MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Club Dakota

123 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood

This Saturday November 1 Melbourne Cup Weekend
Party Night 9pm 'til 5am
with the mighty Pean performing live and DJs Johno Earle & Rob E
Club Dakota, Ringwood, Fri Oct 31 05:47:44 2003
friends, close to home. Awesome dj and the best bands.
Lianna, Croydon, Sun Jul 27 04:07:29 2003
Dakota was packed on Saturday. They tell me it has been for the past few months,
with a queue most weeks after midnight.
Pean were having a great time. The main room was going off to a mix of all era
I really enjoyed the recently renovated Catalina Bar. It was quiet enough for a
chat, loud enough for a dance, and a great atmosphere. The crowd was mixed ages
from 20-26.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Jul 8 07:04:35 2003
Sat night rocked for me, although it not as cRaZy as other Sats (which was
good). Gotta get me some of those HOT busies again, PEAN were great too,
especially the singer.
Jess, Donny East, Tue May 20 06:57:51 2003
Saturday was enormous at Dakota. I arrived at 12.30 to find a massive queue.
Inside was very busy. Good crowd too. Mostly locals age 18-28, reasonably well
dressed, and no trouble.
The Catalina Bar has come up well, and was pretty busy.
Deanne Nissen, Inside Sport covergirl, signed a few posters, and there were
promo girls everywhere, including the lovely Jim Beam girls.
Pean were in great form, really getting the place jumping. DJ Johnno Earle
pulled out some great tracks too creating an electric atmosphere. Altogether a
good night out.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun May 4 23:33:18 2003
Yeah, we were right about the Inside Sports model appearance at Dakota on
Saturday. Deanne Nissan will be dropping in to meet you and sign stuff.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri May 2 18:36:53 2003
We'll also confirm this later today, we think Dakota has the Inside Sport cover
girl on Saturday. That would probably be the lovely and fiesty Deanne Nissan
(who we took pics of at Star Bar last Sunday).
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri May 2 04:22:51 2003
It was a strange night around the traps. Nowhere really peaked, possibly because
of the change in daylight savings.
Dakota wasn't too bad though. The main room was full, and the side bar is closed
for renovations which open in the next week or so.
The crowd was primarily 20-25, and in a pretty bubbly mood. The music is
commercial, with a band.
It is usually Pean, but they are on holiday, so Huge took their place. They were
actually very impressive. Very similar playlist and sound to Slumberyard, but a
less crazy attitude.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Mar 31 18:34:26 2003
It's local, it's small so u don't get lost from ur friends, the band rocks....
Holly, Mon Mar 10 21:32:51 2003
The RnB night wasn't totally successful, and is no longer. With East 93 closing
its doors, Pean now comes to Saturdays at Denim Lounge.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Jan 15 04:16:18 2003
Hey y'all,
Fresh Saturdaze hit the D Lounge from tonight November 30. It will be Ringwood's
only true commercial RnB night, with the crew from Whateva calling the shots
(Mothership, Boom Boom Room, Karma, Homebass, Brown Sugar and Chicago). Can't
Em, Croydon, Sat Nov 30 04:10:24 2002
Gday everyone make sure you get down to the denum lounge this saturday its the
last one before the r and b night takes over so its going to be a big night.C540
are playing so its going to be huge so if u like them get down there.Its going
to be sad because i was just getting back into that place and i think it will go
down hill as of next week any way see ya there.
Jenny, Blackburn, Thu Nov 21 14:19:42 2002
Got the flyer for the new night @ the D lounge, im sad cause i've been enjoying
the bands there for awhile now. Just started to get into their new resident band
C540, great music i've heard they are going to brassmonkey on a tuesday, might
give the D lounge a miss for awhile and go to monkeys instead. hope the C540
boys pop up locally again soon, so i don't have to travel so far to see good
jenny, Blackburn, Thu Nov 14 21:42:00 2002
saw c 540 @ denim lounge and i must say they are building on something that
makes them stand apart from the others in the industry. For a 3 peice they have
a huge sound with no midi tracks too. Can't wait till they get a gig @ a bigger
venue, where they can play loud..
bernie, oakleigh, Thu Nov 14 21:19:29 2002
i went to see c540 on saturday night and those guys are amazing its a shame they
are changing the night to r and b cause those guys are the best cover band by features the drummer and guitarist from blimp 69 they are playing on the
19th at brassmonkey and its unfair they are not on the advert cause they are way
better than lime and they will show that.
jarrod carswell, narre warren, Tue Nov 12 14:14:08 2002
Will that mean no more c540, coz that would suck. Saturdays at the denim are
just starting to get good again, That band rocks. To replace them would be
really bad. I travel with a group of friends from pearcedale every week to see
Lori Macqueen, Pearcedale, Fri Nov 1 16:25:10 2002
Hey y'all,
Fresh Saturdaze hit the D Lounge from November 30. It will be Ringwood's only
true commercial RnB night, with the crew from Whateva calling the shots
(Mothership, Boom Boom Room, Karma, Homebass, Brown Sugar and Chicago). Can't
Em, Croydon, Tue Oct 29 13:21:47 2002