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Mountain View Live
Mountain View
186 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley
Beleive the Hype?

The View is closed.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Mar 9 18:12:55 2005
has a great atmosphere, good dj and good cover bands, its local, i love happy
hour, the staff are all friendly.
Natalie Scarborough, Boronia, Fri Mar 28 04:20:16 2003
January 22, 2000
NOTE: Pean have long since been replaced by Hype.

Background Info:
Typical Pub from the outside - inside it is just like a club. Lots of seats, nice easy access bar, decent sized dance floor considering its size. Low stage so you can get close to the bands!

From the looks it's pretty local, but it's always hard to tell. Wide range of people, ages, looks etc. If you had to describe a 'type' the largest group would come under 'beachy' but there is a huge mix.

Very relaxed, mostly neat casual. Some people get dressed up but mostly it's relaxed clothing, relaxed atmosphere - very friendly.

Age Range:
Very broad - most within the 18-30 age group but you do see quite a lot older too.

Usually around 11 - not long before the band comes on.

Sort of hard to tell because we stayed near the stage from 11 onwards. However, there is rarely a queue at the toilets and rarely a wait at the bar, so although there are heaps of people, it is not overcrowded.

The music played between the bands is predominantly commercial dance and house. Great if you like the stuff annoying if you don't! They do throw in a few other songs (retro/funk/RnB) but it's mostly the above. Most people seem to like the music though.

Tim Henwood acoustic early, which was not my style. Pean - Great, see my review on them.

Other Entertainment:
There are pool tables on the right hand side of the club. The toilets are on the left (it took us a few minutes to find them the first time we went!!)

Entry $5 before 11pm (can't remember how much after) or free with ad from paper before 11pm. Usually running a drink promo where something is $4 all night, Red Bulls are about $4.50 and I've not been drinking lately so can't tell you the others. From what I've heard they're reasonable; less than city, standard for suburbs.

General Observations:
We go there because Pean play there and they rock. But it is a nice place, it's close to home, the crowd are great and the setting is nice. If it's a hot night you'll melt but if it's a cooler night then it's not too bad inside!

Jenni Wallace (ICQ: 18847034)