MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Colonial Hotel

Cnr King & Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Romeo, Hallam, Mon Nov 10 22:49:00 2008
Infectious runs the club at colonial hotel now - every saturday night. It's good, but $20 entry is too steep, drinks are more expensive than other places and can be hard to get into without girls..
Tranny boy, F'Gully, Fri Jul 18 19:31:36 2008
its mad. no doosh bags.
Chris, keilor, Tue Apr 15 23:14:00 2008
i like it because you can do what u want in there. there r 3 floors top for
drinkin smokin relaxin, middle for drinking sort of warming up at the start of
the night then dancin later, bottum for dancing from go to wo! all r happy,
dont mind sayin hello, its just a good setup with awesome people inside.
obviously only couple of times a month.
Xavier , tullamarine, Wed May 26 05:45:19 2004