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60 Swan St, Richmond
Night name:Pash
Music:Com/Top40, Party/Retro, RnB/Funk, Bands
Short desc.:SMS dating at the Depot
Age group:
Correct at:Feb 25 ’08 (Max Moose)

i like the people and the bands, don't mind a bit of a sip too!
pete, Diamond Creek, Tue Oct 31 19:54:44 2006
26.02: SlumberYard's 10th b'day
It’s Slumber Yard’s 10 year anniversary coming up. What better way to celebrate
this than to kick off a new residency at one of our favourite pubs, ‘The Depot’.
For our first gig there we are going to have a massive night celebrating 10
years of SlumberYard. We will be playing some old songs and also be playing a
few of our original songs too.
There will be heaps of giveaways. These will include; framed signed posters, a
signed drum symbol and original CD's.
We would love to see everybody there, people from the past and also people from
the present.
This massive night is on the 26th of February at the Depot Hotel (60 Swan St,
Richmond) starting at 10pm.
Slumberyard/Depot, Richmond, Thu Feb 24 00:48:20 2005
PASH - Depot Saturdays
Start a textual relationship this Saturday @ The Depot
SMS dating is here
Featuring Pump live & DJ Johno
So don't play hard to text..
Make it a date
With the whirlwind of technological advances recently experienced, and in
particular, the massive surge in popularity of sending sms messages, it was
inevitable that the technology was created to offer 'text message dating'.
The Depot in Richmond is commencing a first for Melbourne hotel-goers, with the
introduction of an sms dating night. On Saturday punters can bring along their
mobiles & use them to chat up that hot guy at the bar, or the sexy chick dancing
by the stage!
The Depot has installed huge plasma screens above the bar, which, when sent to a
particular phone number, messages are displayed on for the rest of the punters
to read.
So whether punters wish to remain anonymous, or are happy to reveal their
identity, short messages containing flirty text or chat-up lines can be sent for
a potential target to read & act upon if desired.
The launch of the night coincides with Valentines Day, which is a welcome
alternative for all those singletons!
Gone are the days of the oh-so-familiar escape route "sorry, I have to go to the
toilet now…", or the classic response "sorry I can't go out with you, I'm
washing my hair that night…" Instead, Melbournians are enjoying starting
'textual relationships' with each other, and providing punters don't play 'hard
to text', may see a phenomenon bigger than internet chatrooms…
Depot, Richmond, Fri Feb 13 06:21:32 2004
Because Adam 12 play there on saturday nights!! plus the DJs are generally
pretty good.
Georgie, North Balwyn, Mon Jun 16 23:53:07 2003
The managers have been working hard at the Depot. Metrik Thursday, Slumberyard
coming to Friday, Adam 12 been there a month on Saturdays, and Crazy Haus on
Sundays. That's the three best bands in Melbourne and possibly the best up and
Adam 12 were in pretty hot form again on Saturday, and the crowd is responding.
Over each of the last few weeks the crowd has grown well, so it has gone from a
quiet night when they started a month ago, to a reasonable one. It will continue
to grow.
The crowd is mixed, from A12s youngest 18y.o. groupies to the 30y.o. Saturday
Depot regulars. It is pretty easy going, and there is something for everyone,
with Roddy spinning the tunes (top 40, commercial, popular house).
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Feb 11 02:03:22 2003
Went to the depot on sat and the band there was fantastic had a great night. The
guitarist and drummer where great to watch, they were very good.Dj was cool too.
Thanks 4 the good night C540
Joe, malvern, Sun Dec 1 16:35:10 2002
very hot guys and very good music. the band were 21/20 and they absolutely
rocked. Atmosphere was fantastic with all different age groups and all different
Kristie Harris, Coolaroo, Thu Oct 17 17:08:13 2002