MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Hawthorn, The

481 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn
Night name:Summer
Band:23 Past
Short desc.:Big night with Melbourne's best new band
Dress:Trendy, Neat Casual, Relaxed
Age group:18-20, 20-23, 23-25, 25-27
Correct at:Apr 3 ’06 (Max Moose)

23 Past
hot crowd! awesome entertainment!
d, Thu Apr 23 00:58:17 2009
i love it........!!!!!!
tanja, st.kilda east, Sun Feb 15 15:44:36 2009
23 Past
Fairly Fresh
Jimmy, Vermont, Thu Feb 12 16:49:29 2009
23 Past
easy to get to, great atmosphere and fun crowd.
nick, montrose, Thu Jan 22 23:52:21 2009
23 Past
gotta luv brunsy
AnonyMoose, Wed Aug 13 00:53:21 2008
Like the rotations between band and DJ
Jarryd, 3136, Wed Jul 9 19:00:23 2008
Cheapish beer, good cover band
Mike, Boronia, Thu Mar 13 23:22:51 2008
23 past at the hawthorn saturday was awesome!! will definately be coming to see them next weekend!
Emma, croydon, Mon Feb 25 12:10:42 2008
23 Past
23 Past and Scotty J.... Rocks
Jess, Wed Jan 30 20:13:48 2008
23 Past
Anonymoose, Tue Jan 29 18:45:20 2008
Great DJ, Great Staff, Great Atmosphere, just everything is great!
Cassie, Tue Jan 29 00:19:05 2008
23 Past
23 past and scotty j... need i say more??
kath, Fri Jan 25 16:59:44 2008
23 Past
Good crowd, great band, awesome tunes
Alana, Mon Jan 21 23:09:57 2008
23 Past
Wide range of ages, great mix of music (band and DJ), good outdoors area, free entry.
F, Tue Dec 4 22:56:11 2007
its local good music nice atmosphere well laid out resonably cheap drinks and has good size beer garden, it atracts a good crowd 90 percent of the time very laid back
luke, malvern, Thu Nov 1 02:05:29 2007
23 Past
Top, Rockin night. Great crowd! Busy as F#@k.
Bite Me, Fri Oct 19 09:53:32 2007
AnonyMoose, Fri Jan 5 00:35:25 2007
23 Past
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- Winner best pub
- Honourable mention best Saturday

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 08:06:05 2006
23 Past
Because theres a good mix there bit of dance music bit of rock (live band)...
the atmosphere is kinda steamy hot as well... ;)
Ryan, Doncaster East, Wed Nov 15 19:57:51 2006
23 Past
it has the best beer garden
scott, Tue Nov 14 20:40:42 2006
23 Past
Very entertaining, and great music
mel, Thu Oct 19 11:05:48 2006
Local, good atmosphere.
Jon, Croydon, Fri Sep 29 01:19:19 2006
Close to home and many locals go there
Shell, Wantirna South, Wed Sep 27 18:06:43 2006
Oi. hawthorn is great place. every1 should be there. line gets big early though,
u must be there by 9 to avoid the line, the after 9 it gets bigger exponentially
until 9:05 when u give up and go to city. n also be shattered cos u were pumped
for hawthorn way more than any nite in the city.
there is one bouncer with a mad chopper moustache which i really respect having
grown 1 of my own for a period.
...i feel i may be rambling, peace!!
Darkus, Lilydale...where else but?, Thu Sep 21 22:01:00 2006
23 Past
Great band, with DJ's spinning in the breaks, friendly staff, cheap drinks, hot
guys, laid back and casual.
Rachel , Camberwell, Sun Aug 27 20:15:54 2006
23 Past
Best night out. Love the outdoor area. My friend Kelly's birthday is at the
hawthorn this week. Lookin forward to a huge one.
Emma, Camberwell, Fri Aug 11 15:20:09 2006
awsome band that plays the best songs eva!!, plays the footy rugby league that
is and if your lucky they actually hav tooheys new on tap!!
Rachael, toorak, Sun Jul 16 23:51:14 2006
I love the hawthorn, it's my local hangout and it's great on a sat night. Great
band, chill out atmosphere in the beer garden outside with heaters, and lots of
good lookin guys who are less sleazy than in other places. Def check it out!
Rachel , Camberwell, Sun Jul 2 17:33:43 2006
its a good place to head before going out later
Michael, Warranwood, Wed Jun 21 10:39:07 2006
its my satdy nyt local lol. love it cuz u always see ppl from the ringwood area
Nicole, warranwood, Tue Jun 20 22:12:16 2006
23 Past
We missed you guys at the Hawthorn Saturday. Are you back this Saturday?
Sarah, Vermont, Mon May 29 11:35:32 2006
23 Past
The Hawthorn was so so busy on Saturday. Great night.
Katie, Vermont, Thu Mar 16 12:58:37 2006
23 Past
good mix between having a band play and then a dj, and generally a good crowd.
Leanne, Lysterfield, Mon Feb 6 16:57:38 2006
23 Past
Kristy next time come to The Hawthorn. It is awesome at the moment.
Amanda, Wed Nov 9 10:00:48 2005
23 Past
its laid back with good bands and hot guys.
Jess, south morang, Fri Oct 14 22:46:43 2005
23 Past
Max Moose congratulates The Hawthorn Saturday for its
results in the
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Best pub, and an Hon. mention in best band night.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:22:56 2005
23 Past
23 Past are great and it's local.. so you know lots of people there.
Tom, Doncaster, Fri Sep 23 01:09:12 2005
23 Past
What a Hot night (not just the boys), with one of Melbournes best bands. Luv
your work, keep it up.
Amanda, Camberwell, Mon Aug 22 14:56:06 2005
23 Past
Saturday nights at The Hawthorn rock! With 23past playing from 10pm, it's packed
for a missive nite. Great entertainment from the boys, yes I'm refering to the
23past boys Brunsy, The Hux, Daz, Jase and Benny. One of the best venues and
bands I've come across for a Saturday nite.
Liz, Eltham, Wed Jul 6 10:30:38 2005
classy place with good people relaxed atmosphere
AnonyMoose, glen waverley, Tue Jun 14 16:59:54 2005
Hey all went to The Hawthorn Hotel last night and had an absolute ball.. I
haven't seen "Drive" before.. and dont know where they have been playing but
they are UNREAL.. girls. keep an eye out for them.. great songs and great look,
i think they will have a big future!! SEE YOU!!
SARAH, KEW, Sun Jun 5 22:19:34 2005
best music, best people, best fun
Sarah, wantirna south, Fri Jun 3 00:38:37 2005
23 Past
I had the best birthday. The Hawthorn was great.It was a great atmosphere with a
great band. My friends and I had a ball!
Kym, Camberwell, Tue May 31 16:53:33 2005

Checked out the Hawthorn on Saturday night. Best place with great music, a
massive beer garden and cool acoustic cover band COMBI. This place rocks if you
feel like having an early night (it closes at 1) or to start off your night
before heading somewhere else.
Stace, Hawthorn, Sat Mar 26 20:11:41 2005
Checked out the hawthorn last night. had never heard much about it till my
friend recommended it. Had THE best night! yeah the girls there are totally
skanky but the hot guys and the great band made up for it. The place is the best
set up to with an outside area and pool tables. When it closed at 1 (bit too
early) we went to Switch just round the corner and partied on there. Fantastic
night. check it out guys!
Michelle, oakleigh, Sun Dec 19 19:29:40 2004