MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





?, City

its fun adn i can dance
phoebe, Wed Sep 26 23:07:54 2007
awesome. mad atmosphere. different to everywhere. loved the toilets n dj's
emma, bentleigh, Tue Dec 5 19:11:28 2006
Fun, exotic and accesible
Rosie, St. Kilda, Tue May 9 22:41:19 2006
Top place, good crowd, great music.
Greg, Vermont South, Mon May 9 21:16:11 2005
Chilled out, laid back bar, wicked house music, fun, do-whatever crowd
Owen, kensington, Wed Jun 16 06:23:58 2004
Basically the best place to be at the moment. Good location....great music and
atmosphere. Just perfect
Bhumin, South Yarra, Thu Mar 18 14:48:32 2004
The music is so interesting and good to dance to. It has some trippy stuff all
over the club.
Emily, Avondale Heights, Mon Feb 9 23:01:21 2004