MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Viper Room

373 Chapel St, Prahran
Night name:Temple
DJs:Kat, Shaun Reed, King Karim, Robert Anthony, Lisa Carrick, Mike Felks and guests
Music:House, Techno
Short desc.:Infamous dance party, pounding basslines, techno
Age group:
Correct at:Apr 20 ’09 (Max Moose)

i loved to dance there. its a pity its closed
melissa, toorak, Thu Feb 12 20:32:41 2009
How's viper doing lately.
MALISSA THOMPSON, SOUTH YARRA, Wed Jan 21 16:30:27 2009
i love all the music and lights people going off there heads drinking having fun party hard.
Charlene, St Albans, Mon Apr 28 00:27:00 2008
Uplighting music, good looking people, older age group
Sue, Dandenong, Wed Dec 20 03:55:01 2006
Open all night, good music and never had a bad night. People are friendly to.
Andrew, Eltham, Sat Nov 18 02:46:07 2006
The best night club I've ever been to, I call it my second home. Everyone's
friendly and the dance floor goes OFF! The dj's rock, and even the bouncers look
after you. I'm always meeting great people there
Dimitti, Lalor, Sat Nov 4 20:53:22 2006
i love the music
adam, ballarat, Fri Oct 20 15:27:49 2006
I love dancing, especially to Hard NRG, which they play a lot of on a Friday
night at Viper. The croud is glam and music rocks.
Samantha, Greensborough, Thu Jul 20 19:28:25 2006
in all honesty this is the best club in melbourne. ive been going here for ages
now and in all honesty its way ahead of its competition on friday night. next
best thing to zos easily and alot better than evolution on saturday
kosta, oakleigh, Thu Jul 13 06:45:43 2006
Awsom music, hypo crowd
Danni, Thu Jun 15 00:58:24 2006
Been going to Viper for about 3 years - at one stage every friday for 6 months.
What can i say, it my fav club, home club. Never had a problem there, never seen
any violence. Never been rejected at the door (and i am NOT a hawty). Some may
find the music a little hard but frankly the DJ's there I think are melbourne
Courage, Fri May 19 13:06:42 2006
14.04: Warp Brothers Live
Firday: German superstars WARP BROTHERS LIVE
Viper, South Yarra, Thu Apr 13 19:48:58 2006
i like it because its not to crowded and has good music.
daniel, carnegie, Sat Apr 8 00:53:22 2006
it plays my kind of music. the kind of music i love to dance to. also when i go
there i have a good time
nicole, delahey, Fri Mar 31 07:18:32 2006
On your marks, get set and dance for gold as Games fever hits tonight. Temple
launches Dj Masters Vol7 CD with Vas One, Dj Kat, Karim and guests
Viper, Fri Mar 17 18:44:44 2006
Tonight heats up with LISA CARRICK back at TEMPLE in a 2hr powerhouse set
alongside DJ'S KAT, SHAUN REED & ROB ANTHONY... Pure Dance, Pure Bliss.. 03
Viper, South Yarra, Fri Feb 10 17:10:55 2006
Viper Fridays is rockin, n e trance fan check it out
mel, northern, Sat Jan 14 19:52:56 2006
love the atmosphere, there ppl, my friends that go
susie, templestowe, Thu Dec 9 01:58:58 2004
what can I say?.... hot club... hot music... hot people... hot boys yum yum
gimme sum!
Dee, Roxburg Park, Wed Dec 1 23:26:35 2004
Love the the the music.....all the right ingredients
for a rockin night
Maria, bayswater, Wed Oct 13 23:07:30 2004
good djs, no one wearing climbing harness's and no 16 year olds. wahoo!!
Cherie, Chadstone, Sat Sep 11 05:05:17 2004
able to rock hard in a freindly atmoshere ,it has a family feeling, feel safe
and able to be myself, love fri and sat nites
sabastiana, taylors lakes, Fri Aug 20 03:31:31 2004
It's the only time i get 2 go out and they play most of the music that i like :)
Arthur, South Springvale, Wed Mar 10 01:44:27 2004
Because it's a good chill place aswell as somewhere where you can rip up the
dance floor - always meeting great new people.
Gina, Ashwood, Wed Jun 25 01:19:42 2003
its awesome.... so unique
shivz, st kilda, Tue May 13 06:14:22 2003
Good Friday, the 18th April, Temple presents our resident dj's Shaun Reed, King
Karim, Zac Curran and Brett Little playing to the Friday night faithful, who
will be partying extra hard over the holiday period!
Viper, Prahran, Wed Apr 16 09:46:33 2003
Sean Quinn @ Temple Fri 7th February
Sean Quinn returns to Temple with the latest & greatest in progressive sounds. A
one time resident at Viper Room and long established as one of the most popular
dj's in Melbourne, Sean remains at the cutting edge of producing & playing the
latest cutting edge sounds, constantly experimenting and introducing new styles
to his repertoire. Sean's name is synonomous with quality, and it is always a
big occasion when Sean returns to Viper Room.
This will be no different!
Joined by residents King Karim, Shaun Reed, & Peter Macnamara, we give you the
best in progressive, uplifting, and energetic music every week.
Viper, Prahran, Fri Jan 31 03:04:42 2003
April 20, 2001
The most successful night in Melbourne clubbing, Passion has the reputation of the preferred destination for Friday nights. Passion has stayed relevant and vital through all manner of change within the clubbing culture and dance community. Our resident DJs Matt Crawford, and Peter Macnamara spin intelligent progressive house, with the latest hot tunes and anthems. These boys have earnt their reputation as the best in their craft, joined by rotating guests Tom Campbell, Shaun Reed, Tristan Mason, Jason D'Costa and Gus.

"Passion isn't an attitude, it's an emotion"

June 11, 1999
This review was written before the name changed to Club V and back to Viper...

From about 11pm on Fridays, this dark spot begins to come alive. The Viper Room is just the right size and well organised to allow a great night to be had. And when it comes alive, it really kicks!

The front door staff are surprisingly obliging and are happy to search the guest list for hours to find your name. Once inside and up the stairs, you’ll see the first bar and probably all your friends waiting for you. The barricaded DJ booth towers from the centre of the room behind you, with a small staircase running to its feet. A convenient dance podium is placed at the base of these and from there you can stare at the friendly staff of the two bars on either side of the room. Out back there is a cloakroom ($3 an item!) and in-between the bars and the dance floor, the toilets.

Now you’re settled and know where everything is, you better do plenty of talking and drinking, while they start to stoke the embers. If you came here to dance, just wait until the real dance crew start to trickle in. Then the DJs start playing that itchy, hard banging house they’re famous for, and, ladies and gentlemen, the shirts come off! Right now they’re playing some older club classics and newer techno inspired stuff, so take a breather and wait patiently...

Okay, you’re on the dance floor now. The place is REALLY moving! The Viper Room on a great night is like a microcosm of a huge dance party. Have you been to Liquid, or the Crystal parties, or any warehouse rave? Then imagine it packed into a smaller club, but just as sweaty, hard and fun. There are half-naked gay men and women, trannies, leather boys, girls in stilettos (the “suits” left at about 1.30), ravers and plenty of beautiful women towering above you. That’s what Viper is all about: good times with great friends and superb tunes.

At 5am on a Friday, this place could have you thinking you were in Ibiza, Gatecrasher in London or even New York: the crowd is that eclectic, fashionable and party-hard. So don’t come with an attitude and don’t bring your friends who just want a quiet drink. Viper is a place you’ll want to stay all night!

Jon Scanlon

P.S. I hear it rocks JUST as hard on Saturdays...