MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





L1 62 Main St, Mornington
Saucy like a Tomato?

Visited last Saturday. Had an absolutely awesome night. Retro tunes upstairs were fantastic and girls were hot and having a ball. Been ages since I'd heard a lot of that stuff. If you're sick of the usual recent stuff and from Frankston/Mornington way give this night a try. Great fun.

Simon, Frankston, Tue Sep 30 22:26:09 2008
it's awsume! good music, great people, good prices, great location, awsume
Fiona, camberwell, Thu Jun 14 16:47:53 2007
i like it because it plays 80's music
Greg, Hastings, Sun Jan 14 03:23:16 2007
its soo much fun just the music on sat night and dancing alll night
bree, somerville, Mon Nov 13 18:18:05 2006
Another great Saturday @ CUBE! Bonus of this particular night, Joanne from big
brother signing autographs n doin her thing. Apart from the endless que of
drooling blokes, the nights great as always, the DJ's manage the perfect mix of
HipHop n RnB (Jay-Z, Sean Paul, 50 Cent), with a hint of Techno (Darude,
Cocaine, etc) and the night goes off. Great atmosphere and more fine ass then
most blokes can handle!! lol
Raf, Mornington, Sun Aug 17 11:10:10 2003