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172 York St, South Melbourne

Great crowd. Good staff. Perfect venue with the rooftop. Best music in melbourne on a saturday night.
S, Thu Jul 16 02:59:03 2009
awesome, awesome, awesome!
aimee, st kilda, Mon Feb 16 03:51:13 2009
Frank, Brunswick, Wed Feb 4 20:18:14 2009
gorgeous fun people to have a casual drink with/ dance
bill, south yarra, Tue Sep 23 23:08:45 2008
gotta love the music
priscila, Fri Oct 26 18:39:17 2007
loved the music and atmosphere at the weekend
Dani, Fri Mar 23 16:03:20 2007
has an awesome crowd, good prices, the music is off tap and the venue itself is
Emma, Langwarrin, Mon Mar 5 23:06:38 2007
Motel is fun with great music and lots of fun and easy going people.
melinda, port melbourne, Thu Mar 1 23:28:00 2007
love the up stairs balcony views
d, wantirna, Sat Jan 27 18:48:36 2007
top joint
stacy, Sat Dec 16 12:37:25 2006
I've been a regular at the Motel now for about 6 years and I still love the
place!! The music recently has been awesome! Well done to Anthony and all the
crew down there! Nice to see you guys are consistently keeping the Motel's
'standards' at a high level! Well done!
Paul Pellegrino, Southbank, Thu Aug 3 14:37:00 2006
I went to Motel for the first time a few weeks ago. The security were nice, i
went with one friend on a Saturday night. A couple of pretentious snobby girls
but overall its a good place to be on a Saturday night. Much classier then
places like billboard and Icon, where people are running around smashed off
their faces and a really good looking crowd.
jess, essendon, Wed Jul 12 18:33:27 2006
Motel isnt that pretentious.. everytime we go, me and my girlfriends have an
awesome time, and i dont agree with some comments about the bouncers! their
really nice and let most ppl in! Motel is full of major hottie talent so i
advise it for everyone!
chrisi, Mon Jun 26 22:58:57 2006
theres alot of chicks plus the music is chilled and now problems with s at the
door most nights ha plus the drinks are ok...ok i said.
emilio, dandenong, Mon Jun 19 16:34:59 2006
Great house music, HOT HOT HOT guys!!!
AnonyMoose, Mornington, Wed May 24 14:03:13 2006
I enjoy the atmosphere and the music!. I Love partying the night away with my
gal friends we have never had a bad night there!
Joy, Brighton, Wed Feb 22 17:44:45 2006
Hey Guys, i'm thinkin of going to Motel for the first time this saturday, so
what would you say is a early to get there so you get in? if your about 4 girls
is it hard to get in?
Caterina, Moonee Ponds, Tue Feb 21 10:53:28 2006
Motel- disappointed must only let barbies in, don't think of myself as non
classy, they are just very picky and who could be bothered with that....we just
wanted to have fun 4 single attractive girls on a sat night.
lauren, mt eliza, Wed Jan 18 23:14:29 2006
My fav club of all! Great music, hot crowd! Difficult to get into if you dont
look the part.. My sugesstion is arrive early and dont be cocky with the
bouncers, there just doing there job
sara, Fri Nov 4 16:14:39 2005
Hey, was at motel for the first time on Saturday night, had a great time, great
people, very classy, people make an effort to look good and meet people, rather
than get trashed and puke everywhere like some places. We had trouble getting
in, can anyone give me a tip on how to ensure definately getting in each time I
Lozza, Malvern, Tue Oct 25 11:41:02 2005
Yepi I was at Motel also on Saturday nite and it was fantastic... Just Genius
the crowd was awesome and the girls just fantastic and not stuck up at all
really chilled just wanting a dance and a chat. I would recommend those who dont
know anyone there to get there early cause it fills out fast
nigel, camberwell, Tue Oct 18 21:01:37 2005
Anyone lucky enough to be at Motel last night experienced what a nightclub
should be like and always should be! Yeps....
Yeppi, Gardenvale, Sun Oct 16 13:28:27 2005
really nice place, huge and good taste of music.
AnonyMoose, Thu Oct 13 02:00:32 2005
Erica, you obviously have some vested interest in the place so let other people
have their opinion and stop whining
matt, sth melb, Fri Oct 7 13:24:55 2005
Motel has been the number one spot to be at for the best part of 7 years now and
many places have been trying to "knock it off" it's pedestal since day one.
There is a reason for that, think about it. I'm afraid however you will not get
a decent review about it here as (judging by some comments) there seems to be
promoters from OTHER clubs knocking it here. Check it out for yourself is my
Jo, Melbourne, Sun Jul 10 19:18:34 2005
Hi Guys, Im your hot dog man out the front of the club so if you see me come say
hi and buy a great tasteing hotdog from me this Satarday night.
Leon, Caulfield South, Fri Apr 29 15:41:43 2005
Thought motel was great, met heaps of nice/genuine people. The music rocked and
the dance floor didnt stop, i recommend motel to anyone and everyone!
R, Richmond, Thu Mar 3 14:46:45 2005
sounds like the place hasn't changed over the past 5 years!!! yes, the motel
has always been pretentious, but somehow it keeps drawing you back. if you go,
drink up.... and just start crapping on to people i reckon (frankston style)...
looks can be deceiving you know!!!
jojo, frankston, Fri Dec 31 06:35:31 2004
went for the first time on sat night and then again on sun night with a few
friends of mine and woah was i impressed at how awesome the music was (go if ur
into house music) how gorgeous the guys & girls were (a few arrogant i love
myself ppl, but u get that newhere u go), and how cheap the drinks were. Mind
you it is quite a hard place to get into, but once ur in there you will see why.
im with erica on this 1 it is a fantastic place 2 go 2 on a saturday nite and
its a GREAT perve. All up it was a wicked night on saturday&sunday@motel. but if
i was to get a dollar for every football player or model i saw id be a
millionaire right now.
lauren, sunshine, Tue Dec 21 15:54:52 2004
Motel, sundays imparticular, is crap,terrible, horrible, went once, never again!
being honest, the crowd is so arrogant, pretencious, as i agree with the first
few reviews, the girls go there to show off their new clothes than to actually
enjoy the good house music,which i must say is so much better at heat! which is
why i go there instead,and why people go their afterwards. the guys all stand
around thinkin they're hot, and cool,not even into the music itself. i must say,
motel sunday night is a shocker,not to mention not a good mixture of people. all
the same. xxxx
Steph, G/borough, Sun Dec 5 15:57:19 2004
This place is such a HOLE .... why it has a good rep i dont know .. the people
are ALL TRYHARDS.. who dont seem to have grasped the concept of talking!!.. and
what is with all the "look at me i am so fukn cool looks" rrrrrrrr This place
is offically BARRED!!
Jason , Essendon, Sun Nov 14 02:43:45 2004
OMG i have never seen a bigger group of try-hards in my life!!! i just felt like
telling them all to stop with BLUESTEEL zoolander looks and learn how to talk
and have a good time !!
Timmy , Tue Sep 28 00:45:19 2004
Absolutely agree that this is the most pretentious place ever. I have been a
number of times, so have definately given it a try over the last few years and
every time i go it just keeps getting worse, i know why keep going back? I tend
to forget just how much i hate it til i go back there. I have never waited for
entry or been knocked back, although everytime i go i know someone who is, but
the ongoing battle for who is the greatest barbie and ken in the place is beyond
annoying and the attitude of the people just gets worse and worse everytime i go
Carol, St Kilda, Fri Sep 3 13:18:27 2004
hey, never been there, but thinking of going! do they get many afl players
J, Sun Mar 7 23:49:34 2004
Nope, it's always a good night at motel. Feel it's to pretentious? stop worrying
what the occasional snob there thinks and you'll have a ball.
Chloe, Melb, Tue Jan 27 18:46:36 2004
GREEK BOY, Wed Dec 24 00:33:22 2003
have to say, I'm with erica... have onle been a few saturdays now but i've had a
great night each time. arrive early and you're fine to get in, perhaps the crowd
has its s but overall the people are great (verry nice guys). Music is awesome,
love the open-air bar... sure to be a great night during summer. see for
yourself, don't knock it until you've been!
Miranda, melbourne, Fri Dec 12 22:29:55 2003
perhaps its alright, but i went only because i was givien some invitation of
free champagne wine and beer, although i knew a promoter and on a guestlist, I
still was waiting outside from 9 til 11.45. my problem was that they didnt let
hardly any people with these free drink invites and eventually told them to go
away, you can invite people to your club and not let them in, and besides this i
got the impression that the place is striving too hard to get the social elite
jon, sth melb, Tue Nov 18 14:55:12 2003
There's no battle to be won here, each to their own I say. I just don't believe
that people should bag places they haven't really given a chance. Sure there are
pretentious people there, but you can find them anywhere, they're not all in the
one joint! Other people should not make ur night a fantastic one, it's up to you
to do that!
erica, sth melb, Fri Mar 28 02:27:38 2003
I am a regular @ the Motel and I must admit the snobiness of some people gets to
me sometimes but I still always have a great night out with friends. Instead of
bagging the place, why don't you make an effort to talk to people and together
perhaps we could change the culture of the place over time for the better. If
people are rude in return they are the losers and are not worth worrying about.
You may be pleasantly surprised to find nice people go there too! And if all
else fails follow up with Sunday night @ the Star. Nothing pretentious about
that place and it rocks!!
Michelle, Surrey Hills, Thu Mar 27 16:38:58 2003
Erica, I think you're losing the battle on this. Motel is only for plastic
people. Been there a few times, but I can't handle the egos. A few months ago it
was okay, but recently it has just got worse.
Sarah, Albert Park, Wed Mar 26 07:30:11 2003
Not expensive, normal bar prices. Where the music is great, anything can be
great. Don't need to pay attention to anyone else, just drink up and have fun!
It's the way to do it!
erica, sth melb, Thu Mar 20 01:55:41 2003
Packed, Expensive and full of try hard's. The music is the only thing decent in
this establishment. I would rather goto "the clarendon lounge" for a better
night out just up the street.
Chris, Wed Mar 19 14:06:54 2003
Just wanna tell everyone, if you're thinking of going, please don't be put off
by Mike's comment. It really is a great place, you've just gotta give it a try.
erica, sth melb, Sat Mar 8 01:02:04 2003
I can't say anything nice about it. Brings out all the things I hate about human
behaviour. Not classy, only pretentious. Class is about decency, not labels, how
you look, or how good you think you are.
Mike, South Melb, Wed Mar 5 23:00:47 2003
Every week this place keeps getting better and better. Music is good, people are
great, not as pretentious as some may think. Can be hard to get inside, depends
if you know someone and the time u get there. If you haven't been, you gotta
give it a try, u won't be disappointed!
erica, sth melb, Tue Feb 11 00:34:20 2003
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