MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




The Duke

374 St Kilda Road, St Kilda

March 31, 2001
A generally laid back atmosphere, more of the slightly older club-goers frequent this modest establishment. Inside you will find a funky lounge area, in which one can be heard without having to yell out to friends who are inches away. Warm yourself to the nice open log fire on cold nights.

This small club has some really good DJs pumping out good party tunes of old and new. Although they don't really go deep into the beatmixing, they still put out songs people can sing to. You can find some bands there on Friday and Saturday nights, but don't expect any big names just yet!

I have found that The Duke doesn't have specific times on which it opens, although you can bank on it opening for sure around 8-9pm and the DJs firing up closer to 10pm. This is one of three clubs who apparently have a 24 hour liquor license over the weekend, so watch out for some big events on the near future! I beleive they are trying to bill a 58 hour non-stop party weekend soon.

Drinks there are relatively cheap compared with most other venues, although it still doesn't take long these days to empty the wallet. Get your hands on a drink-card if you can for a free drink before 10:30pm.

Simone Pfeiffer