MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





138 Commercial Rd, Prahran
Night name:Revolution
DJs:Papa Smurf, Charlie Z, Zac Curran,DJ Kat & Jewelz downstairs. Andrew Padula, TKO,Mike Steva & Vas One upstairs
Music:Techno, House
Short desc.:Trance downstairs & House/electro house upstairs
Dress:Trendy, Neat Casual
Age group:
Covercharge:$20 general/ $15 guestlist
Correct at:Sep 3 ’08 (Max Moose)

I still miss workin the bars there espessially my glass bar, then finishing and chillin out to some hard NRG.
Greg, allova, Sat Jun 19 02:43:16 2010
02.08: 24hr closing marathon
030808 is the end of an
Born 2000 - Extinct 2008

Help us celebrate before its too late!!

RnB/Hip Hop/Dancehall/OldSkool/Crunk night
Between 9-11pm free entry for girls + 2 for 1 drinks
DJs Simon Sez * Jay-J * A-Style * Deadly * Kalepe, Ohso & Nature * NFX plus MC Rucl

24hr Marathon Party
Saturday 020808 22:00:00 - Sunday 030808 22:00:00

Saturday 22:00:00 - Sunday 07:00:00
Cowboy Entertainment presents...
“Its not just about the music, its about the people!”
2 fab levels, decor & shows
Trance Show
Casting Melb's best trance DJs
Scott Anderson | Nigel Murray
Johnny L | Murray | Van Zaff
Sexual Room
Serving up filthy dirty house
Funky B | Simon Christopher
Victor Valdez | Jason | & guests
from Club
See you there xox

Sunday 07:00:00 - 14:00:00
The sounds that shaped Melbourne
Official Anthem’s Recovery
from Queensbridge Hotel
Papa Smurf | DJ Kat | Charlie Zee
Jewelz | Andrew Padula | Vas One
Peter MacNamara | Mike Steva

Sunday 14:00:00 - 22:00:00
Its the end of an era!
Club Evolution is closing down!
Due to the club’s closure,
we will be planning a massive reunion
for everyone who has helped
shaped the Evolution that was.
You are all invited to celebrate
our final hours!!!
DJs on rotation

Thank you
to all who participated in all those sleepless nights and days
Club Evolution : 138 Commercial Road Prahran

evolution. 138 Commercial Road Prahran

Management reserves all rights • Photo ID required +18 years. Club Evolution practices responsible service of alcohol.

Evolution, Prahran, Thu Jul 31 02:14:12 2008
wat is going on with evo we dont hear nothing is it on is it not let the PEOPLE KNOW WE LOVE IT
jimma, Ringwood, Tue May 20 18:47:01 2008
doof, city, Sat Apr 5 21:53:36 2008
jamie, Mon Mar 31 20:14:11 2008
evo's is the greatest place eva hard 2 the max love it can i just say be alone b alone b....lone b....lone b doof n doof n doof n dooff
hard style rocker, eastern, Mon Mar 31 20:03:23 2008
The vibe of the whole place is amazing, even though every-one looks stuck up, it's still a great place to be! Electro to the max.
Jessica, Hillside, Mon Mar 3 15:58:31 2008
it's big, great music and atmosphere
Jess, hallam, Sat Jan 19 12:53:46 2008
Great music
Emese, Lysterfield South, Sun Jan 13 20:44:33 2008
evo just rulez thats my new home and ill like to say cosmic gate kik ass
eddie, cairnlea, Sat Jan 5 22:27:21 2008
its rocking with the best atmosphere and plays good electro music with the best djs.
C, Mon Dec 3 22:56:10 2007
hot chicks, hot guys (some!), good electro music
K, Wed Nov 21 20:22:04 2007
Hard music & atmosphere
Mel, Dandenong, Mon Nov 12 04:24:47 2007
where do i find photos?? i had some taken 3 weeks ago....
Chelsea, greensborough, Sat Nov 10 19:42:31 2007
it goes off about 3am and people go crzy there
lev, mt waverley, Fri Nov 9 01:14:19 2007
KATIE, TOORAK, Sun Oct 21 17:08:48 2007
Mel, Dandenong, Fri Oct 19 13:42:12 2007
lots and lotssss of hot girlzz:) and great music all night long
Anthony, Altona Meadows, Fri Oct 5 00:29:18 2007
coz is maaad
betty, coburg, Fri Oct 5 00:19:11 2007
luv the Music. funk rocks, awesome crowd!!!!!! my kind of people
JESS, hampton park, Thu Sep 20 23:48:22 2007
s'up ppl
thinking of hitting evo this sat

how does it compare to places like 3d, bubble, twister etc?

i heard its 'cleaner' haha ;)
dan, cbd, Tue Sep 18 10:23:27 2007
i can peak of my head there
franky, broady, Tue Sep 18 00:33:54 2007
hey, where can i find the pictures from nights @ evo?? i have had some pics taken but cannot find them anywhere!!!!!
betty, coburg, Fri Sep 14 15:40:21 2007
evolution is hardstyle nation especially after 3am.. however what i really h8 is All the drug takers that pop pills there.. it gives evo a bad name & all deserve to O/D & die.. other than that EVO IS THE PLACE 2 BE ON A SAT NIGHT Rather Than chases & viper where all underage pple go.
moky, melbourne, Tue Sep 11 20:24:01 2007
I love the beatz and the atmosphere. Everybody goes, so it's always, without a doubt, a great rockin' it night.
Maria, Elwood, Tue Sep 11 18:25:34 2007
Hey :) must say have been in the seen for quite a few years and nothing will ever compare to Dome :) But... here we have all the djS I love, tracks that kickarse and a happy enviroment and are pleased to say revo/evo is my new home. Dj kat goes... I GO!!!! Keep it up, rock out with your cock out lol Em xx
Emz, st albans, Wed Sep 5 02:28:30 2007
hard hard hard
adam, mill park, Fri Aug 17 18:25:29 2007
ITD BE EVEN BETTA THOUGH, IF SOME GOOD HRD OLD SKOOL WULD BE PLAYED NOW & DEN!oh and let me just add, the crowd there has definately improved from wot it used to be! thumbs up!
Melisa, Dandenong North, Wed Aug 15 17:26:31 2007
Went to Evo a few weeks ago, it was a awsome night.i had a few photo's taken of me. Just wondering what happens with the photo's? do they put them on a website?
Kalisha, Mooroolbark, Wed Aug 15 11:31:08 2007
good crowed lot of people
nick, parkdale, Fri Aug 10 17:50:59 2007
great music
melissa, south morang, Fri Aug 10 16:42:48 2007
evo is awesome every weekend i go there!!!
elsie, doncaster, Wed Aug 8 20:26:02 2007
hey yeh b'day did go off! n yeh were do i find photos, i got a few taken n dont
no were to see them! thanks
samantha, eltham, Sat Jun 2 18:32:50 2007
lurve dj kat
Anonymoose, Tue May 29 23:45:16 2007
Love.. EVoo..
Birthday Bash Went Off..!!
Where do i look at the Pictures Taken at Evolution Saturdays??
Thank you
Anita, -, Fri May 25 23:25:46 2007
mad music, good/friendly crowd, house room and hard trance room, really fun
saf, Wed May 16 23:53:26 2007
the place rocks, mad music, good crowd, very fun place:)
saf, dandenong, Sun Apr 15 00:29:06 2007
I hear they are doing 2-4-1 shots this saturday...named "Pine-O-Cleen"
Ez, Brunswick, Sat Mar 10 17:37:37 2007
it's awesome
Leesy, dandenong, Thu Feb 8 15:10:49 2007
the music pumps upstairs n the crew rocks
luke, East Malvern, Mon Nov 6 19:20:23 2006
heloo..Good punjabi musics and beanie man and Sean Paul...Nice to see the ladies
in nice earing and gold braclet! i enjoy night very much i go back..i think i
meet future wife
Katheepen, Clayton, Wed Aug 9 20:17:38 2006
The crowd is really good and the music (RnB) just kills it
Shereen, Boronia, Wed Oct 5 02:35:54 2005
Groovalicious Every Saturday Night
R&B - Old Skool Funk - Disco across two levels
$1 champaigne and $4 basic spirits before 12am
Groovalicious, Prahran, Tue Aug 9 11:23:18 2005
its a great venue and they play a good mix of both old and new rnb and hip hop
Amber, Mordialloc, Sat Jul 16 00:23:14 2005
Groovalicious every Saturday Night at Club Evolution.
R&B and Old Skool across two levels
$1 Champagnes and $4 Basic Spirits before 12am!!
Groovalicious, Prahran, Tue Jul 12 12:37:03 2005
Great at the weekend. hot music, good lookin fellas. ;o)
Stacey, Altona, Wed Jul 6 06:22:46 2005
Groovalicious every Saturday Night at Club Evolution
R&B, Old Skool Disco and Nu Jack across two levels.
$1 Champagne and $4 basics before Midnight.
Doors Open - 9pm
Groovalicious, Prahran, Tue Jul 5 11:02:02 2005
Performing his worldside #i smash hit 'Nasty Girl' & 'Hey Bitty' from his debut
album 'Players Paradise.' Dont miss this exclusive performance.
Showtime - 1am
Drink Specials!! - $1 Champagne and $4 Basic Spirits before 12am
$15 admission
Groovalicious - Welcome to your Party
Groovalicious, Prahran, Mon Jun 27 11:57:53 2005
02.07: Groovalicious
Groovalicious presenets Nitty (US) Preforming Live - Saturday 2nd of July 2005
Groovalicious presents Nitty preforming live on the 2nd of July 2005. Nitty will
be preforming his worldwide #1 smash hit "Nasty Girl" & "Hey Bitty" from his
debut album "Players Paradise". Dont miss this exclusive preformance.
Showtime - 12:00am
House of Groove, Prahran, Tue Jun 14 10:32:55 2005
hey everyone just wanted to find out whether evelotion was worth while going to
on saturday night. im just asking cause i want to find out what sort of a crowd
there is so i dont find my self in any trouble with fights.
big kev, narre warren, Sat Jun 4 17:33:47 2005
28.05: Groovalicious
Win the Groovalicious Jolie Scoota.
This week, we are giving away our major prize - The Groovalicious Jolie Scoota
courtesy of Bolwell Scoota. Ensure that you come down, fill out your entry cards
and drop them in the box before 12:45am.
Drawtime - 1am
$4 basic spirits and $1 champagne before 12am
Groovalicious @ Club Evolution. 138 Commerical Rd Prahran.
Groovalicious, Prahran, Thu May 26 11:44:35 2005
21.05: Groovalicious
This Week at Groovalicious
Thara (US) preforming live - Showtime 1am
Bobby Love vs Sef - Showtime 2am
Week 3 of the Groovalicious Scoota Giveaway
$1 Champagne and $4 Basic's 9 till 12am
Groovalicious, Prahran, Mon May 16 19:06:45 2005
07.05: Groovalicious
Win a Bolwell Scoota this month at Groovalicious!!! -
for more details
$1 Champagne, $4 spirits 9 till 12am
Groovalicious @ Club Evolution - 138 Commerical Rd Prahran
Groovalicious, Prahran, Thu May 5 20:24:55 2005
30.04: Groovalicious
Groovalicious Every Saturday Night
DJ's Craig G, DirX, Dinesh, Chidy, BrendanX playing R&B.
DJ's Bobby Love, Ari, Naz and Ever playing Old Skool funk
$1 Champagne, $1 Pots and $4 basic's before 12am.
House of Groove, Prahran, Wed Apr 27 10:11:05 2005
I love going there because the peope are great and it's a day club.
Lauren Zammit, Mill Park, Fri Apr 15 15:23:29 2005
09.04: Groovalicious
Groovalicious Every Saturday Night
$1 Pots
$1 Champagnes
$4 Basic Spirits
(Before 12am)
Groovalicious @ Club Evolution
R&B - Old Skool - Disco
House of Groove, Melbourne, Tue Apr 5 10:36:12 2005
26.03: Groovalicious
Girl Power - Ladies Night @ Groovalicious - Club Evolution
- Cafe Bar 9 - 12am
- Free Entry for ladies before 12am
- 50 Solariums given to first 50 ladies
- Free champagne till 12am
- Free Manicures between 10 and 12am
- Free Massages between 10 and 12am
- Waiters serving fruit platters and champagne
- Chance to win Spa Retreat Vouchers
Groovalicious, Prahran, Tue Mar 22 10:34:24 2005
good music, friendly crowd
stace, montrose, Wed Mar 9 04:14:03 2005
05.03: Groovalicious
Groovalicious presents ISRAEL Live - Saturday 5th March 2005
Melbourne based RnB Singer/Producer/Songwriter Israel is back with a fresh
sounding hit That'll take everyone back to the glory days of 80s RnB. Israel
performs his chart topping single "Old Skool Love" featuring Valarii & KG of
KA$H. Don't Miss Israel's slamming new showcase with all the moves to make
you groove
Showtime 12:00am (Subject to Change)
Groovalicious Saturday's @ Club Evolution
R&B - Old Skool Funk - Nu Jack Swing - Disco
138 Commerical Rd Prahran
------------------------------------------------------------ / 9429 3304
Israel Preforming Live, Groovalicious - Prahran, Fri Mar 4 10:53:39 2005
its mine and my best friends club. we love the dancing n rnb.
KaTiE, craigieburn, Fri Mar 4 03:18:53 2005
woohhooo montell jordan, this is gonna be goin off! cant wait! tix are $25
includes a drink..
black booty, Wed Feb 16 21:11:51 2005
19.02: Groovalicious
Showtime 1am 138 Commerical Rd Prahran, Vic
Montell Jordan, Prahran, Wed Feb 16 17:24:06 2005
05.02: Groovalicious
Carousel Reunion
Saturday 5th of February
An evening with friends and Family for those who use to Groove with the original
Djs From the Legendary Club that Rocked The Melbourne Urban Funk scene from 1994
– 1999.
Craig G, Bobby Love, Peril, Ken Walker, Damion Desilva, Dinesh, & Ari
Play The Master cuts that stormed the dance floor during those memorable years
of Carousel with the Original dancers Cha Cha & Baby Lemonade tearing it up o­n
the dance floor.
Be sure to check out special Room Decor & Imagery that will transport you to
similar space and surroundings
Also some of the original hosts with the most make a special appearance for the
evening including Clay Powell, Michael Abdul, Chris Brown, Michael Jordan, Saci
Joseph, MC Junior, Michael Simonetti, Judge Jules
Plus your current Groovalicious Crew Michael Jnr, Nasen La, groove Master Russ,
Laef, Brendan X, Chidy, Dir-X, Naz, Ever, Shaun D, Sunil, Rhiannon, Christian,
Rizz, Sepa, Sunil, Shiv, Suren, Tania, Taylo, DeeDee, Brett T, Vick D, Alistar,
Jason B, Marcus, Brandon V, Gillian, Craig D, Jerome, Robert T, Richie and
The Festivities begin at 10pm place Upstairs @ Groovalicious - Club Evolution
Admission $15 all Groovalicious & Carousel Medallions Valid o­n this special
night for discount entry
House of Groove, Richmond, Thu Jan 6 18:59:12 2005
25.12: Groovalicious
Groovalicious, Prahran, Tue Dec 21 10:53:19 2004
01.01: Groovalicious
Saturday 1st of Junary 2005
On the night just as a thank you from us for all the support you have give
Groovalicious thoughout 2004, we give you complimentary Scotch, Vodka, Burbon,
Gin, Rum, Beer, Wine & Champagne for 2 hours hours between 9 and 11pm.
Get the year off to an awesome start with us as we party like its 1999 with a
special night dedicated to the Old Skool. DJ Gurus Bobby Love, Ari, Naz, Ever,
Dinesh and special guest FMR take you on a musical journey though the 80's and
Groovalicious, Prahran, Fri Dec 17 13:38:07 2004
25.12: Groovalicious
Welcome to your Christmas Party
Groovalicious presents Drinks with Santa on Christmas Night
Saturday 25th of December 2004
Groovalicious showers you with a special Christmas treat. From 9 till 11pm you
can quench your thirst with complimentary Soctch, Vodka, Bourbon, Gin, Rum,
Beer, Wine and Champagne.
Plus loads of giveaways, prizes and a hidden suprise!
Groovalicious, Prahran, Fri Dec 17 13:37:01 2004
good set up and space plus the music
sue-ellen, brighton, Mon Dec 13 19:06:59 2004
20.11: Groovalicious
Groovalicious @ Club Evolution. 2 for 1 drinks before 11pm.
R&B, House, Old Skool funk and disco. Across 3 rooms. for guestlist and more information
Groovalicious, Prahran, Fri Nov 19 10:30:46 2004
13.11: Groovalicious
Groovalicious @ Club Evolution - Saturday 13-11-2004
Free beer, wine, champagne and basic spirits between 9 and 11.
Free entry before 10pm.
BomBa Room launch - House DJ's Arlen De Silva, Tony Crea, Danny K, Dan Borg and
Jemery White.
leadpipeonetti, Prahran, Tue Nov 9 16:20:19 2004
They play a mad mix of R&B and it has a good atmosphere.
Kayla, Sun Nov 7 19:45:41 2004
13.11: Groovalicious
Groovalicious presents the Bomba Room!!
Opening November 13
Groovalicious Invites you to its brand new house room. DJ's Arlen De Silva, Tona
Crea, Danny K, Dan Brog and Jemery White producdings the sounds of house and
disco in Club Evolutions brand new room.
Groovalicious - Club Evolution
R&B Grooves, Old Skool, Nu Jack, House and Disco
138 Commerial Rd Prahran
Groovalicious, Prahran, Wed Nov 3 18:39:37 2004
Yeah be good if Ken (the security guard) stopped using the excuse "regulars
only" and we are full tonite, yet the club is dead inside and no one is lining
up either. You dont like me much do ya Ken.......
Ole, Cranbourne, Mon Nov 1 17:56:20 2004
Be good if Ken let us through the door, after we get our stamps. Cause its a
waste of time bein on the guestlist if we cant get through the front door.
Anton, Hampton Park, Mon Nov 1 17:47:05 2004
30.11: Groovalicious
Halloween Theme night this week
Come down and rock on with all the freaks and furry people for more details
Groovalicious, Prahran, Thu Oct 28 15:46:36 2004
30.10: Groovalicious
Halloween Theme Party this week at Club Evolution. Giveaways all night. Full
club decor. Dress the part and win prizes out of the little furry box. for more info
leadpipeonetti, Tue Oct 26 10:31:10 2004
Went to Groovalicious @ Evo last weekend and it rocked. Good clean crowd, fresh
music. They have this R&B cover band on this week called Decalse who is
launching their new EP. Should be a good night
Rachel, Richmond, Mon Oct 18 13:23:15 2004
The old skool music and the energy of the club on Saturday nites.
Ruth, Hampton Park, Mon Sep 27 03:10:27 2004
Went down last Saturday night around 12am and was rocking. Defianty heading back
there this weekend
Steph, Glen Iris, Tue Sep 21 11:27:52 2004
great rnb music and atmosphere
Rebecca, dandenong, Thu Aug 5 20:20:42 2004
hello wondering about evolution
bek, Mon Jul 5 22:03:06 2004
evo plays funky tunes n beats. it has a good crowd always easy to find parking.
atmosphere is good.
nicky, moorabbin, Fri Apr 16 16:44:41 2004
1200 Techniques Live Saturday 17th of April
Groovalicious presents the 2 time ARIA winnders and 4 time dance music awards
winners 1200 Techniques. Heres your chance to see o­ne of the most credible
actsto emerge from the Melbourne urban scene. Checkout the qizardry of
turntablist / procedure / precussionist DJ Peril and vocal lyricist assassin
Nfamas as they perform their hits "Karma". "Where ur at" plus their brand new
single "Fork in the Road" in an explosive RNB & HipHop showcase for the first
time @ Groovalicious
Admin - $15 with Pass / Guestlist
Grovoalicious Saturdays @ Club Evolution
138 Commerical Rd Prahran
9826 8129
Groovalicious, Prahran, Thu Apr 8 11:19:22 2004
best r'n'b and retro in melb.....non stop partying and dancing from 10pm till
jessi, scoresby, Sat Apr 3 03:35:47 2004
the music (RnB) is MAD, the boys are hot and the whole atmosphere just gets me
goin all night long
Talia, Narre Warren, Fri Apr 2 03:39:28 2004
Saturday 24th of January
Join the Groovalicious crew for an evening of sun, fun and sand. Live on stage,
Sumer Swin Wear Parade from Tribeca concepts Toorak Village.
All Girls and Guys in beach wear on the night recieve complimentary Drink Cards,
Vouchers, Lomani Fragrances and 'Back to Kool' packs from Universal.
Plus best dressed wins the Groovalicious Summer Grand Prize
Special Guest DJ - DJ Manny preforming live
Drink Specials for January - $3 Schnapps, $5 Sex on the Beach Cocktails and $4
Cowboys all night
Rnb - Soul - Old Skool - Nu Jack
Groovalicious @ Club Evolution
138 Commerical Road Prahran
Groovalicious, Prahan, Thu Jan 15 12:02:38 2004
Saturday 24th of January 2004
Join the Groovalicious crew for an evening of sun, fun and sand. Live on stage,
Sumer Swin Wear Parade from Tribeca concepts Toorak Village.
All Girls and Guys in beach wear on the night recieve complimentary Drink Cards,
Vouchers, Lomani Fragrances and 'Back to Kool' packs from Universal.
Plus best dressed wins the Groovalicious Summer Grand Prize
Special Guest DJ - DJ Manny preforming live
Drink Specials for January - $3 Schnapps, $5 Sex on the Beach Cocktails and $4
Cowboys all night
Rnb - Soul - Old Skool - Nu Jack
Groovalicious @ Club Evolution
138 Commerical Road Prahran
Groovalicious, Prahran, Thu Jan 8 11:19:33 2004
Groovalicious Saturday 3rd of January - New Years Party. Michael Jackson Dance
BETWEEN 9 and 10. Plus Loads of New Years Giveaways.
Craig G, Dinesh, Shaun D, Ken Walker, Ari, Ever, Bobby Love, BrendanX, DirX,
Puppet, MC Junior
Rnd. Soul. Old Skool. Nu Jack.
Groovalicious @ Club Evolution.
138 Commerical Rd Prahan
Groovalicious, Prahran, Fri Jan 2 12:07:17 2004
Groovalicious @ Club Evolution ever Saturday Night.
RnB, HipHop, Old Skool, New Jack, Funk and a Touch of Disco.
DJ's Craig G, Ken Walker, Dinesh, Shaun D, Bobby Love, BrendanX, Ari, Naz, DirX,
Ever and MC Junior.
Groovalicious, Prahran, Thu Dec 18 14:14:30 2003
Groovalicious @ Club Evolution ever Saturday Night.
RnB, HipHop, Old Skool, New Jack, Funk and a Touch of Disco.
DJ's Craig G, Ken Walker, Dinesh, Shaun D, Bobby Love, BrendanX, Ari, Naz, DirX,
Ever and MC Junior.
Groovalicious, Parahan, Thu Dec 11 14:47:20 2003
Groovalicious Saturday 6th of December 2003 @ Club Evolution Launches Jay Z's
latest and last Album "The Black Album" including the hit 'Change Clothes' and
featuring the likes of Pharrel, Eminem, Timbaland, The Neptunes and DJ Quick.
Additionally this week ladies recieve free entry and champagne between 9 and
Groovalicious @ Club Evolution.
138 Commerical Rd Parahan
Groovalicious, Parahan, Wed Dec 3 16:13:18 2003
Groovalicious Launches 'Late Night Tales' - Jamiroquai.
This is one of the coolest compilation albums of 2003 with 16 hand picked tracks
by the Space Cowboy himself including the Pointer Sisters, Skyy, Johnny Hammond,
Mavin Gaye, Patrice Rushen, Commodares and more. Be at Groovalicious this week
to win your copy!
Groovalicious, Parahan, Tue Nov 25 12:47:15 2003
its fun open good music great sceane freindly atmosphere a place to get out
have fun forget ure worries
Sasha, Hampton Park, Tue May 27 07:01:41 2003
its the best place to be on saturday nites. it has the best vibe
robert, glen iris, Tue May 27 06:37:48 2003
This Saturday May 24
Groovalicious presents: Coolio Live
Live and direct from the USA Grammy Award winner Coolio in his only Melbourne
Show, performing the hits "Gangsta's Paradise", "1-2-3 Sumpthin New", "Fantastic
Voyage" & "It's all the way live", plus songs from his new album "El Magnifico".
Showtime 12.30am - Doors open 9pm. Admission $20 includes one complimentary
Groovalicious, Evolution, Prahran, Tue May 20 07:03:28 2003
Easter Weekend
rnb, soul, old skool, nu jack
DJ Moto & MC Rafa (syd)
on the night also appearing the playboy bunnys with loads of prizes and easter
surprises plus all groovers receive complimentary champagne between 9&11pm
two levels of pure musical bliss
craig g, dinesh, shaun d, ken walker, ari, kris k, ever, bobby love, naz, mc
junior, mikey mike
Groovalicious, Prahran, Wed Apr 16 23:42:07 2003
great people, great music and just a good night club atmosphere!
paul, greensborough, Tue Apr 15 10:03:08 2003
i went to grovalicious for the first time on saturday the 29th of march ...
which was my bday... i had the best time!!! rocking music... with friendly
people.... rock on!!!!!!
FiLo_in_a_KiLt, around, Tue Apr 1 16:45:16 2003
its funky, incoporating both newschool and old school RnB, hiphop, in a casual
relaxed atmosphere
Fabrice, dandenong, Tue Mar 18 04:08:21 2003
because it makes me feel happy coz of the music, and also the people there are
great and fun ( crowd)
Kat, Keysborough, Sat Mar 15 04:24:08 2003
i went there on a tuesday, and had a really good time, until the dj started
repeating songs!!!! over and over and over........
helen, hawthorn, Tue Mar 11 17:23:00 2003
music there is great, and the ppl there are fantastic
Kat, Keysborough, Mon Mar 10 21:11:08 2003
The legendary Groovalicious is coming to Evolution as of this weekend (16.11).
The night gained its fame at Carousel, before a short stint at Salt, and now
Evolution. It was once the biggest RnB night in town, just about the first RnB
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Fri Nov 15 04:03:54 2002