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S.I.N.: Service Industy Night




Level 3, Crown Complex, Southbank
What service is he providing?

Last Monday nite Monash University booked out 3rd level Crown for the annual
piss-up. Didn't disappoint. Excellent nite although all three clubs were
absolutely chokkas to the extent where moving around was a challenge. Heat was
good all night, Mercury was tip-top upstairs and once Odeon got rid of the cover
band a good three hours of tekkies followed. All around, a good night, I really
recommend it to everyone next year. (You dont have to be a Monash student to
Tony B, Oakleigh, Sun Feb 29 21:01:20 2004
Been goin to Heat on Monday nights recently. Very good for a night where not
much happens. It's RnB all nite, and even though I don't like that type of
music, it was still pretty good (a very good crowd). Not very busy, free entry
b4 11 and relatively cheap drinks.
Aki, Oakleigh, Wed Jan 21 15:20:19 2004
October 1, 2001
SIN Mondays have totally changed since I last went 4 months ago. The Main Room is just one big party room. Drinks are cheaper than all the other nights and the music is made up of mainly top 40 and nu skool funk. It's a mix between uni students and people who work in the service industry. The dress code is relaxed on mondays so you can wear cool street runners and tee shirts. During the night they where giving out drinkcards to people who played up in the cage and gave out a wicked prize, a room for two at crown towers. While the other room, the cocktail bar opens at 11 and plays a mix of funky and progressive house tunes. This was a great room once I had picked up a girl in the main room as their is alot of couch space if u know what I mean!!!! I found the staff to be very nice, it's the best night I've had for a while now.

James Hartlock
December 1997
I did not expect much from S.I.N., but was pleasantly surprised, because this night really delivers. They stick to Heat’s specialty: heavy house and dance.

The crowd reflects this and is fairly typical of Heat, with a strong European flavour, although it is a little more mixed than normal. Being a service industry night, the crowd is fairly sociable, although perhaps not quite like Bobby McGee’s. In fact, it is like a harder core dance equivalent of Bobby McGee’s, without the entertainers (even the names are similar). The night I was there was very busy, but it was the start of uni holidays, and Tatou was not so recognised. They arrived early, stayed late, and drank hard, despite the drink prices. Entry prices, however, are good, and memberships are attainable.

For those who have not been to Heat it has three rooms, and a viewing deck. There is a large lounge bar with spectacular river views, a quiet chill-out room, and a dance room, with a sunken dancefloor surrounded by walkways including the viewing platform. Aside from drinking, dancing, and watching there is no other entertainment, but the lightshow is very impressive.

If you are into house music, this is a pretty fair night.

Ben Clissold <