MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





Church St, Brighton

plays good rnb
Natalie, beaumaris, Thu Jun 14 20:53:47 2007
24.02: Ghetto Fusion 1st Bday!!
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Ghetto Fusion, Brighton, Tue Feb 20 17:49:36 2007
okai ... those comments below are pretty old so i thought i'de speed thought
"mint" these days for anyone who's thinking ov going there....
okay so Traffic closed down, and most ov the crowd swaped to mint..mainly becoz
they changed their sat nites to ghetto fusion, which depending on the nite kan
either be pretty average or ok...they changed their layout to ...still small as
shiit tho..
and i think fridays are house or wateva ... mint is usually a second or last
resort for most ppl..
so overall its prtty average ..but if ur compleatly wasted u'll proberli have an
alrite nite
laura, mentone, Sun Jul 30 15:45:47 2006
Mayb i won't fit in then!!! but who cares me and my girls make our own fun.
Thanks 4 lettin me know what it's like brad
Trace, Wed Nov 17 04:29:50 2004
Trace, I went to Mint last Saturday night, it was a great night. It's a mix of
private school Ralph Lauren polo shirt guys and 'Brighton' girls, heheh....
Plays commercial dance music. Last time that I went there it was dead quiet, so
it was good to see it kicking again.
Brad, Wheelers Hill, Wed Nov 17 04:25:41 2004
Hey guys, just wondering if neone has ever been to mint on a sat nite, and what
it's like.
Trace, Sat Nov 13 23:41:21 2004