MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Area 61
61 Fitzroy St, StKilda

closed now, but used to be best fun, easy goin crowd, good music
Anonymoose, Mon May 25 03:34:34 2009
awsome ppl amd music. heard its closed now.
jess, geelong, Wed Aug 13 19:25:13 2008
Good bars, different levels for different music styles. Has and rnb room!
Mark, Morwell, Tue Feb 19 02:01:50 2008
Fantastic blast !!
Aj, Burwood, Sun Jan 6 23:33:24 2008
good music
Sarah , lilydale, Mon Aug 20 22:14:34 2007
love the music and crowd
jess, 3023, Tue Jul 3 01:46:30 2007
i knew most of the people that used to go there so it was like a big party for
me... i love r&b music so the music there was awsome.
Sarah, Mon May 14 22:01:13 2007
it has 2 levels so that all of my friends can go out and there wont be fights
cause they dont like the music, the variety makes it good, plus i won a limo
ride the other night at Area61
Sarah, Montmorency, Sun Feb 4 16:07:29 2007
Great music, great atmosphere
Joanne, Taylors Lakes, Mon Oct 16 19:57:49 2006
Went there for a friends b'day & had a ball.
There was a DJ called MVC who rocked the placed..I loved his tunes. Should be
more DJ's like that.
Antoinette, Elwood, Mon Oct 9 20:28:55 2006
I love the house music they play, tho ive only been there once i rate it with
one of the best clubs in melb!!
sammy, camberwell, Mon Sep 11 16:47:41 2006
hi i was there last week, youve got to go and check out this dj. cool tunes , i
really like his style. and his hair cut.
sue wilson, kew, Mon Jul 10 18:42:08 2006
This week @ Angelic Saturdays
March 18th
The Ladies takeover...
DJs Sunshine (Revolver), Sara Tone (Q Bar), Queen Zee rocking the main room 'til
Free Entry for ladies before 11 & 1 free drink on arrival.
Party 'til 7am.
Urban talents jack Newman scouting for models so dress to impress ladies.
Area 61, St Kilda, Thu Mar 16 05:16:54 2006
This months fashion parade features the up and coming street wear label
"Dangerous Grounds" paraded by the gorgeous Angelic Summer Model Search
Finalists. The Sexy Jim Beam Party Girls are visiting to give out free Jim Beam
drinks and promo gear. All of this plus the best Rockin House DJ's in town - Dj
Tom Tomich (Superfly Dj's) KD, MVC and the infamous Kane Dignum. Don't forget
the Upstairs Heavenly room starts pumping out the grooviest RnB tracks presented
by DJ CDubb and Teddy B after midnight.
Area 61, Fitzroy, Thu Mar 9 08:53:00 2006
Angelic Saturdays @area61 is the place to be in StKilda with the MAINROOM rockin
to the house/'electro tunes of Kane Dignum, Spacey Space, James Ash (Rogue
Traders) TKO. Upstairs the funkiest r'n'b and DISKO. At area61 Saturdays u get
the best of both worlds music and good looking girls
adam, stkilda, Wed Nov 30 02:33:33 2005
I like an older crowd not just teenagers all the time
Rebecca, Wed Sep 21 18:50:26 2005
The latest and best house tunes playing in the best club around...deepface
playing this sat along side melbournes sexiest DJs...Djtom and Dj gaston playin
a rockin set from us for guest list...c u there...
djtom tomich, narre, Wed Aug 17 21:16:54 2005
great music, great people, great environment.
Nathan, Sun May 1 22:58:10 2005
nice vibe, great people, awes muzic.
Katie, williamstown, Mon Apr 11 17:28:51 2005
Great atmosphere, with great music all the way into the morning. A great place
to meet up with friends.
MuNiR, Endeavour Hills, Tue Mar 1 03:23:31 2005
The first time I went to Area I rocked up at 1:30 and had the time of my life
until i left at about 6 when we got booted. The upstairs was what made it, and
being Greek I loved the music that was played. However, for someone who isn't
Greek, or just dislikes Greek music and Mario's then Saturday at Area isn't for
them becasue they will be confined to the cramped downstairs area for the whole
night. The last time I went was quite disappointing, I got a table early, which
was lucky, and waited for the upstairs to open...and waited...and waited...and
waited some more. A private function resulted in the upstairts opening at about
3, by that time I was already at Frost Bites. I haven't been back since. Anyway,
on its good nights it is quite enjoyable, even though the typical crowd is kind
of superficial and hard to talk to.
Tony Ballis, Oakleigh, Tue Nov 18 18:01:08 2003
sat's rock at area61, can't believe how packed it gets in there sooo early,
upstairs is great if you are euroupian and like greek music, after 1, b4 that
you can bop away at the funky dance tracks, and downstairs playin pop, dance/
top 40, and retro, all night long!!!
albert, moorabbin, Thu Apr 3 11:39:53 2003
Downstairs is good, the crowd is really happy, etc, drunk! It is a good night
though, the music is good, and all my gf's (group of 8) all liked it- which is
somewhat rare as we're all quite different.
Upstairs is even better, until it turns Greek just after midnight sometime,,,,
so the rest of the crowd go downstairs or leave. So there's my goss on that...
Nicole Skorlic, St. Kilda, Wed Mar 26 09:47:25 2003
Good location, funky colours and decorating, places to sit, good size dance
Marnie, Eltham, Fri Mar 14 03:32:56 2003