MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

One Love



PoWs (Prince St Kilda)

29 Fitzroy St, St Kilda
Night name:One Love
DJs:John Course, Grant Smillie, Kaz James, Goodwill, Derek K, Carl Kennedy, Andy Murphy, Stafford Bros, Bing Bong, Foley & guests
Music:House, Techno
Short desc.:Vocal and deeper house for slightly grown ups
Dress:Classy, Trendy, Smart
Age group:20-23, 23-25, 25-27, Over28
Correct at:Apr 3 ’06 (Max Moose)

trendy crowd however girls are easy to chat to
trent, richmond, Sat Aug 1 18:36:37 2009
All you people seem aussie. is pow a bogan crowd.... headbands?? wtf how gay can you get
normal, donvale, Sat Feb 14 12:37:40 2009
great music, good night out
vanessa, narre warren north, Sun Feb 1 22:05:56 2009
love the music, love the people... its just a guarenteed awesome nite out!
Tarryn, Mount Eliza, Thu Jun 26 22:54:46 2008
Dance Floor is huge, always packed, best DJ's, 90% of the chicks are hot. SO EASY TO PICK UP
Craig, Altona, Sat Jun 7 00:26:52 2008
the fantastic house DJ's!!
Angela, Eltham, Tue Jun 3 02:37:41 2008
everyone's different. its friendly.
Bobbie, st kilda, Thu May 1 23:26:33 2008
hot ppl, hot music..great scene
Ami, Tue Feb 12 19:30:29 2008
best crowd, best music
AnonyMoose, Tue Jan 22 18:52:20 2008
great people, great atmosphere, great music & you can't beat the location
P, Sun Jan 20 18:29:13 2008
sinden was there one night best set i have ever seen/herd in my life plus its not too bad in general
jarrod, mitcham, Wed Jan 16 20:58:28 2008
i like the people, the music, fashion, style, and suroundings
tash, endeavour hills, Thu Jan 10 03:48:11 2008
The Girls, the Music, the Fashion!!
Wisey, Fri Dec 21 00:55:50 2007
crazy times
A, Thu Nov 29 15:33:48 2007
the original home of house music in Melb. Luv the music, crowd, setup.
J, Tue Nov 27 17:36:20 2007
You headband & fluro punks need to leave sneakers alone. Get off the wagon tourists! Dont act like your about kicks. We know fools!
Peter, St Kilda, Thu Nov 1 21:20:23 2007
One love is the hottest music ever!
Sarah, lilydale, Mon Aug 20 20:41:54 2007
luv music and ze ladies
kevin, boronia, Tue Jul 3 02:47:06 2007
i like it because it is so amazingly fun and roudy!
laura, mount eliza, Wed Jun 27 21:53:50 2007
the night is off its face hot people hot music. outragious
Rob, Ringwood, Mon Jun 25 23:16:16 2007
Good music, great sounds, the people, the djs, everything has a positive vibe.
AnonyMoose, Greesnborough, Mon Jun 25 16:39:55 2007
mad vibe
adam, roqville, Fri Jun 15 15:25:32 2007
andy, St Kilda, Sat May 19 19:15:01 2007
Check it, good night
bec, caulfield, Sat Mar 3 21:53:14 2007
good atmosphere , no dramas as when you go to toher clubs there is always a
fight or something. great music and its upperclass
Carly, eastern, Sat Feb 3 15:20:19 2007
Best crew, Great music loved saturday night, caption mayhem you guy's rock, nice
dj'ing skill's keep it up dude's
Samantha, South Yarra , Wed Jan 10 19:05:17 2007
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- Best house night
- Best looking crowd
- Joint classiest night
- 2nd best night
- 3rd best Saturday

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 08:12:40 2006
Onelove (Prince on Saturday nights) is defaintly the place to be if you are
around the 18-22 age group. Really good lighting and music, not to mention the
sound system, that without a doubt always gets me excited and wanting to dance.
The backroom and toilets need a/c which is one of its only downfalls.
And to everyone:There are NOOO guestlists!! Check their website! (Also check
out the photos and check out all the hotties that go there! me! haha)
Rebecca, Brighton, Mon Dec 11 20:33:10 2006
they play good music and the atmosphere is cool. people like to mingle
Cristian, chelsea, Mon Nov 13 21:34:59 2006
prince is good coz everyone there is wanting to have a good time, with the djs
they have lined up all you wanna do is enjoy the night and its only the best
club in melbourne!!!
Wighty, Newport, Mon Nov 13 17:39:45 2006
i love the atmosphere there on a sataday because there is no stupid people just
people wanting to have a good time and i love the music they play. its
breeny, williamstown, Tue Oct 31 16:25:40 2006
i love it because you can be whoever you want to be there. Also some of my
favourite dj's are residents
D, Newport, Sat Oct 28 23:15:33 2006
it has great music, constant internationals, mad looking girls and I hardly ever
actually line up.
Adrian, melbourne, Mon Oct 23 17:37:24 2006
prince-one love -st kilda awesome music awesome atmosphere - just killa
aj, meadow heights, Mon Oct 16 04:24:07 2006
It plays awesome music every Saturday night and they don't let any idiots into
the club. Its huge and has the best DJs.
Alana, Mount Evelyn, Tue Oct 10 16:44:00 2006
onelove, onelove, onelove... very pretentious, very choosy, very exclusive and
very expensive but, easily the best night club experience going in australia.
craig, langwarrin, Fri Sep 29 04:41:34 2006
great music, great people, great atmosphere
AnonyMoose, Mon Sep 25 15:55:53 2006
Its the best clb i have found yet!! its great music, fun.
Kellie, Rowville, Sat Sep 23 15:26:18 2006
awsum house djs, good nitelife
luke, bacchus marsh, Sun Sep 17 23:39:16 2006
good music and decent crowd simply a place to be on saturday's
v, reservoir, Sat Sep 16 13:54:02 2006
unbelievable music & the place has class
Jamie, Heathmont, Sat Sep 2 18:05:09 2006
I love house music and DJ's grant smilie and john course
Georgia, Mornington, Sat Jul 15 16:39:19 2006
Dani, Point Cook, Sun Jun 25 22:14:57 2006
The music is always at a good pace, not too slow or too fast. Theres TWO bars
and it has awsome events like Better Days!
elise, warranwood, Tue Jun 20 14:55:36 2006
awesome music, good vibes
zannie, blackburn, Fri Jun 16 00:43:18 2006
awesome crowd and music
Alexis, Tremont, Tue May 23 22:32:29 2006
Great music and friendly atmosphere. Everyone is in the same state of mind!
keely, Morwell, Mon May 22 15:43:30 2006
Cause it has hot music and mad dj's
Liezel, Croydon North, Fri May 12 14:39:43 2006
great music in a great environment.
Trav, St Albans, Wed Apr 26 19:13:07 2006
OH MY GOD i love prince one love so much the guys there are so hot i get so
excited....being gay is so good :)
louis, BROADY, Thu Apr 6 15:56:38 2006
beautiful crowd, always has a good line up of dj's that play the best music out
anytime of year
eLLa, Yarraville, Tue Apr 4 18:59:04 2006
Mad music, house all night long, loving it.
Mel, Kew, Mon Apr 3 15:46:27 2006
one love on saturday nights has really good djs, the music is really funky!
Kat, mordialloc, Sun Mar 19 19:53:15 2006
I love everyone knowing my name, the music rocks and the crowd are all hot.
Danny, middle park, Wed Mar 15 00:49:13 2006
off chops the home of house
daniel, vermont sth, Mon Mar 13 04:20:59 2006
Excellent Dj's each week - fantastic music, good vibe. Good crowd, outside
area great in summer.
AnonyMoose, St Kilda, Thu Mar 2 20:02:53 2006
it is an awsum place to dance and have the best time !!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sam, croydon, Mon Feb 20 07:46:35 2006
One love is the best for sat nights, awesome crowd, best dj's in melbourne
guaranteed, guaranteed mad night
Andy, hawthorn, Mon Feb 20 01:11:13 2006
Great atmosphere, stylish people, awesome music and guests
Karly, Seville, Fri Feb 17 14:19:31 2006
the crowd's good, the people are totally hot, the music is great and the
atomsphere is totally wicked because everyone is just out for a great night
with no dramas.
charli, viewbank, Wed Feb 8 23:29:56 2006
Max Moose congratulates Prince of Wales One Love Saturday
for its results in the
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Best House Night, an Hon. mention in best Saturday night, and
an Hon. mention in best looking crowd.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:16:24 2005
i have heard alot about one love at the prince of whales but i never got the
chance to go and check it out. If there is by any chance a guestlist which i can
get on that be awesum, my number is 0413166065
Call or email me if you have guestlist for the night
much love
Sheriff, Sth melbourne, Sun Sep 25 17:43:41 2005
EFFING luv this place!>. should b called HEADBAND CITY>> coz if ur not wearing
1 u feel totally left out!.. there are no UGLY people in the whole place..if ur
gonna stay there all nite the $20 is worth it.. Most people are on pills.. but
every gurl is skinny and tanned and all guys are either gay or OVERLY
ANNA, brighton, Sat Sep 17 15:44:02 2005
Awesome beats, great venue and a goodlooking, youthful crowd
Sairz, vermont, Sat Sep 10 15:49:26 2005
A bouncing and happening place...John Course & Grant Smillie? What more can i
k, WANTIRNA, Tue Aug 2 12:16:33 2005
It has loads of commercial house and a good atmosphere.
Rosanne, Scoresby, Wed Jun 22 03:10:22 2005
I like Prince because of the people and the music (fine house) you always have a
good night out at Prince.
Bianca, Frankston, Sat Jun 4 04:54:15 2005
Lov the house music and a great crowd
Zoe, Doncaster, Sat Apr 30 03:41:54 2005
House music at its best..... get ya fraek on
Ryjan, Greensborough, Wed Apr 27 23:30:32 2005
great atmosphere, awesome house music.
sarah, caulfield, Mon Apr 25 14:10:59 2005
the music is amazing! the crowd is beautiful and wild!
Tanja, Dandenong, Tue Apr 19 00:11:20 2005
good music, good atmosphere, good crowd
Rubia, templestowe, Tue Apr 5 00:58:20 2005
Not feeling the Prince love! Easy to get into. Everyone is dressed really classy
- but why do I get the feeling that thats the only reason theyre there? Some are
really feeling the music, but come ON I do like house but sometimes you need
some rnb in your life, and get sick of the same music playing for hours!!
Sarah, Wed Mar 16 22:42:34 2005
love the music and the classy people that attend
Anonymoose, Sun Mar 13 15:43:51 2005
Tell me anywhere better! This place ROCKS! Saturday night regular all the way!
Give us a wave, will be up there on the podium all night!
Brittany, Keilor, Wed Jan 5 16:43:37 2005
Went for the first time last night, organised guest list ... didnt put it down
so were haggling with door people for a bit but still ended up getting free
entry, still diassapointed that the guy screwed it up. The door people were rude
and the bouncer was an absolute and i already hate him, crowd is ok depending
who u socialise with, alot of snobby people though, music was good though.
kay, Sun Dec 19 16:11:39 2004
I had heard this is the place to be. That's fine if they let you in!! They gave
us the 'if you're not on guest list then you can't come in' excuse. Not good
enough. First ever rejection, and it was only 10:30pm.
Mich, Noble Park, Sat Dec 18 17:39:46 2004
I went to POW last week and was told i was dressed to classy for the place. It
was my birthday and i was too meet people who were already inside. The guy at
the door still did not let me in even though i had ID to prove it was my
birthday. After my friends all paid the cover charge and were told by me i
wouldnt be coming in. We were not impressed.We wanted to try a different place
and couldnt believe how rude the door people were. POW what a great birthday
gift. Nice going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meli, Endeavour Hills, Tue Dec 14 17:39:20 2004
funky, great for people watching, always a laugh, gives me butterflies when i
think about my saturday night!
Susannah, Southbank, Sat Dec 4 03:39:09 2004
ive hurd good things about the palce but its pretty hard to get in. it was the
first place i was ever rejected from in melbourne. does anybody know a promoter
for i wish to get on the guestlist. im determined to get in now. thanks
mathew, thomastown, Wed Dec 1 21:59:42 2004
Absolutely awesome tunes, fantastic nights!!! Love going there with heaps of
Al, Glen Iris, Thu Oct 28 07:04:32 2004
Prince of Wales mad house, mad girls, mad atmosphere, mad time.
Nick M, Cockatoo (STICKS!), Wed Oct 27 03:09:51 2004
HOT crowd, HOT music and HOT atmosphere.
Nicci, Vermont, Mon Oct 18 17:23:29 2004
love onelove, best music in Melbourne and best DJ's. Good crowd with heaps of
hot girls which ya have to love
simon, elsternwick, Tue Oct 5 01:23:51 2004
Great music and great ppl, yet $20 cover charge is a bit steep!
Jarrod, Mon Oct 4 19:29:47 2004
Onelove - Awesome music, awesome DJ's and a great crowd
Erin, Moonee Ponds, Tue Sep 28 01:49:55 2004
can someone contact me about guestlist at POW, who can i ask about guest list?
Miz, Sun Sep 26 03:58:01 2004
sexy guys, great music, fashionable pple. i love it!
Prue, Camberwell, Fri Sep 3 05:32:41 2004
OMG mate, one love, one of the best nyt'z goin round
Prince, Airport West, Mon Aug 23 21:22:27 2004
omg one love is one of the best nights! i've been to heaps of clubs and stuff
but prince kills it!!!!! keep it rocking!!!!!! ;)
Alexandra, Brighton, Thu Aug 12 19:18:52 2004
Prince(onelove) is house, prince is fashionista, prince is not that easy too
get into, no r'n'b, only the best house dj's melb has too offer, headbands &
wrestling boots..........catch my drift
prince, Wed Aug 4 13:37:22 2004
this is where to spend a saturday great setup destroys seven
jazz, dandenong, Thu Jul 29 15:15:58 2004
It is one of the most exclusive clubs in melbourne which means there are no
freaks, just people you know. There is great house music and it is a big venue
but not too big.
Anon, Prahran, Wed Jul 14 02:10:15 2004
Totally disagree with all your views on Prince... I can't stand the joint.
There is never any air conditioning, the toilets are way too crowded and stuffy,
it makes you wanna throw up. The place needs more toilets and some people that
are actually over 18!
sam, Wed Jun 9 16:30:46 2004
It goes off all the time, and the crowd isn't too old.
Jimmy, fitzroy, Tue May 11 04:06:45 2004
Dead set awsome night, perfect house music, great crowd, a fine selection of the
female variety as well.....
its house thing, Thu Apr 29 20:39:00 2004
it isalways exciting, full of interesting, attractive people, and always
attracts the best djs and big name stars!
Nicole, Vermont South, Tue Apr 27 06:19:29 2004
Always have fun there, a lot of different ppl
emma, sth caulfield, Tue Mar 23 15:12:28 2004
great music (house), great people and good vibe.
celia, bentleigh, Mon Mar 22 14:46:30 2004
This One Love Saturday:
Robert Owen (Chicago) with John Course, Franky D & Grant Smillie.
OneLove, StKilda, Fri Jul 11 05:03:24 2003
One Love This Sat June 21: John Course
All night: 6 hours
Etherfox Live PA. Channel V Filming. OneLove special. Backroom action.
One Love, Prince, StKilda, Fri Jun 20 06:48:38 2003
relaxing balacony, great music, beautiful people and perfect set up as well as
girls toilets that turn into a room of its own
Emma, Werribee, Wed Jun 18 04:49:02 2003
Very cool. It plays the madest music with the madest dj/s- local and not. It
has a good vibe and the people are pretty nice
Nicole, murrumbeena, Mon Jun 16 23:49:48 2003
One love has a great crowd - friendly and up-for-it. The [house] music is great
and keeps the pepz on their feet until late. A good crossover between dance-
club and "party-place", which probably is the thing I like most about it. Door
policy is fair enough and I don't think the bar prices are to bad (30$ for a
bottle of champagne - have no clue about other prices).
John, City, Thu Jun 5 05:44:06 2003
great people, fantastic djs playing sexy house music. it's big, but not too
Philip, Greensborough, Mon May 12 06:13:06 2003
This Saturday 3 May 2003
Rogue Traders Album Launch
+ John Course / Grant Smillie / Kaz James / Paul Main
James Ash and Steve Davis are two ex-pat-Brits living in Melbourne, who under
the name Rogue Traders, perform as musicians, producers and DJ&8217;s. Their
remarkable debut album will be launched at onelove.
One Love, StKilda, Thu May 1 18:21:12 2003
i like either house or techno, not to fast though or to electronic sounding. And
a good croud that love the music like i do
j, melbourne, Wed Apr 30 15:57:52 2003
Absolutley awsome, the deep house beats were mixed to perfection and the crowd
loved the music and the atmosphere. A must for ne club fan. Only problem is the
door, you gotta look the part or foget about it!!!. Ne one out there know how i
can get a membership or even in contact with a promoter?? or even email if your
heading out there, mad night mad night.
jason Hennah, melbourne, Mon Apr 28 22:59:56 2003
Its great because of the crowd and the fact that my favourite DJ in the world is
John Course. The House music is great and the DJ's rock all night. Especially
lauren, east brunswick, Fri Mar 14 05:51:22 2003
best music goin around and a good crowd with not much to no trouble at all
Shaun, Mill Park, Mon Mar 10 21:34:22 2003
Very enjoyable night to be had by all. Great tunes, some older favs. Mellow
crowd not to many bunnies. Venue rocks it till sun up. $15 entry and look the
part cos they do have a door . One of the better establishments in Melb.
Billy Baxter, Kensington, Tue Nov 26 18:10:48 2002
January 13, 2001
For us older house heads there isn't a lot to choose from in Melbourne, that isn't full of 18 year olds, or clubs thinking that everybody wants to hear Trance. POW is the place. Saturdays is a blend of vocal house and a little deeper harder house. Sounds great, it is great.

Major gripe, their door is a mess. Ok we all know about the horrors of the door, dress, look, attitude, who you're with, did you smile etc. But POW is a mess. No line, just a free for all. The only way in is to persist, be patient, and a $10.00 note always works.

The crowd - cool, and not just there to be seen. I mean people go to dance, chill and listen to some great music.

The venue is its strength. How many clubs do you go to where the dance floor is bigger than the bar areas? POW takes house seriously. The patrons take house seriously. The DJ's take it seriously and they really can and do know how to mix.

POW, go, you won't be disappointed.

Stephen Fewell