MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Tram Bar

Willamson Rd (Opposite Doncaster shopping town)

Great night at Tram Bar (the best band venue around) in Doncaster starting
Friday the 21st of Feb. It will be featuring the brilliant cover band "Vibe",
who I've heard are awesome. With "Pean" playing Thursday and "Vibe" on Friday,
Tram Bar is the place to go!
Katie, Box Hill, Mon Feb 17 10:10:42 2003
There is going to be one hell of a retro party at the tram bar tonight friday
7th feb. Boogie Nights are playing their last gig out there. Hope to see you
clinton, chelsea, Fri Feb 7 02:50:13 2003
Was out and about on Friday night and decided to go to High Society. But across
the road at the Tram Bar was a new sign "boogie NIghts" the ultimate 70s
experience. We decided to check what was going on..Holy Cow...A 10 piece 70s
cover band playing 70s disco.A horn section and those bloody afros...these guys
were "groovy". They sounded like the cds ..If you get the chance they are really
worth checking out...they are there every Friday Night
Clinton, chelsea, Mon Nov 11 00:56:40 2002