MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





229 Queensberry St, Carlton

not just 1 band, but 3 every week, plus techno/dance dj's spinning awesome
breaks upstairs. $10 entry, cheap drinks. if you like mulitple genres of music,
this is the place to be. HelterSkelter @ dream niteclub 11pm-7am
Ant, North Fitzroy, Mon Nov 6 09:49:52 2006
Last Saturday i went to the opening of new club night Helter Skelter. I don't
normally enjoy going out to clubs but it was honestly the best night out i've
had all year. Completely new format. Live bands and electornic DJ's over two
levels in the one venue. I grew up on bands but love to dance and i can only
ever go out with half of my group of friends. We all went, we all had a ball.
Great atmosphere, seriously diverse and impressive music, awesome visuals and
good people. Still only one week in but i can tell this thing is going to take
off big. Helter Skelter. YAAAYYY!!!!
Nestora, Thornbury, Tue Oct 31 14:48:53 2006
Detox @ Dream Metal night with live bands. Better than DV8.
Tas, Preston, Fri Dec 17 01:15:50 2004
Punk, Alternative, but all Live Bands, $5 entry and pub priced drinks. 9til
Jennie, Carlton, Mon Feb 24 16:21:55 2003