MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Red Retro




L1 62 Main St, Mornington
Orange lime

Well, this is all a bit out of date. They've renamed Red as Cube, and removed
the nice red bits to replace them with dull blue.
Anyway, the music was a good commercial mix, and we had a great time. It was
quieter than we've seen in the past, but it will pick up after exams and into
the summer season. Very good quality of crowd though.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Nov 12 03:48:32 2002
July 7, 2000
The Red Nightclub plays the latest in chart and dance music, which makes life quite difficult when everyone wants to dance. Don't understand?... well the size of the dancefloor would be no bigger than the bar area on the ground floor of Metro, and I am not kidding. The happening night at Red is a Friday night, as every local knows. However, as of late, Saturday nights have been fairly busy with the Peninsula Bachelor of the Year Contest leading the way for the crowds of women.

The managers of Red often hold competitions, including raffles for Easter and Mothers Day with heaps of great prizes. But the most popular comp of all was the limbo for tequila shotties, which went down a hit, or should I say rather sweetly considering they were free!!

The crowd usually rock up at about midnight, but sometimes they also start leaving not long after they arrive, so beware and always have a back up plan to go somewhere else afterwards... Or you can head downstairs into the public bar and try yourself out on the karaoke machine.

Dress sense is casual, yet, you have got to have a sense of style, especially the girls. The age of the crowd ranges from 18-25.

Drink prices are fair and getting served is always quick whether you are upstairs or downstairs. Entry is $7, however there's always someone on the doorlist when you are with a group of local Peninsula people.

Great night when there are lots of late night party goers.

Hope Tollan