MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



Dale & Danny’s Blue

8 Whiteman St, Southbank
DJs:Pete Williams & Finlo White
Music:Com/Top40, House, RnB/Funk, Party/Retro
Short desc.:One of the best crowds in Melb
Dress:Trendy, Smart
Age group:20-23, 23-25, 25-27
Covercharge:Guestlist (b4 12) $8, $13 otherwise
Correct at:Aug 21 ’06 (Max Moose)

got rejected from CQ on saturday nite cause i was under 21. i got not problem with it, i understand they wanna keep the peace, but it just annoys me how a couple reckless teenagers can ruin it for the rest of us.
michael, Sun May 18 17:49:38 2008
phenomenal venue... retarded crowd. but waht can u

bill, Ivanhoe, Thu Jan 17 15:44:25 2008
CQ is the most overrated and pretentious place in melbourne. I got in straight away because my friend knows the "guy on the door". My first impression was it was a place for stuck up and fake shallow people getting together and rejecting others. The music was terrible. If you are in to orange long legged girls who have teeth as white as thier over peroxided hair this place is for you. Also if you enjoy listening to music that was played 100 times on the radio in 2004 then the music here will suit you fine. Shit venue, people, time. There are so many better place to go in melbourne. I pity those who waste thier time on such a place.
Tina, Toorak, Sat Jan 12 09:38:52 2008
Go to CQ every second week or third week with mates from footy, really love it there, good crowd, and if you go often enough you usually get pretty well looked after, and get strait in.
Chad, glen iris, Fri Oct 5 11:39:22 2007
What a great night we had on Saturday night.Had a guest list organised for a
birthday, but a fat boucer at the front door decided that he wanted to be a
comedian and guess what if your not a high profile sportsman or not dating a
chick from the cleo magazine the best next spot is eating a kebab to kill of the
time. Great publicity CQ, to go to hell.
Frank, Donvale, Mon Apr 30 10:12:37 2007
hi my names Mel and as my birthday is coming up i was wanting to oragnise a
guest list at CQ on the 17th March. Could you please get back to me with how I
go about doing so. thank-you
melanie, narre warren south, Mon Feb 26 09:59:07 2007
Lib, Dale and Danny's Blue is the name of the night. It is now held at CQ.
I heard that the name was true and the Dale and Danny had a blue and Danny left.
Anybody know anything about that?
Jack, Hawthorn, Fri Jan 26 23:19:26 2007
so what...the hell is this place officel name???
lib, Thu Jan 25 17:07:30 2007
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- Honourable mention best new venue
- Honourable mention best mainstream night

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 07:45:17 2006
A friend and i went to Blue Sat night....I wouldnt tell her where we were going
as i wanted to see her expression when we entered she was dumbfounded! It was
awesome from the balinese style fittings to the patio. Whic will be awesome for
Summer too cool down! Crowd was awesome and so was the music. Dale and Danny
have done well
Mishika, PL, Tue Sep 5 08:53:58 2006
Checked out the new blu venue on Sat nyt - it was awesome - funky and modern!
The patio and "survivor style" courtyard were something different, but a good
idea. Great crowd, music and atmosphere - well done guys!
Juz, Ringwood, Mon Sep 4 20:56:55 2006
Well duh! Its at place called CQ. That's why there's venue in the venue listing
called, appropriately "CQ". If you want to be pedantic, please stop posting
under Dale & Danny's Blue (even though that is the name of the night - not the
Furthermore, the postings from John, Sam, Jen and Michelle all came from the
same computer. That annoys us.
Anyway... We drove past last CQ night. It looked good.
Max Moose, Max Moose World HQ, Sun Sep 3 21:20:48 2006
max mooseupdate the address and details of Blue!!!! nits not closed anymore nor
is it on whitman st!! thanks Max
Jen, Sun Sep 3 21:11:41 2006
Blu was awesome last night. Nice to see the crowd older as usual...Hope teeny
boppes dont ruin the venue like they have billboards. Hope dale and Danny keep
the pretty much over 21 policy. Was a regular to Monsoons due to the older crowd
but was sickof getting pushed around there. Dale and Danny looked so happy and i
think 100 percent ot the people there were also having their best nights ever!!
Johnny you are right about parking...get there ealry. C u next weeks. CQ. :)
Sam, Ringwood, Sun Sep 3 21:09:49 2006
the best night i've ever had...wonderful people. Mixed crowd! from ballers to
Pretty tall cute girls. The night really was a lot better than i
expected. Definately will be back. Athough you have to get there early as
carpark is a pain. but its good to saee a club packed at 10.30 which is rare
these days.
John, Richmond, Sun Sep 3 20:57:24 2006
wow...classy place ,great people excellent many clubs have balconies
these days, fires and water features...Awesome Awesome....will be going back
next week...fantastic!!!
Michelle , Patterson Lakes, Sun Sep 3 17:28:16 2006
Opening night of Blue @ CQ was awesome, massive venue, very nicely decked out
and great crowd.
Brad, Docklands, Sun Sep 3 16:08:36 2006
Bingo! We were right. Dale and Danny have announced their new
home to replace Next Blue: the upper levels of 123 Queen St (cnr Little
Collins), Melbourne. Its an all new venue, apparently very impressive. They're
calling it CQ now - at one stage it was going to be called Blue Diamond. It
opens at 10pm this Saturday.

Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Aug 28 22:26:18 2006
A bit more on the likely Saturday venue:
"Dale & Danny are proud to bring you a venue second to none! No expense has
been spared, on the best of everything...
Internal & external water features, prime CBD location, multiple outdoor areas,
stunning decor & furnishings...
Look forward to everything you've come to expect... & more
Our brand new home is still under construction & we can't reveal its location
for a few more weeks."

We also hear its on top of a building.
Max Moose, Mon Aug 7 06:10:34 2006
Next Blue officially closed its doors last week. It was on the horizon for a
while but was kept fairly quiet. Dale and Danny are working hard on replacement
venues. Their website says the new Saturday opens on September 2nd. The venue
hasn't been announced yet. We wonder if Blue Diamond might be the Saturday spot?
Stay tuned.
Max Moose, Mon Aug 7 06:01:35 2006
Keep checking the website for the details. Hopefully
details shouldn't be too long.
Pete Williams, Middle Park, Wed Aug 2 18:07:57 2006
Anyone know where the night is moving to?
Georgia, Wed Aug 2 17:57:40 2006
Just confirming, as per earlier discussion, Next Blue closed its
doors for the final time on the weekend. Dale & Danny will be moving to a new
location shortly.

Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Aug 1 19:17:00 2006
Have been to Next Blue a few time on Saturdays but only if I can get in! The
bouncers are arrogant pigs who supposedly only likes to let 'regulars' in. Great
way to get more customers into the club. I'm 25, dress really nicely and have
tried going n with girls and guys and have been turned away several times. Whats
wrong with the place? When I actually get in the music is fantastic but the
drinks are way too expensive. I dont drink but I couldnt even get a glass of
water there.
Crown has gotta get its act together and stop closing all the clubs. Bring back
Mercury Lounge I say!!!
Han, Carnegie, Thu Jun 22 18:16:10 2006
wow is all i can say...i feel so short at blu sometimes and i'm 6 foot! u have
all the ballers there...guys and girlies..the girlies are the tallest and most
beaufiful women around. So if your intimidated by tall women dont go! :)
otherwise enjoy the beauty
Stevo, Chaddy, Tue Apr 25 14:39:30 2006
fun and good crowd
nicholas, sunshine, Wed Apr 5 19:26:59 2006
love the crowd, plays unreal music
Narelle, Rowville, Tue Apr 4 22:57:47 2006
Good on Next Blu for not letting any males in under 21! It certainly makes your
night out more enjoyable without them running around.
J, Ringwood, Wed Mar 29 21:04:12 2006
Good to see pete williams is still alive!
Groovtrain, Sun Mar 26 17:28:55 2006
Last night at Blue was massive. Come down early and check it out. Check out for all details.
Pete Williams, Middle Park, Sun Mar 26 12:27:08 2006
Hit Blue Saturday night and had no trouble getting in. The crowd was good but I
dont really like the music. Good Times.
Mags, Chirnside Park, Mon Mar 6 16:58:36 2006
It's a great crowd and music is good! Everybody is having fun.
Jane, Ivanhoe, Thu Mar 2 05:40:57 2006
The people are great, the music is not boring and its just a great nite to meet
up with mates
Linda, Ringwood, Sat Feb 25 05:02:00 2006
Great place to have an awesome time
Kristen, Melton, Wed Feb 22 21:25:10 2006
Hey aaron, the guys that i have gone with do dress appropriately and havent been
drinking beforehand and were just waiting in the line not acting up or anything.
There was 2 of them and 4 girls with us we were just looking forward to a good
night out. Alot of my male friends at uni have recieved the same treatment from
Blue as well.
Emily, Tue Feb 21 17:20:58 2006
Emily: I'm 19 and get in there almost every week. Its all about dressing right,
not being drunk before you get there and having the right attitude.
Aaron, Hawthorn, Tue Feb 21 14:54:55 2006
Why doesn't Blue allow under 21 yearold males in? Everytime i've tried to go all
the boys get kicked out of the line after waiting for a ridiculous amount of
time. sounds a bit like sexual discrimination to me!
Emily, Glen Waverly, Tue Feb 21 09:31:30 2006
great music, excellent atmosphere & heaps of people
Annemarie, Hawthorn East, Tue Feb 14 17:57:13 2006
Blue keeps going from strength to strength. Come in and check
out this massive Saturday night.
Pete Williams, Middle Park, Sat Feb 11 19:10:09 2006
Just wanted to say that i think this club is , you line up for hours, and then
just because your not a 'regular' half your friends (usually the guys) are left
at the door. That really sux. Then if you finally do get in the drinks are
overpriced and you have to wait ages to get one. So many other better places for
Laura, Brunswick, Wed Dec 14 17:23:43 2005
Went to Blue for the first time last night. Wow i have no idea what all the hype
was about. The venue was average. Not bad but nothing special. The music was
great and the DJ the lovliest guy ever. But the crowd was the biggest let down.
Full of beautiful people who all thought they were better than everyone else
there...makes for a not particularly fun or freindly crowd
Kylie, Bentleigh, Sun Dec 11 12:34:31 2005
awesome music, awesome crowd
Laura, Essendon, Thu Sep 29 04:50:57 2005
Great atmosphere and plenty of beautiful ppl :-)
Elisabeth, Strathmore, Wed Sep 28 17:07:19 2005
Max Moose congratulates Dale & Danny’s Blue Saturday for
its results in the
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Best new venue, Unlucky runner up best new night, and an Hon.
mention in best Saturday night.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:23:58 2005
Hey Tegan, Dale and Danny's Blue is pretty packed on a Saturday
night. Check out, register and you can
request a doorlist for Saturday night for you and your friends. You
will have an awesome night!
Pete Williamson, Middle Park, Fri Aug 26 19:15:17 2005
Hey! my friends and i were thinking of checking out blue on saturday night after
our uni ball. But we probably wont get there till around 11.30 and i have never
been there before and have heard that dale and danny are 'all about the
regulars'. What are the chances of us being let in? or am i best to just head
somewhere else?
Tegan, hoppers crossing, Fri Aug 26 10:32:06 2005
Great Music, Lots of People, Good Women!!
Anthony, Lilydale, Thu Jul 14 04:21:10 2005
It was the best club that i have ever been to.. Best music and awesome
Teagan, Devon Meadows, Thu Jun 30 07:22:33 2005
love the music but i would like cheaper drinks and boys are hot there!!!
Lauren, Airport West, Mon Jun 20 23:26:14 2005
sounds good cant wait to see it
georgia, hobart, Mon May 9 18:40:39 2005
Georgia, I'm not too sure what's left @ bb, but most of the familiar faces from
bb are now at Blue. Same sort of crowd (just a lot more of them because of the
bigger venue & levels), and yes..... there's always heaps of Basketballers, AFL
players, Storm players and other friendly faces every Saturday @ Blue!
Danny @ Blue, Southbank, Fri May 6 23:46:33 2005
Emma, the same door staff run the door @ BLUE that were at bb's & run the door
the same way as always - Dale & our door girl have great memories for faces, so
you should be fine. We'll look forward to seeing you @ Blue!
Danny - Blue, Southbank, Fri May 6 23:40:48 2005
Hey guys, i come to melbourne every now and then from tas and go to billboards,
was just wondering whats billboards is like now d&D have gone, and if blue is
what billboards used to be like- the footy jocks etc...cheers!
georgia, hobart, Fri May 6 19:33:11 2005
your a chick love, youll b right
dupree, Thu May 5 18:13:51 2005
this is my issue, i have been going to billboards since dale and danny took over
it years ago and i went regularly, but never actually got to know dale or danny
personally, now i want to go to blue but they dont know me and im worried i wont
get in because they are all about the regulars, well i was a regular but i get
none of the benefits because i dont suck up their assess. what to do oh what to
emma, hawthorn, Thu May 5 16:05:27 2005
Thanks for over-whelming response to our new venue!
Just want to let you know that we're sorry about the recent delay in getting
drinks out quick enough due to such large numbers coming through the venue -
we've put extra staff behind all the bars, adding a 4th bar & we will have drink
waitresses upstairs every Saturday from now on.
Thanks for making this our best club yet!
Danny, Southbank, Thu Apr 28 15:29:28 2005
i agree on the comment about the drinks. they just dont have enough bar staff!
its so annoying, people want to buy drinks but not possible. the crowd is good
but hte music is a bit crappy
fh, melb., Thu Apr 28 09:27:18 2005
Went on ANZAC Day eve and had a great night. The only drama i have with the
place is the time spent waiting for drinks. Any chance of that getting
C, Tue Apr 26 16:12:35 2005
Spot on Bec! Most of the bickering between Blue and Billboards has been nothing
short of a "MooseDebate" (think about it). ;o)
Melissa, Camberwell, Fri Apr 15 15:40:50 2005