MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





Cnr Davey St & Nepean Hwy, Frankston

What happened to Crave?!

Sarah, Frankston, Fri Mar 4 22:43:26 2011
Where are they now? I heard Glenn and Adam are playing with Lee Harding?? But what about CRAVE can any one tell me?? Sarah

Crave, Frankston, Fri Mar 4 22:41:03 2011
Oh my!!! Adam is so hot!
Elz, Sun Apr 18 20:34:16 2010
Crave coverband
Sarah, Frankston, Fri Oct 23 16:03:38 2009
The biggest crowd out of any of the clubs ive been to.. excluding twister of course
Mark, Fri Sep 25 23:48:37 2009
I think Crave are writing their own comments, hahahahaha! Nah really, they're not that good. But obviously they think they are... ha
Pedro, frankston, Fri Sep 11 14:47:13 2009
awesome crowd, good music.
Keyta, Mornington, Mon Oct 6 20:46:31 2008
i like a plays that plays a variety of the new music, rnb especially aswell as other music
Teagan, Frankston South, Sat May 3 15:38:34 2008
The mixture of having a DJ and a live band really mixes it up, as I seem to get bored of the one type of music. There is always people you know there to hang out with and have a good time.
Sheree, Frankston, Tue Feb 12 05:05:13 2008
Davey's is an awsome pub on sat night these days and attracts people from all around! Unlike Mornington
Lisa, Mount Martha, Thu Jan 17 21:40:27 2008
I like it. Good music and its local
Simone, Baxter, Thu Sep 27 23:13:29 2007
Saw these guys a couple of years ago and they were great,
saw them again on saturday down at daveys and they blew
us away, good to see a band that knows what they're doin
and look good doin it. a must see
Kelly, Sun Sep 9 20:32:12 2007
You wont find any snobs hanging out in Davey's and it's nice and easy to find
my way home.
Amelia, Frankston, Mon Apr 9 18:39:07 2007
Yssy you rock!
###, Sun Feb 25 19:24:18 2007
Good Music
Lisa, Cranbourne, Tue Feb 6 18:22:02 2007
I get to watch my best mate rock at what he loves most, the music goes off!
b, melbourne, Sun Jan 7 23:44:25 2007
Crave you guys rock! The singer is hot and really knows how to get the crowd
pumping!! He is a real pumper! He is a real entertainer! The rest of the band is
awsome too but that singer really drives me crazy! Hottest guy I have ever seen.
missy, frankston, Sat Dec 30 14:33:03 2006
It rocks. Awesome band
R, Frankston, Fri Dec 22 17:56:56 2006
Pee fromCrave. Thanks for the comments. Thanks for your feedback. You guys rock.
Pee Man, F/ston, Fri Dec 8 15:02:31 2006
love the music and always know someone there
Tash, frankston, Wed Dec 6 01:08:02 2006
I was at Daveys on Saturday night and i think i am in love with the guitarist!
He is very sexy with his dark hair and hot body and i loved watching him play, i
hope to see him there this weekend! That band rocks!
Penelope, Frankston, Wed Nov 29 17:26:00 2006
its close to my house and it has chicks and good music
Michael, Narre Warren South, Tue Nov 21 18:15:37 2006
First time i have ever been out in Melbourne, i was down from the country and
fell so in love with the singer, he is the hottest guy i have ever seen! my
friend told him i said that and he yelled out over the microphone i have plenty
of mates that will pick her up, and tried to give me free drink tickets to kiss
his mate! Sorry babe but i wanted you!! ; )
Baylee , Frankston, Mon Nov 20 20:55:01 2006
rocks mi jocks cos its close to home and its always a laugh with my mates
Alicia, bonbeach, Tue Oct 17 16:38:00 2006
I normally dont like coverbands actually i hate them but this band rocks!!! they
really get the crowd going, I am now a fan of Crave!! The singer is hot and my
friend loves pinchin him on the bum.We've seen em twice and can't wait to see em
Kylie, Seaford, Tue Oct 3 12:05:40 2006
The musics really good, easy to dance to. The atmospheres great, lots of cool
people and all round good times.
Katie, Bittern, Thu Sep 28 21:30:43 2006
its relaxed but great environment
Vanessa, Endeavour Hills, Fri Sep 15 14:30:13 2006
The Band ROCKS, Security are reasonable, great crowd, staff are really friendly
and its always great fun. guaranteed great night out.
Becky, Frankston, Fri Jul 28 17:56:52 2006
its the best atmosphere ever and there are lots of spunky guys there and
security are very good at there job and just nice in general
kristy, 3201, Sun Feb 5 17:10:00 2006