MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Party Time Saturday


Mercury Lounge

Level 3, Crown Complex, Southbank

Night name:Party Time
Music:Party/Retro, Com/Top40, House
Short desc.:
Age group:
Correct at:May 15 ’06 (Max Moose)

Have been going to Mercury every Saturday for a year. Best atmosphere, hot
crowd, great band (Crazy Haus!), fantastic DJ (Darren Glenn) with the best in
dance and old school r'n'b.
I will sorely miss the place when it closes next week.
Han, Carnegie, Thu Apr 27 22:29:13 2006
I love the band that plays there
Sandi, Rosanna, Wed Apr 12 18:24:29 2006
Great atmosphere, great variety of ages of adults Personalaties are at a high
Rebecca, Chirnside Park, Wed Apr 5 16:19:28 2006
Crazy Haus
Uhm Loud, I can complain as much as I want! Abecause I can and BCos I'm a
chick and that's what we do! ..... Why can't I stand near the stage and enjoy
the band and enjoy the music at a reasonable sound, that's why I pay $10-$15
cover charge and quite a few $$ on drinks ... it's not like I'm saying that I
don't like loud music, but when it gets so loud that my ears hurt, it's sucks. I
suppose when people get drunk off their faces, they don't care about the
loudness of the music!!! Unlike other girls, I don't get wasted, I go there to
enjoy the band. and yes, I do perve :p but there's a difference between perving
and staring! Perving is cute, staring is freaky!
Bettina, CBD, Mon Feb 13 20:16:57 2006
Crazy Haus
Bettina stop your complaining if you don't like loud music don't go to clubs or
don't stand infront of the stage, near the speakers. Keep the music pumping it
not loud enough!!!!! o and also i am sure u stare/check out guys
loud, Mon Feb 13 01:36:58 2006
Crazy Haus
The sound is so loud at Mercury Lounge, when the band came on, we had to leave
the dance floor because we couldn't stand the volume. is it possible to turn it
down a notch, I'm 22, I don't want to be deaf by the time i'm 23. My ears still
hurt, it's unbearable. Not going back there unless we want to stand hear the
back of the venue. And another thing, is it that difficult for you men to NOT
stare at us girls, don't stare, it's rude!
Bettina, CBD, Sun Feb 12 13:38:13 2006
The boys you knew and loved as "Crazyhaus" are now back with a vengeance as
"Louie & the Party Boyz!" Visit out today!
Belinda, Melbourne, Sun Jan 22 16:12:08 2006
love the music and the overall scene
Charmaine, Bendigo, Fri Oct 21 00:02:59 2005
Crazy Haus
sO lOving 'lOuis cRazy haUs'... they are by far the best cover band, well band
full stop really !! they are absOlutely awesOme, seeing them rockin it on stage
is an addictiOn !! lOui is a spunk, sex on legs that boy i tell ya !! pwOh !!
check the bOys out u wOnt regret it it, i u nOt... LOVn CRAZY HAUS !! tam xx
tamii, melbourne, Mon Oct 17 20:24:18 2005
I just love it because Crazy haus the band play there.
Tam, Sunbury, Wed Sep 14 23:55:20 2005
Its the most friendly place,. I love the mixture of all types of people and
Paul, Brunswick, Tue Aug 30 04:51:35 2005
good party music, good people, and easy to pick up.
alicia, millpark, Fri Aug 12 02:43:57 2005
Dameo, Crazy Haus have now broken up, PFP are filling in 2 weeks at Mercury and
then Louie's new band starts.
, Narre, Fri Jul 15 11:20:30 2005
Wass up with merc on sats? passionfruit pulp are on merc site as the band for 2
weeks,then louis mad haus for week after.Who is actually getting this gig or
were pfp a fill in??????????
Dameo, doncaster, Thu Jul 14 18:05:16 2005
i like the atmosphere there, and the music...
melissa, notting hill, Thu May 12 02:27:31 2005
it is open all night, music is grouse, its nice, fun, no fights.
hiedi, n/e melbourne, Wed Apr 27 00:43:41 2005
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Where you can (or did) see Louie fronting the talented
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Wed @ Furnace (ex Wild Bills)
Thu @ Bar 8 (ex Rumours, Mountain View)
Fri @ Frost Bites
Sat @ Mercury Lounge
Sun @ The Depot
The Crazy Haus boys aren’t the most entertaining partyband by accident. They’re
a great team, with a great frontman. Get behind him on Saturday Melbourne.
Max Moose, MaxMoose World HQ, Fri Apr 1 07:38:46 2005
great music, great place, ambiance, it's always fun
yolaine, melbourne, Wed Jan 5 21:59:30 2005
It wasnt bad. There were 2 birds from Mordiallic that wanted pieces but my bro
was too weak to ask for there number. If anyone knows a Jess from Mordi then let
us know:) The actual place wasnt bad. Couple of nice girls. Too many hero's
Brad, The Hills, Mon Dec 27 13:19:56 2004
u make lots of friends and they are all friendly
melissa, craigieburn, Sun Dec 19 17:04:44 2004
the atmosphere is interesting and very relaxing..i feel very comfortable to move
and dance and have a few drinks with people that are there.
danie, sunshine, Wed Oct 13 16:40:02 2004
CRAZY HOUSE was the name of the live band..they rocked. iam person who loves all
music but these guys rocked my night. GIRLS went nuts in the front row.
dJ_shanz, Epping, Tue Sep 14 04:54:51 2004
love the live band plus the option of the rnb
kk, surrey hills, Mon Sep 13 05:05:54 2004
absulutely great atmostphere... very nice ppl :)
becki, caulfield, Tue Jul 27 22:47:59 2004
its so alive and the musics great just makes you wanna keep dancin and its a
great atmosphere a!!!!!!!!!!!!!
phyllis, preston, Tue May 4 04:05:56 2004
Chicks in the front row are the best :P
Matt, Gladstone Park, Sat Nov 22 19:00:52 2003
Love the music, love the atmosphere and love seeing my gorgeous girls jessica w
there :)
Matt, Gladstone Park, Sat Nov 22 18:58:04 2003
Its is a cool club that i go to every saturday, i like the music and dj's and
especially the chicks.
Nick, keilordowns, Fri May 9 05:23:28 2003