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Queensbridge Hotel, 1 Queensbridge St, Southbank
Night name:Famous
DJs:Derek K, Goodwill, Mark James, Chardy, Mark John, Wei Shen, Sean Quinn, Adam Bartas, Daniel Vid, Steve Bleas, Sam Fraser
Short desc.:New house night in a massive venue
Dress:Trendy, Smart, Neat Casual
Age group:18-20, 20-23, 23-25, 25-27
Correct at:Nov 7 06 (Max Moose)

its the maddest place ever and billboards too.....housesexy...
puneet, parkville, Tue Sep 9 23:48:18 2008
12.07: Last Famous
Its the last Famous this Saturday...

Max Moose, CBD, Thu Jul 10 22:04:07 2008
A lot of rumours are circulating about Famous shutting down. Not sure what the exact date is, but we are sure that its replacement will be called Infinity. It is a trance night being run by Future Entertainment, starting at Queensbridge (QBH) on Saturday August 23. Christopher Lawrence is guest DJ for the opening.
Max Moose, Melbourne, Fri Jul 4 00:21:59 2008
Peter - go with The Loft for sure.
Kenny, Tue Jun 17 18:52:29 2008
need a place to go for after party for my 21 on da 21st this sat comming up.
Where should i go needs to be good +a good crowd.
peter, Sun Jun 15 21:36:56 2008
i need a guest list for this sat thanks

josh, greenvale, Sat May 31 17:40:54 2008
Famous used to be good when it first opened, turned to now, music is absolute rubbish, dont waste your money !!!

Twista in hawthorn is even better !! haha
Christo, Sat May 10 15:36:44 2008
Kate, .., Tue May 6 00:15:41 2008
i dont knoe its really good club love the vibe in there like no other club :P love its size good place to chill and and have a wicked night
joey, echuca, Fri Apr 4 23:02:37 2008
This SAT FEB 16, "Dirty South"!!, cant wait, gonna be massive.
Guestlist "Aysegul Acarkol" to get in quick, easy and cheaper, ANY SATURDAY and even prem events like 'dirty south' and 'Sarah Main', the following week FEB 23rd.
Cheers Aysh
Aysh, COBURG, Tue Feb 12 10:30:30 2008
Need your famous FIX!! The hottest Saturday Nights in town!


Wanna get into the hottest club and at a discounted price......

Guestlist "AYSH" @ Famous Saturdays @ QBH
or msg me for VIP Passes or birthdays
Feb 9th - Hoxton Whores
Feb 16th _ Dirty South
Dirty South Tickets avail. for any1 who brings 15 ppl to Famous, contact me for details.

See ya der
Aysh - 0400 893 897
Aysh, COBURG, Thu Feb 7 16:29:41 2008
What is the best time 2 get 2 famous??
n wat time it open n wat time it close ??
Need 2 know for my B-day Bash Yeahhh Hooooo!!!!
Chandy, lilydale, Thu Jan 31 16:39:59 2008
good music
hayden, caulfield, Thu Jan 31 15:53:12 2008
Chandy, contact the club. You'll find the details you need at:
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Jan 30 22:49:11 2008
Hey Guys.. I'm Holding my 19th birthday bash at Famous on the 16th..
& How can i get my own guest list ??
I Dont want 2 use a open g list..
Please get back 2 me.. i really would like it.. Thanx darlin.. xoox

Chandy, Lilydale, Wed Jan 30 22:40:56 2008
Maria, its way expensive. $25. They've been doing a few specials lately because its been quiet over summer. There's guestlists now for $15... try there website. I wish there was something a bit cooler and cheaper for students, with more normal music.
Jen, Tue Jan 29 01:56:03 2008
heard famous is good im gonna try it out tonite.. how much is it to get in?
maria, keilor downs , Sat Jan 26 11:06:31 2008
good music, the crowd is good and its a massive joint lots of space to move aroud.
lee, Fri Jan 25 00:49:21 2008
great beats. good looking bunch of kids. awsome venue. always a good night at famous
grace, Sat Jan 19 18:49:55 2008
have the time of my life there
jessica, bendigo, Thu Dec 20 19:40:17 2007
Good music and atmosphere
Kristen, Berwick, Tue Dec 18 12:50:28 2007
heyyyy i'm going to famous this w/e for my birthday and i dont really want to say other peoples mame for the guestlist but wanted to use mine could someone let me know how i can do this THANX
Dekoda, Hawthorn, Wed Dec 12 21:24:51 2007
great venue, killer house music and great people
B, Thu Dec 6 17:53:21 2007
if ya want GUEST LIST at famous

i have a open g list
just say
paul valentini at the door for cheaper, priority entry

Clearly the best club for house/electro music.

got a huge line up of dj's for summer including tocadisco, hook n sling and AXWELL!!! just to name a few

not to mention the official summerdayze party and new years eve overdrive party featuring a 5 hour set by john course and Grant smile...n goodwill in the mix of it all

pos to good times at famous

did i mention the new set up is fkn Crazy!
paul, taylors, Tue Nov 27 04:25:02 2007
House muzik!
M, Tue Nov 27 01:50:27 2007
best club ever
S, Fri Nov 23 03:43:15 2007
how the f*&^k do I get on the guestlist I really WANT TO CHECK IT OUT?

Luke Patch, ardeer, Thu Nov 15 16:31:20 2007
great dancing
Madison, Thu Oct 18 01:33:12 2007
it is quality. goes off
steve, frankston, Sun Sep 9 21:58:59 2007
08.09: Famous turns 1
Famous turns 1 this Saturday. Hard to believe its only been 12 months. A busy 12 months its been.
Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Sep 6 06:28:29 2007
Just the massive set up!!!!!the dj's are off the richter and the glams that go there are unbelievable!!!it's a must if u've never experienced it
Scott, Clarinda, Sun Aug 19 23:52:06 2007
On saturday night its the place to be.
AnonyMoose, Tue Aug 7 02:22:19 2007
Mad music and big Crowd
Sarah, Kyneton, Fri Aug 3 02:42:25 2007
Funky ass beats
AnonyMoose, Patterson Lakes, Fri Jun 29 02:09:26 2007
sick beats going off
AnonyMoose, Wed Jun 20 21:31:05 2007
Hey guys, trying to organise a guest list for my mates bday for Saturday night
23rd June 2007.
Can anyone plz help us out??
Thanks hope to hear from ya soon
Theresa, Hillside, Tue Jun 19 20:40:50 2007
Famous is the place to be, awesome music
Luci, Sat Jun 16 19:37:04 2007
Famous is awesum! Big and good music
Steph, Greensborough, Tue Jun 12 17:31:31 2007
FAMOUS, the hottest venue in Melbourne, sick of those long ques and gay
bouncers??? Just use my name at the guest list line, guaranteed entry!!!!!!
Don't forget Marcus Morris
Marcus Morris, Melbourne, Thu Jun 7 21:58:39 2007
Jason Clark, Endeavour Hills, Sat May 12 00:15:45 2007
Great music, and atmosphere
Ashleigh, Mulgrave, Mon Apr 30 17:38:02 2007
love the atmosphere, size and people
josh, berwick, Tue Apr 24 16:29:13 2007
good tunes, awesome venue
Luke, preston, Tue Apr 17 06:15:42 2007
There's a band room too - bit like an irish bar.
Golly, Sun Apr 15 15:35:14 2007
Is Famous just house music? There's no other rooms?
SP, Sun Apr 15 02:01:50 2007
the music is rockin.. and they have the best dj's there
Geoffrey, Fri Apr 13 01:55:53 2007
love it its intence love the profit i make :P every time is the best time
lathazzz budzzz, everywer, Mon Mar 26 18:41:52 2007
i love it because the chicks are hot, the music is awesome, and its a a massive
venue with heaps of dancing space
michael, brighton, Thu Jan 11 01:49:22 2007
aMY, I'd call the venue and see what they can do. The contact details can be
found at:

Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Jan 11 00:30:07 2007
Wanna bring a fair sized group for a good nite a FAMOUS. How do i get a guest
aMY, Ringwood, Wed Jan 10 22:48:32 2007
Went to this place for the first time sat night. The setup is excellent, with
the lights, screen, sound system.
However, the main DJ sucked so bad. By far the worst DJ i have ever heard at a
big club. He played almost no commercial house, and when he did he ruined it by
mixing it up with other crap. I am big on commercial and non-commercial
house/techno, but this DJ had the worst playlist ever. The DJ from about 2.30am
was better, but the first DJ ruined the night... I was on guestlist so $20
entry, but I'd be spewing if i had to pay $30 general.
Trannyboy, F. Gully, Tue Jan 9 18:34:41 2007
Its always got great DJs and great music.
Jonny, Elsternwick, Fri Dec 22 01:09:49 2006
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- Honourable mention best new venue
- 3rd best new night

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 08:14:52 2006
The type of music they play there is my favourite and the crowd is absolutly
ahmed, Narre Warren, Thu Dec 7 16:38:09 2006
had fun, able to cut sick
Jess, Berwick, Tue Nov 7 23:17:25 2006
FAMOUS @ Qbh SATURDAYS are amazing. The biggest and best superclub in Melbourne!
Open 10pm til 7am boasting a line up of Derek K, Goodwill, Mark John, Wei Shen,
Mark James, Chardy, Adam Bartas and more weekly! This place is twice the size of
prince but way less pretentious. It's a good looking crowd and everyone's there
to have fun. HUGE international acts are always on the menu, for example XMAS
EVE party INAYA DAY singing live over from the USA!
Send me an email for GUESTLIST by Thursday nights.
Justine Mac, Doncaster, Mon Oct 9 14:16:10 2006
Wow QBH is back on Saturday night Famous, and with stars from neighbours and
home an away another reason not to go!
Frank, Frankston, Sat Sep 9 12:46:38 2006
Everyone in melbourne is planning on going to famous this saturday. With guests
such as Hugh Jackman, the guys from Neighbours and Home and Away, among others,
at Famous this is going to be a night to remember.
James, Carrum, Thu Sep 7 19:00:30 2006