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125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
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Correct at:Mar 27 ’06 (Max Moose)

31.10: Midori Party Cup Eve
Good night, not to many teeny boppers/plastic people. The male to female ratio
was way outta whack (male dominated) and the dj's played the same songs over and
over again, but other then that it was fun. A mix of older top 40 type songs and
newer made the club a little more interesting then others, some old fav's were
belted out. Good night out, would go again if the dj's learn the number 1 rule -
don't play the same stuff over again!! :-)
Mel, Thornbury, Wed Nov 2 17:25:00 2005
Mad Mondays
with great drink specials all night
$3 Pots * $3 Champagne * $5 Basic Spirits * $10 Shakers * Free Champagne before
Free Mad Mondays Wheel Spin
Paper, Rock, Scissors
Purchase a $30 Drinkcard for $20
Keg party Mon 8th March. AFL, NBL Players Party Mon 12th April.
Icon, City, Fri Mar 5 04:38:22 2004
Icon presents:
Mad Mondays
...with great drink specials all night
$3 Pots * $3 Champagne
$5 Basic Spirits * $10 Shakers
Free Spin of the Mad Mondays Wheel
Purchase a $30 Drinkcard for $20
Back to UNI Parties
O Week drink specials
Keg party Mon 1st March
Keg party Mon 8th March
AFL, NBL Players Party
Mon 12th April - Drink with your fave player! Heaps of Footy and Basketball
Icon, City, Fri Feb 27 06:23:18 2004
Valentine’s Warm Up Party this Mad Monday Feb 9
Icon presents:
Valentine’s Day Warm Up Party @ Mad Mondays this Monday February 9
The ladies receive free Champagne on arrival between 9 and 10pm
PAPER, ROCK, SCISSORS 9:30 ‘til 10:30pm. Come play the bar staff at P.R.S. to
WIN your drinks for FREE. Plus our awesome drink specials all night with $3
pots, $10 shakers and $5 spirits. Smile!
Free Spin of the Mad Mondays Wheel when you purchase a $3 pot or glass of
Plus you can purchase a $30 drink card for $20!!
For further information please call Brett Rainbow on 9650 9377 or 0416 163 985
Icon - 125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Ph: 9650 9377
Icon, City, Sat Feb 7 04:52:05 2004
The last Mad Monday before Christmas was a huge night out. My crew all had a big
one. The crowd came in after 11, peaking at midnight and sticking around.
Everyone was in fantastic spirits, making for a great atmosphere and a good
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun Dec 28 07:00:09 2003
Johnny reliably informs me that tonight for the Icon Mad Monday Christmas Party
the $1 pots and champagnes are back on between 8-10pm. He has heaps on NBL and
AFL players dropping in, and hopefully Santa. It's a great time to party, so
we'll be there!
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Dec 22 08:35:33 2003
Oh yeah. Results out for many today. Good luck one and all. If you're looking
for somewhere to celebrate tonight, I'd suggest Icon. They're holding a results
party. Not sure what all the specials are, but $2 pots feature strongly, but who
cares, its a good night out.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Dec 15 07:04:33 2003
Due to the heat, or something, it was a touch quiet early with, but fired up
nicely. Guys, you're missing out! It was at least 70% girls at 10.30 but
balanced out.
Great type of crowd and atmosphere again. I'm really enjoying the night right
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Dec 12 08:56:46 2003
Icon Monday is the final Melbourne Alive Party (no.11 Australia's Party Season)
Monday @ Icon
Final Party (no.11) tonight Monday (8.12)...
We got the party started! Party season is in full swing until Christmas Eve.
However, the three weeks of Melbourne Alive finish tonight with a bang...
We’re back where it all began, our favourite Monday, Mad Monday @ Icon. For the
Melbourne Alive Grand Finale (not the Mad Monday finale - its kicking along)
we’re offering most of the mad drink specials from the now infamous keg party,
including: $2 Carlton Draught & VB pots, $5 basic spirits and $10 Midori
shakers, and if you mention this Email, guestlist entry price of $5.
To top it off, the theme for the week is the Schoolies Extension Party. That’s
right, students have been asking for extensions all year, so we’re extending
Schoolies Week by giving away over $200 worth of drinkcards to people dancing on
the bar to DJs playing all your favourite top 40 commercial dance, RnB & retro
The last few weeks have been awesome. We’ve had the All Blacks, AFL guns, NBL
stars and cricket legends, but more importantly, thousands of Melbourne’s most
fun loving party animals!
Melbourne Alive / Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Dec 8 06:52:15 2003
Bn 2 the last couple of Mondayze at Icon and I have 2 say its gr8! Luv winning
drinks 4 dancing on the bar and the muzik haz bn awsum! The boyz r ok 2. Come
join me there this Monday. xx
Sarah, Fri Dec 5 12:36:45 2003
Schoolies week hit Icon fairly hard on Monday (everyone has gone to the Gold
Coast or Phillip Island), but it was a great type of crowd. It wasn't as big as
last week, but was bigger than the week before, and just as much fun!
It is an exceptionally friendly crowd in there. By the end of the night I knew
so many of the people there by name!
Anyway, the schoolies are back in town for next Monday, when Icon is holding a
Schoolies week extension party! With several uni functions booked and a growing
core of regulars, this Monday will be one to check out.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Dec 4 09:35:20 2003
Absolutely brilliant night at Icon on Monday! It was as good as full before I
arrived at 11.30 and stayed that way until after I left at 2.
Awesome atmosphere. People dancing on bars, making the most of the keg party
offer, and just generally getting into it. Plenty of the favourites from Bobby's
were in, and according to Clayton: "its easily the best Monday since Bobby's".
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Nov 27 06:46:29 2003
Icon was brilliant on Monday for the Melbourne Alive Launch Keg Party. Easily
the biggest and best crowd I've seen out on a Monday (other than Cup Eve) since
Bobby's departed.
Great atmosphere, with dancing on the bar, the beer keg/champagne cards, general
cheap drinks, great party tunes, and really friendly people (including some of
the All Blacks and some Max Moose readers from the US and Germany!). This is my
new Monday!
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Nov 21 08:30:43 2003
Maxy baby, nice work with the promo at Icon tonight. You can't go wrong with $1
beers! The last few weeks have been great there. It's the next best thing to
Greg, Hawthorn, Mon Nov 17 10:18:41 2003
It begins tonight...
Mad Monday @ Icon Bar
K E G P A R T Y ! ($10 4 10 or $7 4 5 beers & champagnes)
Let the party begin! (and in style)
Tonight sets the scene as we live an American teen-movie with an almighty KEG
PARTY! Just $10 buys you 10 pots from the keg or 10 champagnes. Alternatively,
it is 5 champagnes or 5 pots of C.U.B. refreshment for $7. Offer valid until
midnight. $5 VIP entry all night if you mention this Email. There will also be a
massive Midori promo, and a great party atmosphere.
Plus all the weekly fun of Mad Mondays, with paper rock scissors for drinks 8-
10, $10 shakers and $5 spirits 10-3, dancing on the bar, and great party tunes.
Check our photos page for people having fun at Icon’s Mad Mondays.
Melbourne Alive / Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Nov 17 07:07:20 2003
Mad Mondays End of Exams
this Monday November 10 (and 17 & 24 too)
Smile!!! Your exams are ending. Come join THE PARTY at our end of exams
extravaganzas. They are spread over three massive nights: November 10, 17 & 24.
To make sure that nobody misses out, we are offering the maddest drinks specials
and the craziest Top 40 Dance, RnB & Retro Tunes all night.
PAPER, ROCK, SCISSORS 8 ‘til 10. Come play the bar staff at P.R.S. to WIN your
drinks for FREE then enjoy the extended happy hour from 10 ‘til 3 with $2 pots,
$10 shakers and $5 spirits. Smile!
These will be highly popular nights so... make sure you and your friends jump on
the guestlist to receive VIP entry and a complimentary pot of CARLTON DRAUGHT on
arrival before 10pm.
Email all guestlists and enquiries to
Coming soon: CHAMPAGNE & BEER KEG PARTIES! To find out more contact Johnny White
on 0405 767 475 during business hours.
Icon, City, Sun Nov 9 12:39:48 2003
Icon looked like it had been the pick for Cup Eve (and Brett's going away
party)! Huge queues from early on. It was still big at 4am when I finally
arrived. All the right people too. A combination of our favourites from Bobby's
and Star. You can't go wrong with that!
Dancing on the stage, conga lines, party, party, party. The DJ did a great job.
An altogether brilliant atmosphere.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Nov 6 06:01:48 2003
Icon wasn't bad on Monday. It's not Bobby's, but nowhere will be, although most
of the crowd were Bobby's regulars. It is better than the others out there
because the music and crowd is better. Even the F4 crowd came in after it
Sarah, Berwick, Fri Oct 31 12:07:12 2003
Not a bad launch at all for Mad Monday. They chose a difficult week to launch
with so many studying, but the crowd was pretty good. Certainly a lot of the
right familiar faces about, and the right look.
Great atmosphere. Bar dancing, laybacks, a flaming bar, party tunes, and a great
collection of people. Just wait to see the photos 8-). Can't wait for Cup Eve. I
think this just might be the Monday we've been looking for. Get on board folks.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Oct 30 08:14:43 2003
Icon is set to introduce Mad Mondays from next Monday. I am confident that this
will be a great night. $2 pots, $10 shakers and $5 basic spirits. Paper rock
scissors for free drinks before 10pm. Top 40, dance, pop, RnB, and retro for the
musical accompaniment. The guys running it are familiar to Bobbys and Star
Sunday, and are going to have some standards at the door. The venue is in the
right location and has the right atmosphere, complete with dancing on the bar.
Check it out.
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Wed Oct 22 05:50:28 2003