MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





March 10, 2001
We headed down to Geelong as part of a Young Liberal weekend away. As long as we were there, we had to check out the nightlife. The Geelong branch people recommended Rebar, so we dropped in for a look.

You enter the foyer and head upstairs. Straight ahead is an intimate little, glassed-off room, with a bar, and a few tables. Be warned though, it also happens to host karaoke.

If you take a right at the top of the stairs, you end up in the main dance room. It is a moderately large room, fairly moody, with red tones, and a colourful bar. It is 95% dancefloor, which is always a good thing, and the music was pretty cool. The DJs played a mix of current dance, with emphasis on commercial house tunes, and R&B. All very good to dance to.

The crowd is pretty young by Geelong standards, a town more known for over 25 venues. Most of the Rebar crowd were 20-22, with a few 18 and 25s about. They seemed pretty local, and the dress seems to be pretty relaxed, a jeans sort of a venue. It was not particularly busy though, but maybe we were too early or just left too soon. I am not sure if it was a standard sort of a crowd, as we visited on Labour Day long-weekend.

Drink and entry prices seemed to be fairly standard.

Rebar was as good as anything we could find in Geelong on a long-weekend. There was nowhere obviously busy, other than KFC, which was the place to be. Best we could figure, Rebar is a good venue for under 25s in Geelong on a Saturday. The music was great.

Ben Clissold