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Cnr Nepean Highway & South Rd, Moorabbin

hey guys ok me and all the girls r coming down to wax to shake our groove thing
sooo ppl come if u wanna see hot chicks shaking there asses get ur ass down to
wax it's a madd place! see u there this week
mellissa, cheltenham , Wed Jan 26 11:06:14 2005
Hey guys yes this is true the numbers have been very poor at Wax of late. Over
the last 12months we have had nearly 100,000 people come though our doors to
party with us. I hope you all spread the word that nothing has changed other
than now it is the Safest club in Melb with Metal Dectors in place. I hope to
see that some of you guys that have wrtten such positive msg's on here in the
past come down and help us move forward. We know how to show you a good time so
guess i will see you all this Fri nite DJKeith
Wax, Morrabbin, Sat Jan 22 23:15:36 2005
ok guys & girls.we went 2 wax last nite havn't been for over a month and what is
going on?? we love wax but there was a total of 25 ppl when we arrived at 12!
GET YOUR FREAK ON please! safest club now with metal detectors & security dont
ruin a great club JGO GO GO....
i love wax, Sat Jan 22 10:15:44 2005
hey guys i'll be there havent been for a while i hope everyone comes this week
coz i love comming to wax soo yer why not see u guys there this week
luke, fragga, Mon Jan 17 03:03:55 2005
Make sure you guys come down checkout Wax this week got huge drink special for
our Back to Work Party.... Your fav DJ's will be playing all your fav tracks all
nite. See you there!!!!
Wax, Morrabbin, Thu Jan 13 14:38:57 2005
Hey guys come down to wax for a new year's u wont forget White and Silver is the
$15 door entry
and if half of you r outfit is white or silver u get a $20 Dollar drink card on
arrival our local dj's will be battling it out on stage soo BE THERE!
Wax, Moorabbin, Tue Dec 28 19:51:57 2004
WAX , Fri Dec 24 14:43:00 2004
JAKE, moorabbin, Tue Dec 21 22:47:31 2004
Hey omg bros went to wax last friday place is back n pumping i'm telling ya now
next wekk u boyz have gotta come down there having the FHM modle's down there
hosting christmas eve and they said heaps of cheap drinks bros u gatta come down
this is a must!
sam, mentone, Sun Dec 19 18:52:31 2004
Hey guys i hear that Wax has its 1st birthday on 2nite. They have FREE boozo 9-
10pm dont know whats what but sounds good to me!!! See ya there
keith, frankston, Fri Dec 17 17:08:15 2004
WAX, MOORABBIN, Tue Dec 14 14:09:11 2004
Hi guys this week at Wax we celebrate our 1st Birthday. Heaps of cheap drink
giveaways all night. Make sure you all come down to help us celebrate!!
Wax, Morrabbin, Wed Dec 8 07:05:35 2004
Hi guys i thank you for all your lovley comments about Mark and Wax. I can say
that we have moved forward with impoved security. We will have metal dectors is
place as of this Fri night. As a very close friend of Marks i hope that you all
come down this Fri and celebrate his life. I hope to see all you guys there!!
Its my birthday weekend so come down email me for guestlist
DJKeith, Morrabbin, Thu Dec 2 15:03:54 2004
hey sup , went to wax on sat saw grinspoon what a mad nite they said that there
opening on a weds do any of u guys no about it? and any of you's goin down on
friday ?
chris, mentone, Wed Dec 1 18:23:33 2004
hey guys look i know being marks friend that he loved wax and i'm sure he would
want every one to be there on a friday night look guys like asha said dont let
one guy stop you coz the club is really safe and it would be gr8 to see everyone
there next friday night !! i'll be there
sammie, sandy , Sun Nov 28 11:36:26 2004
Maybe its time for Melbourne's clubs to consider installing metal detectors.
I've been to clubs all over the world, and its fairly normal everywhere else to
have to go through a metal detector on entry, even at Ministry of Sound. Whilst
it is a bit strange the first time, at least you know you're safer inside. They
do it at Blitz and nobody complains, in fact, most people see it as a positive.
Asha's right, we can't let one person destroy it for everyone, but maybe the
industry can act to try to prevent these situations in the future. Generally, I
think safety in clubs is much better than it was five to ten years ago, but
there's always room for improvement. We might do a bit of a poll on the Egroup
to see what you guys think.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun Nov 28 03:38:43 2004
it was sad what happened but don't let one crazy person stop you from going to
one of melbournes best clubs. that means they win!!!!! and spoil it for everyone
else. security has been stepped up so it is and always been very safe place.
come on guys lets get back!!!!!!!!!!!! go wax you rock
asha, cheltenham, Sat Nov 27 12:15:01 2004
As you all have heard we had a very sad night at Wax on Friday. I lost a very
special friend who loved the club more than anything. Mark was one of the nicest
people i have ever known an think myself lucky to have known him as a friend. He
always welcomed me with a happy smile and a warm hug. We will be open this Fri
night and dedicate the night to Mark. I will be holding a minute silence
followed by his Fav song. I am just glad that this person that did this have
been cought. I hope to see alot of friendly faces there this Fri nite to
celebrate Marks life at the one place he loved so much. DJKeith
DJKeith, Morrabbin, Tue Nov 23 13:02:52 2004
ey whats up went to wax last night and it went off great music to start off the
night and great cheap drinks there are heaps of hott chicks there 2 man u guys
at wax know how to throw a great night keep the good stuff up!!!
sam , bentleigh, Sat Nov 13 21:58:48 2004
DJ Phil G rocks Wax every Friday night! The club would be nothing without him!
Luke, Essendon, Sun Oct 17 22:12:35 2004
wax last nite wnt offffffff! itz da best local club, hot music, hot atmosphere n
most ov all, FARKN HOT CHICKS! didnt see no fashion parade tho n did ne1 c da
blonde chik in da bright skirt? ne1 knowz her name tell mei!!! latahhhz
matto, parky, Sat Oct 16 11:45:07 2004
B-Train... Dont really know where you get the music thing from?? The main room
in mainly RnB all nite. T & Sim well thanks for your comments. 2nite we got a
fashion parade which will be awesome hope to see you guys down there!!
Wax, Moorrabbin, Fri Oct 15 17:26:24 2004
I have been to Wax about 5times and everytime i've had an awesome night!!
B-Train you must have just gone on a s**t nite.. Duno wat u talkin bout! the
music is always varied.... Its cheapa then most places on a Fri nite 2!! Gr8
place to go on a FRI nite!!!! Guess we wont b seeing u there B-Train... No
loss.. if u dont like it that much!!
Sim, Thu Oct 14 13:21:40 2004
B-Train, u obviously went on a night when me and my girls didn't go cause there
would have been talent there then. Wax is good!!!!
T, Thu Oct 14 12:13:22 2004
I think wax is really bad, went to it, too packed, too many dago's trying to out
do each other, too many fights, no cheap bevy's, girls arn't good and music is
straight off "ministry of sound" is no good...
B-Train, Ormond, Thu Oct 14 10:23:25 2004
Wow that was some serious dedication from Sally_Sue traveling all that way.
Email me tell me your thoughts. Glad you liked the club!!! This week @ Wax got a fashion parade on another big nite
Wax, moorrabbin, Sat Oct 9 12:22:09 2004
I travelled all the way over the bridge to cum to this club cuz i heard it was
da bomb. You all proved to me just how cool it is. Im annoyed there wasnt any
glitter foam name cut outs of "WAX" anywhere though....:(
Sally-Sue, Caroline Springs, Thu Oct 7 12:10:57 2004
Hey guys just a quick up date on WAX. Still going stong last Friday was awesome.
Little slow to start with the warm weather coming but man did it finish strong.
Closed with almost a full room. Heaps of events coming up with local Breakers
and Hip Hop shows on the way.... Stay tuned for dates!!
Email for enquires or guest list
WAX, Moorrabbin, Wed Oct 6 14:50:39 2004
Hot guyzz, rockin music, great place to meet new ppl
Mel, Dandenong North, Wed Oct 6 03:11:16 2004
hey guys had an gr8 time last friday so much fun n no fights.there were hot guys
there too... so ill see u guys there on friday
sally, mentone, Thu Sep 23 12:33:43 2004
went there last nite, the place went orrrrrfffffff! hot chicks chicks chicks
everywhere, was a gr8 nite all round... def cuming back nxt friday! the chicks
were madddddddddddd
paulo, brighton east, Sat Sep 18 17:51:00 2004
Well I was at Wax last nite the place was pumping. Again the place was full
by 11:30 with massive cue's hey
to get in. This place has really turned into the
place to be on a Friday nite. Awesome crowd inside the place... and if u wanna
see a good fight go there gr8 one last friday night took up the hole dance floor
but secturity then stoped it n we went on partying the whole night all n all i
had a gr8 time n i'll be coming back next friday
seb, cheltenham, Fri Sep 17 12:07:30 2004
went to wax last friday night defently a yes to this friday good service n good
music just an all round good atmosphear.on of the biggest friday nights keep p
mandy, cheltenham, Thu Sep 9 20:25:08 2004
just on lukes thing i agree with him tottaly wax is a gr8 place to go for all us
young ones.There is heaps of good music 3 bars n 2 dance floors n security
underground car park. like luke said NO UNDERAGE!!!!!!!!
michael, sandy, Fri Sep 3 19:37:49 2004
hey going to wax 2 night as i had the best time last week all you guys should go
hottist place to go forallus youngings and best part NO underage kids
luke , moorabbin, Fri Sep 3 19:20:28 2004
one word MAD! heaps of fun and a nice clean crowd massive place! keep the good
stuff up cy ya next week
lilly , sandy , Wed Aug 25 13:20:18 2004
hey yer guys wax is MAD going there 2night crowd is gr8 big open spaces 2 dance
floors n 3 bars c ya guys there! be there or be square
sam, mentone , Fri Aug 20 11:17:17 2004
hey whats up wax is the joint to be if ur wanting to have a good time on a
friday night! just get there early coz i was in a line for ages wich sux ...
other than that had a good time gr8 music n chep to get into soo come on down c
u guys there next week
isabell, mordy , Sun Aug 8 19:52:03 2004
Yeah wax is pumping Fri nites are massive doing over 1200ppl. Great music great
crowd all you should come check it out.
Email me for guest list and parties
nugget, Morrabbin, Thu Aug 5 16:36:43 2004
WAX is the newest place to go for a great night on a Fri nite!! If you like
alota R&B this is the place for you, safe patrolled carparking
(Underground&outside) cheap entry, heapsa room to dance and if your drinking
there are 2 bars downstairs and 1 upstairs if u in2 Techno music..... Cya there
this Fri.....
Simone, Wed Aug 4 10:53:46 2004
Awesome club, great guys, great gurls, great music, definitely a great Friday
night out, line can get a bit long but it's worth it
Liz, Hampton, Wed Jul 21 20:53:16 2004
wax is the place to be went last friday night and the crowd just keeps getting
bigger and the music is gettin better i think it could be turning into the next
heat hear is a good tip get there early or other wise u'll be in a line 4 ages
hey do any of u guys think the cloak room chick is hott?
daniel , Cheltenham, Tue Jun 29 09:07:23 2004
Does anyone know if wax is any good fri nights?
Haru, Sat Jun 5 14:48:25 2004
Hey guys Friday was a huge sucess (except for a small technical problem). Crowd
was huge stuck around all night. Stage looked great thanks to Eddie... We have a
new format starting this week. Main Room 9 - 11 Phil G 11-close Keith Clarke
playing RnB all night with a touch of house. Upstairs 10-12 Gordon 12-close Tom
Miljko playing the best funky and uplifting house.Great ready for some big names
to appear soon!! Email me if any questions on
Wax, Moorabbin, Mon Apr 19 08:07:29 2004
This Friday Wax's DJ's battle it out on stage. Get in early to check out Phil G
vs Kindred. Followed by Tom Miljko vs Keith Clarke.. Local boys 'Kozarackus'
break dance show on stage. Great drink speacials.. Its going to be a huge nite
get in early to avoid que!!!
Wax, Morrabbin, Tue Apr 13 12:48:49 2004
Outstanding new club, well worth the effort in travel. This place has the nicest
layout ive everseen.
Matt, Mitcham, Fri Apr 2 16:02:11 2004
Wax (Nepean Hotel) is going off on Friday's. Has pretty much murdered the
'Sandy'. Great crowd, great atmosphere, good mix of music and nice clean (and
large!) club in general. Thumbs Up!
Simon, Frankston, Wed Mar 24 01:34:56 2004
Wax is mad! Deffiantly the place to be on friday nights. Get there early though
otherwise you will be queing up for ages which is a pain in the arse.
roxy, Highett, Sun Mar 7 16:48:25 2004
went last friday to wax...very cool and revamped environment with the dj playing
a mix of rnb/hiphop & dance. go early tho if you dont want to queue up for ages.
cass, frankston, Wed Mar 3 13:52:20 2004
Went to Wax on Friday Night, it was great apart from the long wait in the line!
Good mix of music and service, defiantly will go again.
Sarah , Berwick, Mon Mar 1 14:48:16 2004
Dropped by Wax for the first time to take a look for myself. Its not bad,
actually its quite good.
I only ever went to Trannies a couple of times, and it hasn't been totally
revamped, but refreshed enough. However, the great sunken dancefloor, podiums,
stage, and so on remain.
The crowd wasn't bad. Because the queue was lengthy, I expected it to be even
busier, but it was fairly packed anyway. Most are aged 19-24, dress is
smart/neat casual (encouraging number of shirts).
Music isn't bad either. It is very commercial and pop based early, but swings a
touch housier late. The dancefloor was packed.
It was nice to find a decent new experience. Good atmosphere and crowd. Worth a
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Feb 26 04:51:55 2004
That is true the Friday night is just getting bigger and bigger. We have found
the right blend of all music to keep everyone happy. Kitz drinks specials there
is not really much on. Email me i will be able to look after you...
Wax, Morrabbin, Tue Feb 3 07:59:51 2004
omg! waxx has turned into the local for me! every friday night goes off!Great
music! you don't hear much about the drink specials though. if anyone knows
about em' please tell me. thanks! GO... you will have a great time!
kittz, carrum, Mon Feb 2 12:33:47 2004
Well was at Wax last nite the place was pumping. Again the place was full house
by 11:30 with massive cue's to get in. This place has really turned into the
place to be on a Friday nite. Awesome crowd inside the place... Is open Sunday
nite Aust Day Eve with all same Dj's as Friday nites.
yeah yeah, morrabbin, Sat Jan 24 17:37:57 2004
A quick check tells us that almost every comment about Wax so far has come from
the same IP address. That's kind of unusual for a big new venue.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Jan 19 06:00:27 2004
huge night at wax last nite (becoming the biggest friday in melbourne) full
house at midnight, great tunes, plenty of space, great atmosphere and great
people. and its only gonna get bigger..just need to look around and c that all
other venues in the area are dead friday nite. wax is THE place
magoo, Bentleigh, Sat Jan 17 14:31:35 2004
Went to see Tim Deluxe on Friday. The place was absolutly pumping. The music was
spot on all night. The crowd was just asking for more. Tim Deluxe came on and
just rocked the place. The upstairs area was open with awesome house music
there. I will be back for sure this week...
mark, cheltenham, Mon Jan 12 08:01:52 2004
Hi guys just to let you all know this Friday we have world famous DJ 'Tim
Deluxe' playing live at WAX. You all know that song 'just wont do' with the
girls in the bikini's in video clip. It will be a massive night so make sure you
all get down early. Our regular resident DJ's will be playing also. I would like
to say to you Renae come down as my guest we will look after you. Email me
WAX, Moorabbin, Wed Jan 7 08:58:28 2004
Hey guys just a quick note to tell you all what has been happening. We have been
enjoying huge numbers since the opening. The music has been a little up in the
air with the dealy of our up stairs room which i can say will be open this week.
More RnB in the main room with great house tunes upstairs. Make sure you all
come down check it out. Be early as the place gets pretty full early...
Keith, frankston, Tue Dec 30 14:01:07 2003
Went to check out WAX the place rocks. I think everyone should get down there to
see for them selves. Cant wait till the upstairs room is open...
nick, bentleigh, Tue Dec 9 14:17:14 2003
I went to the long awaited opening of Wax and i tell you what it was well worth
the wait.The place looks great the bar staff look awesome in their uniforms. The
music was spot on with heaps of RnB to warm us up the some Commerical Dance
followed by some cool house stuff. The crowd was rockin well into the small
hours. There is some really cool spots to hang with friends in the room. I
sujest if you didnt make it down on the weekend you all get down soon and check
it out for your self...
blown away, frankston, Tue Dec 2 15:17:58 2003
Who is going to the opening of Wax this Friday night? They have got a good line
up with the music some big name city Dj's aswell as our Fav local Dj's. I will
be down there with bells on. I hear the room looks awesome.
marky, seaford, Wed Nov 26 11:16:09 2003