MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



Lizard Lounge

90 Chapel St, Windsor

the review's right but didn't have a cover charge. just sat on the couches till
11.30 then had a dance. chilled out place
Simmo, St K, Mon Dec 22 14:36:29 2003
Non-pretentious crowd, with good DJ and easy access to the bars
Tim, Windsor, Fri May 16 06:38:43 2003
July 29, 2000
First a word of warning: do not bother getting to the Lizard Lounge before midnight. The place only starts to pick up between 12.30 and 1am. Most people seem to go to the Armadale first, then come across to the LL later.

Overall it's a great little club. If you're used to large places such as QBH, Heat, Mercury Lounge, or the Hallam, then the first time you visit the LL it will be a shock, it was to us!

It's small, but doesn't usually get overcrowded. You walk in and there is a bar near the door, then a passage with seats on the side, then up a step and there's the dance floor and another bar. It's well laid out making it easy to get to the bars, toilets or exits from any part of the dance floor.

The crowd is older, more 20+ and more mature. The dress styles range from super freaky funky to fairly normal but neat. Jeans, cargos or typical 'pub' wear are NOT the norm.

The music is a very wide variety, and different to what you'll hear in the larger venues. It ranges from alternative, retro, techo, dance, funk, reggae to stuff you haven't heard in years, but remember from when you were 'so much younger'! It's a good mix, catering to almost everyone.

The Lizard Lounge is rocking from about 1am to 3am and with a $7 entry some think it is too expensive. However drinks are reasonably priced and as you're only there for 2-3 hours you don't usually drink as much.

If you're looking for somewhere a little different, or just a great night out that everyone in your group will enjoy then the Lizard Lounge is worth checking out.

Jenni Wallace