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Special Events



Pier (21) Live

1 Davey St, Frankston
Night name:Special Events
Music:House, Com/Top40, RnB/Funk, Bands
Short desc.:Now home to various special events
Dress:Trendy, Smart, Neat Casual, Relaxed
Age group:18-20, 20-23, 23-25, 25-27
Correct at:Oct 27 ‘10 (Max Moose)
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19.11: Boom! Frankston: John Co
John Course, Colin McMillan, Brad Sassman, OurTime Entertainment & friends present... Boom Events


$15 early bird
$20 pre-sale
more on the door

Thursday 18.11.10

available from
Daisey's Ringwood
and the Boom Street Crew


A Special Event

Havana Brown
John Course / Brad Sassman
Colin McMillan / Ken Walker
Frazer Adnam / Special Ed / Nick James / DJ Ryza / Ontime

Daisey's Ringwood
6 Mt Dandenong Rd, Ringwood -


$15 early bird
$20 pre-sale
more on the door

Friday 19.11.10

available from
Boom Street Crew
& Pier Hotel


A Special Event

John Course / Chardy
Colin McMillan / Brad Sassman
Sean Rault / Scott Gardner / Andy Rault
Nick Lefebvre / Marky Mark / Courtney Mills / Jaime Baxter / Ben Raw

Pier Live Frankston
1 Davey St, Frankston -


"BOOM" explodes into Melbourne on November 18!
The initial events are in Ringwood (18/11) and Frankston (19/11).

It's a special event run in venues near you by some
of Melbourne's most influential DJs / promoters.

It's set to spread both locally and nationally.

It's more than just the music.

It's set to capture the imagination through mindblowing visuals, amazing sound
systems, room decor and eclectic sideshows
to put the fun back into clubbing.

Backed up by an amazing DJ lineup that focuses on what you wanna hear from
DJs you wanna see, the clock ticks down. BOOM - coming to a club near you...

Havana Brown Havana Brown
Australia’s leading female DJ, Havana Brown has returned to Australian shores after an extensive U.S tour including a performance at the 2010 Grammy Awards after party in Los Angeles to launch (more)

Chardy Chardy
In 2009 was voted 2nd best DJ in Victoria in the Inthemix DJ poll. He toured nationally alongside TV ROCK when he mixed a disc on the successful Neon Essential release. Chardy caught the eye of Pete (more)

Ken Walker Ken Walker
Ken has been many things during his illustrious 15+ year career in the dance music industry. A pioneering DJ, Record label manager, radio show host & producer, columnist and (more)

Sean Rault Sean Rault
Experience counts when it comes to DJing and Sean has amassed a solid DJ schedule over the past few years. He is one of the country's most versatile DJs. Having played at key clubs nights all (more)

John Course John Course
A leading DJ and figure in Australian dance music John first rose to prominence when he won the DMC Mixing Competition in Victoria. Since that time John has remained at the top of his game (more)

Colin McMillan Colin McMillan
Colin has been at the forefront of Australian dancemusic for the last decade. Originally from Scotland he first started Djing in the early 90's and moved on to promoting nights before joining forces (more)

Brad Sassman Brad Sassman
Brad has done just about everything there is to do in DJing. From Melbourne's suburbs to the hottest CBD clubs to international tours (especially southeast Asia), he has DJed in style. He (more)

Scott Gardner Scott Gardner
A career spanning over the last fifteen years, DJ Scott Gardner has both been a mainstay of commercial grooves, as well as continuing the tradition set by the likes of John Course, Andy Van (more)

Profiles on Frazer Adnam, Andy Rault, Nick Lefebvre, Special Ed, Marky Mark,
Courtney Mills, Nick James, Jaime Baxter, DJ Ryza, Ben Raw & Ontime coming soon

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