MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Chaise Lounge
Basement, 105 Queen St, Melbourne

very laid back and perfect for just chilling with mates
dianne, Wed Jul 30 21:05:46 2008
fun atmosphere
Danielle, lalor, Fri Oct 5 00:58:38 2007
Just a great time. Love the place
Djaran, South croydon, Fri Nov 26 01:13:39 2004
i reckon chaise lounge is the best out there. music good and boys a fantastic.
keep up the great woprk
helen ligidakis, blackburn south, Tue Oct 19 14:20:12 2004
The atmosphere is exciting. The lighting is effective & the music is
MIRELLA, THOMASTOWN, Wed Apr 9 06:56:38 2003
Back by Popular Demand!
Disco Saturdays @ Chaise Lounge
Old Skool, Rare Groove, Classic House, Disco Moves with a splash of R&B and
We’re going back to basics
Starting this Saturday 23rd November
Front Entry!
Chaise Lounge, Melbourne, Fri Nov 22 05:50:30 2002