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Should clubs provide free water?



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Big win for the drug dealers
John, Tue Mar 2 22:25:42 2010
$10 for a water is just rude. I think free water will help a bit.
Christie, Tue Mar 2 16:32:45 2010
I work in security. Most kids are as well behaved as they used to be but the bad kids are worst than ever. They used to have a push and shove and move on. Now they fight until someone is badly hurt. They don't get boundaries. They aren't learning about boundaries at school. The schools need to be fixed to sort out these kids.
Sam, Tue Mar 2 08:46:24 2010
Until we get rid of Brumby nothing will happen. Then get rid of McLelland and Overland.
Ted, Tue Mar 2 08:42:02 2010
I'm surprised you ran with this topic Ben. It doesn't portray nightclubs in a good light. Let's face it, violence is happening everywhere under this Governemnt, not just in clubs. Making clubs give away free water ain't going to have any impact. Locking up violent thugs would be a start.
Chloe, Tue Mar 2 08:40:05 2010
Free water. Cool!
Cheapskate, Tue Mar 2 08:33:45 2010
My friend got bashed - unprovoked (well, sort of). Nobody should cop that. I don't tink free water would of changed that. I'm glad soemone is trying something but free water seems to simple to work.
Sherry, Tue Mar 2 08:24:55 2010
What gives the Government the right to tell me to charge nothing for something that costs me money? The Government has lost it. The problem is idiots. They come in as idiots and we have to deal with them. Punish idiots and they might learn to behave.
Club Owner, Tue Mar 2 08:17:12 2010
Come on ppl. Water is too expensive in clubs
Taryn, Melbourne, Tue Mar 2 08:06:01 2010
I like it - a cheap night out.
Jody, Tue Mar 2 08:02:50 2010
I had not thought about the drug angle. That is a bit scary. It is just about cheaper to take drugs than drink alcohol.
Kelly, Endeavour Hills, Tue Mar 2 08:01:35 2010
Yeah, free water in clubs isn't going to stop the violent tools. Irfan is right... you wouldn't put free water in all the other places violence is happening - at the footy, at Hungry Jacks, on trains, etc, etc, etc.
Simone, Kew, Tue Mar 2 07:58:28 2010
Is he going to have a water cart follow every Indian student next too? Idiot!
Irfan, Footscray, Tue Mar 2 07:55:38 2010
If someone from the Government actually went clubbing they might have some idea.
"Here *insert violent friend's name*. Relax, have a water. It's free." Hmmm. :-S
Steve, Cobram, Tue Mar 2 07:53:00 2010
At least he's trying. It won't make any difference but he's trying.
Tracy, Altona, Tue Mar 2 07:50:04 2010
Yeah, giving some violent idiot free water is going to stop him whacking someone. Does Brumby live in Melbourne? Does he live on planet Earth?
Paul, Carnegie, Tue Mar 2 07:48:10 2010
Alcohol prices up, drugs effectively cheaper. :-/
Suzie, Caulfield, Tue Mar 2 07:45:45 2010
Great policy!
Drug Dealer, Tue Mar 2 07:43:56 2010
Herald Sun article on the topic
Max Moose, Melbourne, Tue Mar 2 07:42:12 2010
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Max Moose, Melbourne, Tue Mar 2 07:37:47 2010
This has real pros and cons. Let us know what you think...
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Mar 2 07:19:59 2010