MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

D&Dís Saturday



Next Blue, The

Crown Complex, 8 Whiteman St, Southbank
Night name:D&Dís Saturday
DJs:Pete Williams & Finlo White
Music:Com/Top40, House, RnB/Funk, Party/Retro
Short desc.:One of the best crowds in Melb
Dress:Trendy, Smart
Age group:20-23, 23-25, 25-27, Over28
Covercharge:Guestlist (b4 12) $8, $13 otherwise
Correct at:Aug 1 í06 (Max Moose)

Best music, awesome crowd, Dale & Danny rock!!
Beck, Thornbury, Thu Sep 7 05:39:43 2006
a, it'd cost you a bit because you'd have to buy the lease off Crown. Its been
closed for a month.
Kimmy, Sat Sep 2 13:09:45 2006
Does ne1 kno how much it costs 2 get in2 next blue? And if it is ne good?
a, Sat Sep 2 11:21:32 2006
Just confirming, as per earlier discussion, Next Blue closed its
doors for the final time on the weekend. Dale & Danny will be moving to a new
location shortly.

Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Aug 1 19:19:18 2006
Simon, there's lots of stuck up chicks no matter where you go. Just try to spot
them and don't feed their vanity - it only makes them worse...
TrannyBoy, Glen Waverly, Sun May 14 16:27:32 2006
lots of stuck up chicks...
simon, east keilor, Sun May 14 15:42:08 2006
Awesome music and a great atmosphere
Laura, Berwick, Wed Mar 1 21:29:08 2006
it had an awesome crowd on saturday, great music and an awsome dancing
Tiffany, Selby, Thu Aug 11 04:11:14 2005
AP, There is no way I could leave Kristy's comments on the page. They were
racist and stupid.
From experience with this page, we know that it is best to remove them because
otherwise people will just keep stirring.
I apologise to you and Danny for removing your considered responses, but they
made no sense once we removed Kristy's comments.
We're going to keep this page to talking about where you had a great night out.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Apr 4 16:06:46 2005
This goes out to Ben.
Ben, i know you have a habbit of removing such material from your message board
as you feel it desnt realy belong here on a website that celebrates nightclubs
and the party lifestyle.
But i feel this issue of racism and derogitory opnions towards asians should be
addressed and brought out into the hearts and minds of people a little more.
Kristy's comments, and my retaliation should remain on the board for all to read
so opnions may be expressed, so we can all attain a greater understanding of
this issue...........from BOTH sides
AP, Mon Apr 4 13:13:14 2005
crazy chicks, if you can get in... dress nice and act cool, best night out
djj, Tue Mar 29 00:28:57 2005
Whats happening on saturdays at the next blue, will it still be asian night?
Will it be r n' b music? Just checked on the next blue website and nothings been
Lucky, Melbourne, Tue Feb 22 20:12:31 2005
As of 3rd of March, Next Blue will be named 'Dale & Danny's BLUE'. The existing
Saturday is moving away, and we will be opening the venue to our Members &
danny, Southbank, Sat Feb 19 18:31:00 2005
So Dale and Danny r moving to Next Blue on thurs and Sat. But is Sat still gonna
be Asian night??
Cazz, Sat Feb 19 14:33:03 2005
Latest Rnb, Hiphop, Neat Classy dress code, great atmosphere,
Quyen, Forest Hill, Sun Nov 14 19:36:12 2004
Asian nite, latest Rnb,Hiphop, Neat Classy dresscode
Anon, Forest Hill, Sat Nov 13 01:19:52 2004
A very classy feel with kick ass music
Ching, Burwood East, Mon Sep 27 03:07:14 2004
i like the music, the pples, the drinks, and its right at crown. many car
parks, and i love the girls.
ken, ascot vale, Mon Apr 26 06:08:07 2004
Saturdays at Next Blue just keep getting better! It's the place to be on
Saturday nights with the Stereo Saturday asian RnB night.
The line is moving much faster now and inside is filled with thousands of hot
guys and gals. If you want to get discount entry use my guestlist at the
door... Charlotte / Chau 0411468399
Charlotte, Southbank, Wed Mar 3 22:27:29 2004
Saturday night at Next Blue is an asian RnB night. The room is filled with asian
gals n guys, the long line outside is unbearable! The lusual line does not move
until all the VIP is let inside...The VIP line is very long on the other side!
Therefore, it means you can be in the queue for up to 2 hours plus! So what if
you are on a Guest list? It means nothing at Next Blue. Get yourself on VIP list
if you must go there.
Charlotte, Southbank, Thu Feb 5 13:08:29 2004
Hmmz asian nite it is!
steadyness, Tue Oct 14 14:42:20 2003
Lucky, Yes Ja Rule was at Next Blue on Saturday, and so was Ashanti and both
their entourages. Both of their concert official after parties were at The Next
Blue on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday's one was absolutely chockas. I left just
after Ja Rule had arrived (around 1am I think) to attend some other venues, but
it was packed inside and a massive line outside. Not sure how Sunday night's
after party went...
Duncan, Krome, Wed Mar 19 06:50:16 2003
Was JaRule at the next blue saturday? I went to the concert and heard him saying
the after party was there. Anyone have any goss on it?
Lucky, Melbourne, Mon Mar 17 17:04:57 2003