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Mercury Lounge

Level 3, Crown Complex, Southbank
Night name:Overtime
Music:Bands, Com/Top40, Party/Retro
Short desc.:Built around Crazy Haus, fun and relaxed
Age group:
Correct at:May 15 ’06 (Max Moose)

Adam 12
Max Moose congratulates Mercury Lounge Ugly's Overtime
Monday for its results in the
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Best Monday Night.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:17:48 2005
Adam 12
hey dan.
i heard that adam12 may be taking captain spaldings gig at the elephant and
wheelbarrow on sundays. how would that be, to take spaldings geebung gig and
now their st kilda gig.
Meechayla, it was frostbites decision for adam12 to leave, not adam12's.
steph, berwick, Wed Aug 3 09:01:27 2005
i went to the last mercury gig last night with adam 12. which went off but thats
it for monday nights. they have holidays for 2 weeks then they will possibly
play an extra sunday show check thier website for updates
dan, ringwood east, Tue Aug 2 18:31:33 2005
Adam 12
Hey guys, great night to start the week, Mondays at Merc really go off!!! Cheap
drinks, awesome band and good looking people. Adam12, I reckon most guys want to
be in their shoes, all the chicks go nuts over 'em. Now, I ask you, what more
could a guy ask for eh? ;) Cheers big Ears!
Pete, Kew, Tue Jul 12 15:30:14 2005
the boys in the band are entertaining...and hot. they play a good selection of
music, and a few of my favorites...a good nite all in all
Lauren, Moorabbin, Thu Oct 28 05:37:01 2004
What an awsome nite last night! THe best night out in soooo long! Haven't been
to the Merc for so long and it was fab to see Adam12 again. GOrg boys.
Pauli, Melb, Wed Jul 21 01:49:12 2004
i luv adam 12, there is no cover charge, good drink specials, good crowd.
krystal, macleod, Thu Jun 17 03:07:27 2004
Adam 12 play, and you are guaranteed to have a fantastic night!
Deb, Sydenham, Sat May 15 03:07:39 2004
What better way to start the week, than to head down to the Merc and catch up
with the beautiful boys from Adam12. Such a solid band. Brilliant vocals and
they really are very passionate about what they do, it shows too.
The punters are friendly and easy on the eye ;) as are the wonderful bar stuff.
one in particular, shake that tush baby! ;)
Head down to the Merc and you'll keep going back for more!
Dance with me., South Yarra, Sat May 8 12:10:30 2004
spc, this is not really the best time of year to judge any night. Half of the
regular DJs and crowd at most venues are away at the moment.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Jan 7 03:13:21 2004
I went to Mercury last night, and I must say it wasnt the best night. I do not
know what the DJ was thinking, mixing Wham into hip hop?? And what is up with
Adam 12? They are meant to be one of Melbs best cover bands, but there choice of
covers leaves alot to be desired. Tracks from Pink and Christina were personal
low lights, yet the Offsprings 'Hit That' was one of the best covers I have ever
heard, not too mention their acoustice version of 'Throw you arms around me',
very well done indeed.
And the drink specails were very well received, yet then they turn around and
sting you $4 for a 400ml bottle of water!
It just seems they are trying to hard and not getting anything right.
Overall, dont think I will head back in a hurry.
spc, west subs, Tue Jan 6 19:57:12 2004
January 22, 2001
Note: Adam 12 now head up this gig.

Monday nights at Mercury is the night of CRaZY HaUS, an awesome cover (and original) band that is there on Saturday nights too. They play a wide variety of stuff, from Five, to Blink 182 to Tone Loc.

It is a modest type of crowd, all sorts of ages are there, that all get into the music. It's not difficult, because CRaZY HaUS go off :)

Dress code is very casual at Mercury Lounge any night you go. The average age is 18 and beyond. I've seen 'older' people there from time to time. The crowd arrives about 20 minutes before the band go onstage (11ish), and a majority leave afterwards. Monday nights are pretty busy, but not busy enough to be completely cramped.

Mercury Lounge is relatively tiny. There are tables and a couple of couches lying around, but they get taken pretty quickly. First come, first served. There are three bars, generally only two opened Moday nights, though.

Before and after the band, commercial dance is played. It seems to be the same music every week, unfortunately. Other entertainment was the dancers... really thrilling *note sarcasm*

Prices are good on Monday. Entry is free up until about 11pm, I think, and drink prices are reasonable :)

I wouldn't really go to Mercury Lounge unless CRaZY HaUS was playing. Its not really a night club, its a bar with a live band everynight. Overall, 'Overtime' does go off, the crowd goes off, the band is awesome. Go see CRaZY HaUS because they are fantastic :)

Cassie Browne