The Machine are from Taxiride and are
doing this as an independent thing from their original band. Either way I agree
with you and they rock!
Sam, Mon Sep 13 11:47:30 2004
Just want to let you guys know that the band that plays at Rush Bar is great!!
The Machine plays there every Sat and saw them last night and will def be going
next week!
Brenda, Sun Sep 12 11:24:04 2004
Wow coming back strong! I checked out saturday nite (17th) at rush it was
packed. Good music, plenty of good looking ppl great atmosphere
Lauren, Hawthorn, Sun Apr 18 16:54:43 2004
Had an unreal night at Rush last Saturday! Heaps of gorgeous AFL guys there, and
the bar staff got up on the bar and gave out free illusion shaker shots!! It was
packed, I will definatley be there this Sat!
Nicole, Werribee, Wed Nov 26 22:59:58 2003
Hey Jo why don't you try Rush bar on a Sat night? relaxed, fun crowd, good music
Gemma, Tue Nov 25 01:21:32 2003