MAX MOOSE Melbourne Reviews:
Chill On
296 Russell St, CBD

Night:Saturday @ Chill On
Short desc.:Ultra cool ice bar. -10 degrees. A real experience
Status:VenueRenamed (Saturday)
DJs:No, but video clips
Dress:Trendy, Smart, Neat Casual, Relaxed
Age group:18-20, 20-23, 23-25, 25-27, Over28
Covercharge:$30 includes entry, jacket, gloves and a drink
Correct at:Jun 26 14 (Max Moose)
Address:296 Russell St, CBD
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Its just so different.
F, Tue Dec 18 01:06:46 2007
Chill On is officially Melbourne's coolest bar! Its an Ice Bar. Its bloody freezing (around -10 degrees) but ever so cool.
When you arrive, you pay and put on the jacket and gloves provided. You then enter the ice chamber.
Everything is made of ice (within reason), from the couch, to the walls, to the glasses, to the thrown, to the carved ice sculptures. There's two areas: the lounge and the bar. At the bar you collect your free drink and can buy more. Ours was a tropical cocktail in an ice glass and you can also do shooters from an ice shottie or through the gun.
It is strictly a bar. There's music from the video clip TV system but you're not going to dance much (except maybe to keep warm). The crowd age varies enormously - its not like a club - but that's not a bad thing.
Its a real experience.
You can only stay in the ice chamber for 30 minutes, but that's enough. Afterwards you can go and thaw out upstairs.
It costs $30 (inc 1 drink) but that's pretty good value for such an experience. We did it for a birthday party with 10 people which was perfect. You have to go and try it out for yourself.

Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Jul 20 08:25:44 2007
Chill On Ice Bar: Melbourne's coolest bar

Chill On is officially Melbourne's coolest bar!

Chill On is an Ice Bar. It was bloody freezing but ever so cool. Everything is made of ice (within reason), from the couch, to the walls, to the glasses. Its around the -10 degree mark but they provide you with gloves and jackets to keep you warm...

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Mini Moose with ice glass
Mini Moose with ice glass
Max Moose, Fri Jul 20 05:54:24 2007