MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Monsoons (Grand Hyatt)

Grand Hyatt, Russell St, Melbourne

GREAT joint miss those days
khalid, Thu Jul 30 15:49:57 2009
Miss Monsoons soooooo much. No place is the same anymore!!! So sad.Monsoons had the hottest R&B Around and the absolute latest. Had the tallest and hottest crowd ever thanks to Geoff!!
Mich, Endeavour hills, Fri Feb 15 10:04:09 2008
Hi so can anyone tell me where we can find a great club like monsoons in melbourne. Was this club predominantly an indian crowd? or mixed.
Rey S, Chadstone, Tue Dec 11 15:34:05 2007
Natz, BEAUMARIS, Mon May 7 22:50:05 2007
i loved the music the atmosphere the decore
Lisha, Dandenong, Mon May 7 18:42:19 2007
loved the atmosphere
sumeetha, Sun Apr 29 23:46:45 2007
Monsoons is closing on Sat the 14th April its official exciting new place coming
soon...Its gonna b goin on so get your butts down there on this night and be
early to avoid dissapointment... No runners guys please dont forget
Tracey, Chaddyyyyy, Tue Apr 3 18:06:33 2007
great music gorgeous guys and nice venue
danni, balwyn, Wed Mar 7 03:27:48 2007
first time on saturday for my sisters hens night...i looooved the music and
venue.. shame about the crowd lotsa girls scared of us white girls and too many
gorgeous guys just standing around not enough dancing! but def gonna go again!
danni, balwyn, Mon Jan 29 15:56:04 2007
Does anyone know where to get more info on the night? Things like pics would be
good too
Dee, Sun Nov 12 10:55:16 2006
i love the crowd and i love that they play R&B all night long.
latifa, clayton, Sun Oct 22 17:48:17 2006
Gr8 crowd and rnb music.
Jackie, Noble Park, Sat Oct 21 20:34:04 2006
good rnb music!
AnonyMoose, Tue Oct 17 18:45:26 2006
madddddd talll mama pretty ladies
Stuart, Donvale, Fri Sep 1 20:24:10 2006
first timer to was mad but too many Africans and Girls who
think your going to steal a man away that you are talking too! Girls have a
pretty bad attitude and its true that not many guys dance...once again great
music but painful guys and girls. dont know if i will be back
susana, Bentleigh, Mon Aug 28 19:15:26 2006
i went to Mons for the first time sat night...Its was different if i may
say....loved the older crowd but whats with the guys standing around the bar!
its like they have poles shoved sumplace! tall crowd and a lot of pretty
people! will be back...the music was awesome too...Go Ken Walker and Dj Nova
Natalie, Sunshine, Thu Aug 10 17:02:44 2006
Got in straight away they must've liked the look of us...Free champas on
arrival! Nice to see things havent changed and the guys still lean against the
bar like always! Meat market but great music....a pity there are some dumb girls
there who wanna fight coz you knock them by accident!! met a hot guy though!!!so
all good...boooty booty booty!
Annabelle , Elsternwick, Wed Aug 9 20:09:35 2006
I visted Monsoon on Sat 5th August and I dunno what was happening that night you
were there but all I can say is "What a night!" People dancing and having a good
time. Very sociable crowd which made it even more enjoyable. People were great,
music was awesome and the vibe was sexcalent.
Nektarios Banderas, Albert Park, Mon Aug 7 14:23:28 2006
Do not bother with this place - waste of time.. Bouncers and patrons alike are
up themselves and won't let you in unless you on a guest list - or they like the
look of you.. Creates a VERY stuck up vybe inside.. No-one dances.. However
music is awesome, and couches are huge and comfy. The decor is really nice..
Pity - such a let down! Has potential. Definitely a thumbs down from me.
bec, blackburn, Sat Mar 18 00:00:25 2006
Mad tall chicks!!!! if you love beautiful women and tall ones come to Monsoons
John, Box Hill, Tue Oct 25 20:30:00 2005
It is a great place, Maddest Rnb Music i have heard in a while. just got back
from states and they were playing some music from there.
The men dont dance though and hover around the bar. Patricia your right about
being careful of the men.
Tanya, St Albans, Tue Oct 25 20:25:56 2005
It is a great place, Maddesy Rnb Music i have heard in a while. just got back
from states and they were playing some music from there.
The men dont dance though and hover around the bar. Patricia your right about
being careful of the men.
Tanya, St Albans, Tue Oct 25 20:25:14 2005
Great music and the scenery isnt too bad. But a scenery on men to be careful and
aware with. They all act like they are not players but boy do they play games.
Be careful ladies!!!
But the Music is fantastic so if you can learn to ignore the players you will
have an awesome time
Patricia, South Yarra, Thu Sep 29 18:46:24 2005
What a club. Just got back from States and couldnt wait to head to Monsoons. If
you love the scenes of RnB and Urban sounds this is the place to be on a Sat
night and the men arent to bad either.....
Mish, Endeavour Hills, Mon Jul 18 10:21:15 2005
the music is hip-hop..urban music anywere in
melbourne..although they can be a bit strict with guys..the crowd is such a
mix..i luv it!
Stef, taylors lakes, Thu Jun 2 21:22:37 2005
The huge mix of songs and being able to chill and dance in a comfortable
environment with some of the finest women in Melbourne.
Brad, Eltham, Mon Apr 18 23:32:27 2005
Omg this night is unreal..classy club..awesome people..rnb with urban flavour
there calling it..and trust me if u like rnb hip-hop then this is were to go
saturdays..there last sat..loved it!
Darren, Wed Nov 24 17:09:24 2004