MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





65-67a Evans St, Sunbury

Attic is a peice of crap now theyv got the new dress code, they rejected over 70 guys on the weekend. Probs so the owners can perve on the 17 year old chicks that go there.....
Jacki, Thu Jul 3 14:17:34 2008
it is local and I enjoy it
TARYN, sunbury, Wed Oct 18 02:40:51 2006
Michelle - Why would u drive all the way to the city when u could drive twice as
far and hang out in a suburb as cool as Sunbury? Its a no brainer. lol
David, Berwick, Thu Aug 3 23:47:03 2006
Funny! Just got a VIP membership card from The Attic... "Why travel all the way
to the city, when Melbourne's biggest Saturday is right at your back door?"
Hmmm... dunno 'bout you, but I always thought South Yarra was closer to being
over my back fence than Sunbury!
Michelle, Narre Warren, Thu Aug 3 20:26:12 2006
Saddle up hombres, next stop-FUNKYTOWN! 2nyt-THE MACHINE.Sat-Fancy
Dress+GLAMAZONS.Sun-PRANK+$20 D/Card b4 11+$1k holiday 2win!
Attic, Thu Apr 13 19:29:34 2006
Attic Saturday nights are so good. Last Friday they had John Course play who was
awesome. Its a really cool venue, not to small and not too big. Cheap drinks,
and Scotty J plays all the best house tunes. Its such a good place especially if
you can't afford or be bothered going into the city. I'll be there tomorrow
Stacey, Sunbury, Fri Mar 31 12:59:42 2006
The boys there are so hot! not to sound all high schoolish, but YUMMY!
Natalie, Deer Park, Fri Feb 24 13:23:08 2006
Heaps of hot guys! Oh my god the guys there are to die for like you wouldn't
AnonyMoose, Deer Park, Thu Feb 23 12:26:51 2006
2005 was big, we want 2006 to be BIGGER.
We are back and ready to rock. Attic Nightclub in Sunbury returns for another
year of partying and mayhem starting this Friday and Saturday night. This year
is full of big and exciting events, from all the Big Brother housemates, loads
of prizes and giveaways, special events/celebrities, and special guest DJ's.
We have tonnes of surprises in store for 2006 and we hope you can join us to
make 2006 a bigger and better year.
Check out our website @
Open every Friday and Saturday from 10pm till late.
Attic Nightclub, Sunbury, Fri Jan 6 16:42:14 2006
went to attic last sat night. i usually go into town, but this place is cool.
its not like a big city nightclub, but it still has a great atmosphere. they
have illusion shakers for 5 bucks which got me plastered, and I had one of the
best nights ever. the dj is awesome and the crowd is extremely friendly. will be
back soon.
Belinda, Taylors Lakes, Thu Dec 8 19:36:17 2005
19.11: Club MAXX
Saturday 19th November 2005
With leading Melbourne DJ Scotty E, teaming up with DJ Scotty J, these two will
lay down the gauntlet to all that enter. DJ Scotty E, winner of the Max Moose
Awards for best DJ in 2005, will appear live playing one his well known sets, as
heard by many around Melbourne. All this and more leading up to bigger and
better things with DJ Duo Smash n' Grab (Andy J & Darren Glenn) appearing live
and playing a 3 hour set on Thursday 22nd December 2005.
Make sure you get yourself down to the Attic next Saturday night for one night
of partying to remember.
Attic Night Club, Sunbury, Sat Nov 12 22:29:46 2005
i agree with anon moose about dj scotty :) haha he's awesome. will miss him much
much muchly when i ain't around... :'( xoxoxox
michelle, sunbury, Thu Oct 13 14:44:05 2005
Awsome DJ... Yay for DJ Scotty J!!!
Anon Moose, Keilor, Wed Oct 12 17:12:39 2005
ben from gisborne obviously doesn't actually live there cos he doesn't know how
to spell it :P busted! back at the attic tonight for LOGAN GREG what a honey,
can't wait! Tomorrow night = grand final night, whether its celebrations or
comiserations come drink to that with us! Also check out the BRAND NEW
renovations this week, more room to party! Catchya there xox
michelle, sunbury, Fri Sep 23 12:26:35 2005
Bree, bussies are the guyz who collect glasses. It is derived from the American
word: "bussboy", which is a term from the days when TV was black and white.
Grant, Wed Sep 21 01:29:22 2005
Hey Michelle who or what are the "Bussies" ??? Some sorta drink or are those the
guys that pick up the empty glasses, coz those guys were HOT! But ne-way great
club, great people, not 2 far- Can't wait to go back ; )
Bree, Woodend, Tue Sep 20 23:15:36 2005
I agree with you Michelle. went there sat night after going to the city for the
last couple of weeks, and i must say this place is crazy. it was huge on sat
night and the crowd was just awesome. the dj's house set was the best, played
all my favs and a few new ones. definitley has to be one of the best places
outside of the city on a saturday night. chicks are hot ! friendly crowd, good
drinks. rocking atmosphere. be back next week. take the drive out to sunbury
ppls and i guarantee u will have a good night
Ben, Gisbourne, Mon Sep 19 18:58:50 2005
sat night went off, max capacity crowd! best set EVER by dj scotty, as promised
;) and love to the cloakroom gal who kept her cool! (bussies were a bit ordinary
though :P). haha love the attic, keep it up
michelle, sunbury, Mon Sep 19 13:04:42 2005
was there 2 wks ago n OMG the boys there are so yummy! got a few numbers that
nite ; ) n 1 hottie wit a jacket over his uniform turned out 2 work there haha
lucky me. the clubs a bit small but its got an awesome city/party feel so u
gotta check this place out
Natalie, Deer Park, Fri Sep 16 18:28:55 2005
saturday nights at the attic go off, the dj kills it...but doesn't quite meet
the supreme talents of the doorgal - the door charge is completely justified!
Bar ppl total cuties too...check it out! Awesome vibe.
a.cooper, sunbury, Tue Sep 13 15:21:19 2005
cheap drinks, special offers, close to home, free transport, good music, nice
people. what's not to love?
kimmii, sunbury, Wed Aug 17 02:19:44 2005
abolsutley awesome night at Attic in Sunbury last night. It was huge, one of the
biggest nights i have seen there. the atmosphere was fantastic and the dj is
sensational. his house set was terrific and an rnb set to match. guys you have
to check out this place. good crowd, good venue and excellent night out. ill be
back next week.
Jaclyn, Essendon, Sun Jul 17 17:47:23 2005
close to home, cheap drinks, special offers, good music
AnonyMoose, Tue Jul 12 06:27:59 2005
going to the attic in sunbury tonight. went there a couple of weeks ago and had
an awesome time, should be good. apparently it was packed at 11.30 last
saturday. music is great, and the chicks are pretty good on the eyes too. glad
there is somewhere other than the city to go to on a sat night.
Dave, Sydenham, Sat Jun 25 18:55:51 2005
went to the attic in sunbury last sat night. it was so bloody good that i am
heading back there tonight. the dj is awesome and plays all the latest rnb and
house. place was packed last week, and sounds like it is busy every sat night.
lots of good looking guys, and girls, so something for everybody, and those
daiquris are yummy. check this place out !!
Kristy, Essendon, Sat Jun 11 20:58:01 2005
Check out the Attic Niteclub in Sunbury. Saturday nights are pumping, with DJ
Scotty playing all the latest RnB, House, Dance and Retro tracks. Great drink
prices all night long, $10 cc, Doors open @ 10pm. Great crowd, great music and
great venue. Check it out !
Attic Niteclub, Sunbury, Fri Apr 22 23:46:38 2005
yeh drink specials...everything!its a great atmosphere! heaps of chicks..
jason, sunbury, Tue Dec 28 20:34:40 2004
i rekon sat nights is the night to be at the attic!!its pretty good!the ppl from
sunbury are pretty good to!!music is awesome..and drinks are cheap!
niki, essendon, Tue Dec 28 20:26:23 2004