MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





557 Lt Collins St, Melbourne

Think it was great because of the selection of tunes and the respectable djs. love live the hard trance/happy hard.
Sam, Melbourne, Sat May 15 02:58:46 2010
renee, werribee, Thu Mar 5 17:31:52 2009
Hard tunes!
Tammy, Thu Sep 25 00:57:38 2008
stop goin now for a few yrs, but bak in the day used to be open from 11pm sat 2 sun 7pm. Can't beat da old skool dayz
dougie, ringwood east, Wed Jul 23 00:20:50 2008
The music just blew me away when Nik Fish used to play there. It was 2001 to 2002 and bubble was the best place in the world
Mark, Dandenong, Fri Jul 18 00:02:39 2008
and at phd. hard trance music, vip rooms free beer and bubbly what else could you want????
kaidie, Sandhurst (carrum downs), Wed Jun 11 00:36:20 2008
I like to go to Bubble because the music is really good.It makes me feel like dancing all night to forget all the stress within a week.
Kelly, Hawthorn, Thu Feb 21 23:28:48 2008
i like it because i kno every1 there and they play all of my favourite songs downstairs and da atmosphere is awesome!!
Rhiannon, mill park, Tue Feb 19 21:13:54 2008
i have got to know a few people over the last 9 mnths wich have helped me learn to dance a bit & itz a great place to forget about a bad week if you had one that is also like famouse & kandy when itz opened
john, Wed Jan 2 14:11:35 2008
the music rocks - tekkaz
L, Tue Nov 20 21:25:03 2007
I heard bubble's meant to be pretty good. Is it?
Ebony, Gippsland, Tue Nov 13 00:29:47 2007
love the music and the shuffle - tekkas, yeah!
rick, Tue Sep 25 16:05:14 2007
great music, great people..... open till late... i just have the best time there
Meghan, brunswick, Thu Sep 13 15:45:14 2007
love the music, people there, dancing
Mike, springvale, Tue Sep 11 23:33:18 2007
It has the best DJ's and the best atmosphere.
Anton, Fri Aug 31 04:02:38 2007
luv the crazy melbourne shuffling going on there
melissa, Wed Aug 22 21:50:58 2007
it rocks because it plays hardsyle and i love the crowd, bubble is the best nightclub around
jess, fitzroy, Fri Aug 10 20:57:31 2007
its good
yuki, stratty, Wed Jul 18 16:56:31 2007
ITS crazzy
AHMED, hawthorn, Tue May 22 22:12:31 2007
the music is ing mad....and upstairs is a good place to chill 4 a bit, and then
head back down for some hardstylezzzzzz =)
Courtney, melbourne, Tue May 1 03:16:51 2007
itz great becoz its full of energy and its full of great people.the music is
mad and u can relax upstairs or go hard down stairs.its a place for evryone
melly, summerville, Fri Apr 6 22:22:36 2007
I've just started as one of there perfonce's dancer's i cant wait every 2nd week
i'll will be there with my dancing attude let's go off BUBBLE
Baby Girl, Mon Feb 5 11:41:42 2007
love HaRd MuSiC
Mick, West Footscray, Fri Jan 5 16:15:44 2007
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- 2nd best tek night

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 07:41:41 2006
Best scene
Jeff, Hoppers Crossing, Wed Nov 29 22:36:34 2006
it goes off
daniel, bentleigh, Sun Nov 26 22:02:26 2006
atmosphear is bublly and music is good
rosy, 3174, Mon Nov 6 15:19:58 2006
i do hahahah luv tyhe music and i love the atmosphere
J, Traralgon, Sat Oct 28 23:06:49 2006
i love the top room because i just get in my zone and dance my ass off!
mirranda, edithvale, Sat Oct 28 00:31:09 2006
Us Frankies totally trpiped out to the spin off last w/e. Awesome night, supreme
vibe!! Guest DJ King Karim span the big jesus outta his set. Kudos to bubble. In
the words of psychotic Cynthia - "it is like totally HOTness!"
Troy n Cynth (kissin' in a tree..), Frankston, Mon Oct 2 16:47:58 2006
Yup yup. This club is cool. The music is awesome and the crowd is real into
dancing. *psychez! calli*: I seen raveboy too! I loooove his hair. Mini afros
rock my world! I hope he's reading this! Does any one know if he works at
bubble, bc he's there a lot! I want his number! Whos da cutiee behind da mask
raveboy?! mwahz girls>!
Fi(mwahz!), Taylors Lakes, Thu Sep 28 19:48:54 2006
i love dancin the nite away to house and hard dance music,the atmosphere is
great and the people are so lively and friendly
l, endeavour hills, Thu Sep 28 03:00:24 2006
The place to be!!! bubble is for the really experienced clubbers who know how to
get majorly pumped ALL nite !! Go the melbourne shuffle!!!! Awesome atmosphere,
awesome people and DJs are masters of the spin. I don't live local but I go
every chance I get! Thatz how much I f**king luv this club!!
Simon, Glen Iris, Mon Sep 25 22:55:09 2006
omg. love this club. best place for the shuffle patrol. we love to kick it out
hardcore here. the girls and i have an awesome time here. the crowd is fast,
enthusiastic and friendly. if you're lucky u can spot the scene team! go
raveboy! ;-)
Calli, Hawthorn, Sun Sep 24 22:14:48 2006
I have been there lots. awesome music, unreal atmoshere. lots of people, great
give aways. great staff.
kristy, warragul, Thu Sep 14 12:38:02 2006
High Energy, Great Music
S, Moonee Ponds, Wed Sep 13 15:07:19 2006
Because they play the best music and there is a good scene. love the crowd and
the time it runs to.
Sally, moorabbin, Fri Sep 1 00:14:49 2006
it's all about music and a good place to be at
craig, bundoora, Tue Aug 29 21:58:41 2006
F*CK YEAH BUBBLE!!!!!!!!!!
Emily, Fri Jun 9 11:05:59 2006
its great music and good to meet friends love to dance and drink heaps
krystal, dandenong, Fri May 19 00:37:48 2006
awsome atmosphere: awsome music: awsome people
yvete, doncaster, Thu Apr 6 20:24:13 2006
good music, choice of hardcore area downstairs to dance, or more chill out
upstairs area.
AnonyMoose, south-east, Sat Feb 25 02:12:14 2006
Max Moose congratulates Bubble Saturday for its results in
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Runner up best tek night.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:25:58 2005
awesome tracks (tek & trance) all night, great atmospere, goes all night long,
can take lots of friends & can wear anything
jazz, montrose, Wed Aug 17 04:41:05 2005
I like to party all night long, enjoy the night out. I like dance, trance music.
Its a great place to have a great night.
Corinne, Cranbourne West, Mon May 2 04:56:41 2005
Good music, in the past there was friendly astmosphere, great dance quality, and
you can wear what you want or dress to impress.
Meg, Northcote, Thu Mar 24 06:02:46 2005
I've been to many nightclubs, but bubble has been by far the best experience.
Week in, Week out it never disappoints. Awesome tracks spun all night (mainly by
dj dean d, he's a god) with great lighting and an awesome atmosphere to kick. I
don't mind the asian crowd cos they usually bring in awesome girls which always
brings a smile to my face. Highly recommended experience if you haven't tried
jason, endeavour hills, Sun Feb 6 18:39:25 2005
BUBBLE ROCKS!! but their occasional "no asians allowed" realli gets to me
Well maybe if they weren't so hostile IN there, they wouldn't have such a thing.
Honestly, if they would just mingle with the crowd instead of having there own
"section" in the club it probably wouldn't be like that. Everyone in there is
always alright and friendly but if I accidentaly bump or get bumped by an Asian
and *I* apologise... they just look at me with a greasy and say nothing, they
give me a look as if they want to kill me.. yet everyone else will also
apologise or just be like "no worries no worries" I'm talking about the asian
'guys' the girls are awesome! Not to mention theres some fine ones in Bubble
usually! But the guys attitudes are pretty f***ed... which is no wonder why they
do that sometimes. My first time there I saw heaps of asians out front and heard
they weren't letting them in, I thought that's pretty s***ty but it only took my
first time there to realise why it was too, which was disappointing.
Oraj, Sunshine, Fri Jan 21 19:42:15 2005
the reasion i like bubble is it is full on hard kore fully sick teckno tunes
and just wicked for going out getting plastered and having a wicked time out on
the town
luke, yarra junction, Thu Dec 2 01:36:38 2004
the place absolutly goes off tap!!
brent, narre warren south, Tue Nov 23 02:13:40 2004
fun, fun and more fun, what else can i say!
Louise, williamstown, Sat Nov 13 21:04:09 2004
it allows me to totally escape from the real world, and still meet interesting
AL, Sale, Tue Nov 9 05:19:08 2004
i like bubble because the club is planed out perfect and the ppl and the dj's
bloody rock the joint, mainly nik fish:-)
robert, shepparton, Mon Oct 18 22:55:20 2004
Cause its plays the best tracks all night long, the lights display is wicked,
and overall just a great place to have a great night.. (MORNING)
Scott, Langwarrin, Fri Oct 1 02:54:45 2004
mad az music and awesome crowds..nik fish rokz
Dhakota, endeavour hills, Thu Sep 30 01:24:18 2004
Mad Crowd Great Beatz All De Time Fun Night Out And Free Champers And Rasberry
Till 12
Dangle, Glen Waverly, Tue Sep 28 01:49:06 2004
great hard techno tunes with awesome regulars such a nik fish make for a top
sam, ararat, Mon Sep 27 15:53:27 2004
BUBBLE ROCKS!! but their occasional "no asians allowed" realli gets to me
because i always rock up with my group of gurls n we're all asian... -_- but
none the less, BUBBLE IS THE BEST!!
Jessica, doncaster, Wed Sep 22 01:35:04 2004
Just absolutely love the rave atmosphere, love anything with rave/house music.
People are great, decent atmosphere, etc.
Stephanie, Altona Meadows, Fri Sep 17 01:43:38 2004
The music is awesome,The crowd is amazing and the dj's are sensational.
Kelly, taylors Lakes, Mon Sep 6 06:58:40 2004
Bubble rocks! I love everything about bubble, the people the atmoshpere
Kim!!, Keysborough, Fri Sep 3 03:52:02 2004
Sat night is the best for techno, great night. Hard Kandy is an aquired taste,
whereever you go all over Melb there are a mixture of nationalities in the
clubs. Please don't go somewhere just because there are older people there or a
certain nationality
Sweetie Pie 78, Warragul, Tue Aug 31 17:44:18 2004
Glow sticks rock! And the mirrors are cool.
Andrew, West Heidelberg, Tue Aug 17 15:33:43 2004
Bubble is a great place, and it has friendly staff. The mirror wall makes it
look bigger than it really is, which is good...
Megan, West Heidelberg, Tue Aug 17 01:41:52 2004
Bubble was awesome. Best club Ive been too. Sensational djs, amazing crowd and
the best music!
Kelly, Taylors Lakes, Fri Jul 23 21:36:24 2004
Bubble was the first rave night club i ever went to... my bf took me out
there... i really enjoyed my time at bubble
Jenny, North Dandenong, Wed Jul 21 01:47:35 2004
the dj music really good techno beat, lots of people on the floor cheerfully
dancing as well as doing the shuffling.
Vinh, mount waverley, Fri May 14 05:50:56 2004
everyone knows how to party hard, including the dj's,it a mad atmosphere
Anon, Tue May 4 06:09:16 2004
Love the music, the atmosphere and the people, i like how its opened untill
later in the day and doesnt start rocken untill later at night so you can go to
another club beforehand. I love watching Nik Fish as well.
Dee, Altona, Thu Apr 29 03:17:30 2004
the people are great, the music is fantastic with some of the best djs in melb
and australia!!
ashlea, frankston, Mon Mar 29 19:14:38 2004
This club just keep gettin better, Heaps of ravers rockin the melbourne shuffle.
Awsome DJ's, MAster Kaos always rips up a nasty set, with sik scratchin and
effects. Also found a new website:
Looks like its gonna be pretty good !!!
greedy g, Franksto, Fri Mar 26 18:50:32 2004
Sat Nov 22 Nik Fish is Back!!
This Saturday Nik Fish is back and will be rocking bubble as only he knows how!!
Playing alongside Nik will be all the awesome Bubble residents - Master Kaos,
Richie Braic, Kat and Dean D. Free champagne for everyone 2-3am.
Bubble, City, Wed Nov 19 10:03:22 2003
hard nrg music, great crowd, large area and the best lighting i've ever seen
Charmaine, Kialla, Mon Jul 28 04:02:02 2003
Cause it hosts wicked DJ's like Bexta, Nik Fish and Jason Midro. Bubble is off
its dial.
Nash Mirabella, Broadford, Tue Jul 15 05:15:13 2003
Always has great dj's, great atmosphere and familiar faces from many raves at
voda phone rod laver n all the nights out we love so much!!!
rob, kilmore, Sat Jul 5 21:10:40 2003
the ppl and atmostpher are out of this world everyone is there to have a good
DP King, Doncaster, Wed Jun 11 06:07:25 2003
Ive just turned 18 a few months ago casino is not my seen,hitting bubble was
the best move i made with my chicki friends, recovery sunday morn is allgood
need 2 make it more often than i do. BUBBLE is da place!!
kylie, Little River, Fri May 30 07:44:27 2003
well bubble rocks its friendly mad dj`s love it.... i love the ppl in there....
erin, reservoir, Mon May 12 05:57:22 2003
Every time I go in i get the biggest buzzzzzzzz
George, Dandenong, Fri May 9 05:19:52 2003
MAX ALIEN (U.K) 26.4
Max Alien is one of the best loved members of the famous U.K based Captain Tin
rib Crew. Max is known as a crowd pleaser that always delivers as awesome set!
His ever-increasing popularity has seen him playing alongside the worlds best
Dj's in Japan, USA and the U.K where he holds numerous club residencies. Max
Alien also has his very successful label "Alien Trax"
Bubble, City, Thu Apr 24 03:11:01 2003
Saturday 19th April
Nik Fish - 3 hour set
Nik is undoubtably the best hard dance Dj in the country and he is heading to
Bubble this Saturday armed with a box of new tunes ready to unleash in a massive
three hour set!! This night will be awesome!!
Bubble, Melb, Wed Apr 16 09:25:34 2003
I love r & b, but after listening to it all night, u need a change and Bubble
certainly does that
Selina, Craigieburn, Thu Mar 27 17:25:43 2003
At Bubble there is no hidden agenda - you are there for the music, the dance and
the experience. Everyone there wants to have fun, people are not interested in
the way they or others look, dress or dance we are there for ourselves!!
Brooke, Wed Mar 26 02:50:05 2003
Love the atmosphere and the people. ITs great music and great rave moves.
Daniel, Clayton, Wed Mar 26 02:48:23 2003
Nik Fish is back this Saturday, March 22.
Also, free DJ lessons 10-11pm, and learn the Melbourne Shuffle. Free before
Bubble, Melbourne, Wed Mar 19 05:59:37 2003
Bexta (Syd) CD launch this Saturday 15.3. 2003 re-issue of Skirmish.
For guestlist simply email your list of names to
and type "guest list" in the subject box by 4pm Friday.
Bubble, Melb, Wed Mar 12 22:54:53 2003
its ravey and is wicked and i LOVE dancing
kate, healesville, Mon Mar 10 21:10:15 2003
the atmosphere, the people the music. i never want to leave once i get there.
its a club you can go 2 without the worry of having sleazy guys round every
corner. it just simply goes off its head.
Audrey, frankston, Mon Mar 10 21:08:09 2003
I'm relatively new to the clubbing scene, however there is no question that
bubble is one hardcore clubbing night. The underground trance pumping
downstairs, the commercial techno/trance upstairs and the lights flashing
everywhere. Everyone at bubble is so friendly. This is one night you wont
Daniel, melb, Sun Mar 2 17:35:22 2003
You have never fully experienced the clubbing scene until you have experienced
bubble. The relax laid back atmosphere is complimented by the hard trance music
that throws energy throughout the rooms. the friendly nature of everyone there
ensures a great night. With a regular like Nik Fish, how could Bubble go wrong??
With an impressive lighting show and a hard NRG, Melbourne shuffle style dance,
this nightclub is not for the light hearted. This is a fantastic club for anyone
who is ready to go out and be pumped up all night, and all morning!!!!
BEXTA #2, MAXMOUSE, Thu Jan 23 04:35:22 2003
Pee Wee Ferris is the major one at bubble this week. You can get on the
guestlist by calling 0418568607 up until saturday afternoon.
Craig, Melb, Fri Nov 29 18:31:09 2002
Does anyone know the DJ lineup for Bubble this week? Anyone have a guest list?
Scott, Thu Nov 28 17:48:15 2002