MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





Daly St, South Yarra

This night is now closed
August 30, 2002
Salt is without a doubt, one smashing club. One of the better venues in Melbourne, the newly (as of late '99) furbished club boasts two levels and a side room. With ample dance space on the main floor, this club supports no other passtime than dancing, so no pools tables or games. This is where you'll find the techno (great techno/progressive at that, where the DJs know how to properly build up the crowd to frenzy mode) playing, while the side room is for the RnB & funk lovers.

Impressively, sound quality is maintained to the highest degree despite max volume. Both areas are equipped with bars; the main floor has two on either side so getting your fluids is not a problem. Getting served quickly however as the night gets on (the place is unfailingly packed by around 2-3am) is another thing, thought it might've been my bad luck.

The side room's bar is not open on Fridays, but its situated in yet another smaller room where you can relax at couches and tables.

Entry prices are approx $20, $12 if on guestlist and the drink prices are pretty much normal, but sadly, not cheap.

Friday night attracts a predominantly Asian crowd (but you DO get a mix of races without a doubt) where the dress sense is club-funky or classy depending on your personal preference, but funk-up is definitely big.

The clubbers are generally in the 19-25 age gap and the vibes are not overly pretentious or intimidating; this is a night for people dedicated to clubbing in style (no, I'm not a promoter).
Like you'll find in a lot of places, the harder/trance techno gets up as the night gets older and towards close the club will still see dedicated techno fans dancing on 'til sun break. For those that aren't into close proximity dancing and like to hard trance/dance it, upstairs is where its at (or get up on one of the 4 podiums situated in every corner of the floor baby!). For hard clubbers really, upstairs is where you're pretty much there to dance and lose yourself plus there's great views on the main floor below.

The light works are great, laser beams every where and well decked out. Though the club would do better if they put these to more use (last X'mas Eve saw awesome laser light displays, should be as good, if not better this time round).

When Salt started out, Friday nights saw an ultra-cool set frequenting the club but due to mass popularity the night invariably becomes more 'accessible'. However, it shouldn't be a problem for a club like Salt to maintain its reputation for serious clubbers with some good marketing, but its been a couple of months since my last visit so I'll update u next visit on the vibes.

One thing that gets me is why the water is HOT in the toilet taps, but hey, you've gotta come up with something bad about this very fine club.

Angeline Lim