MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





124 Main St, Mornington

July 8, 2000
Saturday nights at Millennium is "Deluxe." The crowd begins to rock up at about 1-2am, full of all the friendly locals. It is one of those local hangouts where everyone knows everyone.

The venue is quite big and the old Venus Room has recently been converted into a pool room equipped with its own bar.

Be prepared for a variety of music, with the DJ playing a solid mix of dance, charts, 80's and the occasional Blink 182 and other alternative songs. The dance floor is quite large which is good because it gets crowded very quickly after 1am. There is plenty of seating and tables to lean on, and there are three bars. One at each end of the main room and one in the pool room, so drinks keep coming quickly.

Dress code is casual, but guys it's probably best not to wear jeans because the bouncers at the door can often be quite tight about men in denim, and definitely no hats! But all in all it's very, very casual.

Entry is $6, and drinks are normally well priced. At least they are usually much cheaper than clubs up in the city.

All in all it's a great night out, particularly if you are a local or know a lot of them.

Hope Tollan