MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

23 Past



Prince of Wales Ascot Vale

506 Mt Alexander Rd, Ascot Vale
Band:23 Past
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Correct at:May 14 08 (Max Moose)

23 Past
Best cover band EVER no one can play i kissed a girl and get as many girls on stage like 23 past!!!
Jacqui, Thu Apr 23 19:38:54 2009
it rocks
adam, keilor, Wed Jul 16 22:44:26 2008
good music, cheap drinks, good staff and service, and great crowd
Alicia, Avondale Heights, Mon Jul 7 23:10:39 2008
23 Past
We are open this Good Friday and on stage from 9.30
Get there early! Rockin night!
Brunsy, Wed Mar 19 11:56:48 2008
best staff, toss the boss! best people, best band!! Just an awesome night!
K, Mon Nov 26 16:47:57 2007
Easy going, fun environment, great band and fantastic DJ with a good mix of R&B
and house
Samantha, Taylors Lakes, Tue Apr 10 22:29:16 2007
Great aussie crowd and a whole lot of locals :):)
Hehe, Keilor, Sat Sep 2 13:54:16 2006
lots of people around same age n chance of getting free drinks. lots of girls
and good music
Ash, Gladstone Park, Mon May 15 18:37:54 2006