MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Bass Station




Lwr Esplanade, St Kilda
Night name:Bass Station
Music:Techno, House
Short desc.:One of the best known techno nights
Age group:18-20, 20-23
Correct at:Jun 8 ’07 (Max Moose)

There is a Bass Station. Its happening in Cairns. Jason Midro and the crew have headed north.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sat May 31 04:31:37 2008
g'day, is there a bass station anymore? and if so where abouts is it please. thnks heaps
Daniel Watson, Stratford, Fri May 30 13:00:16 2008
whats on for new years?
bstarugger, Melb, Sat Dec 15 08:41:53 2007
Carly, Bass is now at POD - The Old Tunnel, 590 Little Bourke St, CBD.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Jul 27 22:25:12 2007
where has bass station moved tooo?????????????
carly, hampton park, Fri Jul 27 09:48:52 2007
i have loved bassys for ages i was there for new years 2007 and well if you have
been there you no what goes on,so well i was up on scooby snacks and floating,
everyone was nice of nature well most ppl. i try to go there every time when in
melb cause im stuck in adelaide working hard, any one coming to adelaide and
looking for a hard core time, look for the under ground bush rave called the
enchanted forrest but dont be surprised if you dont find it as its allways
moving cause of the law trying to find it.
rocky, adelaide, Sun Jul 8 03:51:23 2007
i miss the hsd room.
AnonyMoose, Wed Jul 4 18:24:47 2007
Twister/Bass on the move
Twister’s final night at The Palace was massive; huge queue at 9.30 and full
most of the night. Ugly is moving Twister to Casey’s/Cheers
this week. Bass Fridays are moving to Evolution for the next two weeks.

Max Moose, Fri Jun 8 07:43:22 2007
Anony, Bass is going to Evolution (138 Commercial Rd, Prahran) the next two
Fridays (June 8 & 15)
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Jun 7 06:18:54 2007
music was good. where's it moving to?
AnonyMoose, Thu Jun 7 01:14:52 2007
01.06: Last Bass @ The Palace
The Palace, home to Bass Station and Twister, arguably the greatest club
Melbourne has seen, is set to close. It was announced last week that The Palace
was conceding its battle with the State Government and would leave by June 12.
Its been hard to confirm info on the whole thing, but here's what seems to be

  • Both Bass and Twister seem to be finishing this coming weekend (June 1/2).
  • A good part of the Twister crew is going to Casey's/Cheers on Saturday from
    June 9 because its about the only venue with four rooms.
  • Some of the Twister crew are opening a place called Neverland later in the
    year. Its in South Melbourne. Those in the know say its worth waiting for.
  • Bass will be announcing its new home at its final event at The Palace on

Its sad to lose The Palace and Twister. Twister started in 1993 and has been
Melbourne's most popular club night for almost all of that time. It blitzed the
Max Moose awards in each of the three years we've run it, taking the main award,
best night, every time. Legendary.
Max Moose, Mon May 28 04:11:54 2007
Underages are the bomb!!!
Nikki, Lower Templestowe, Wed May 23 21:07:14 2007
the music is great the people are even better an the drinks are cheap
d, kangroo point, Thu Mar 1 18:22:38 2007
havnt been 2 bass in years heard evrythin went 2 is dis true? atmosphere neva b
like it was 6 years ago, wheres da crazy,k'd,fukd up happy people these dayz oh
well. hi markywelldone !!!!!!!!!!!
seza kgirl, springvale, Sat Feb 24 20:30:10 2007
it is good cause it gotta different music in different rooms for what ever i
feel like danceing to
Matthew , Noble Park , Tue Feb 20 16:31:46 2007
i like clubbing for the music the drinks and the ladies
ben, croydon, Thu Feb 15 23:30:31 2007
it has different music in every room so it a change from listing to house and
rnb all the tym n lotta hot chickz go dere
R, noble park, Tue Feb 13 05:15:26 2007
i luv bass station - gr8 bass
nikki, ballarat, Thu Feb 8 16:46:29 2007
Anyone can get in if they're in a happy mood
Raver07, Melbourne, Wed Jan 17 05:55:40 2007
How hard is it to get in? A lot of people told me that only white people could
easily get in. Is this true??
Raver06, Melbourne, Wed Jan 17 03:57:47 2007
its cool
markey, chirnside, Sat Dec 23 22:03:54 2006
BIG bass is fukn rave ive been 2...every1 is so nice n so off
their heads gota luv it...still cant stop shufflin since last big bass haha :P
krysTal, lysterfield sth, Tue Dec 12 15:13:35 2006
Bass Station is off the fkn hook . !!! mad music , dj's friendly atmosphere !
Denis, Endeavour Hills , Fri Nov 17 17:09:59 2006
Fcuk itz sik, trance, house itz all good. Better than bubble. Bass station you
Melanie GMHGAL, Altona, Thu Oct 26 22:48:53 2006
Great music, different rooms for different moods.
Janelle, Keysborough, Thu Oct 12 01:55:00 2006
is bass station a club or a night at a club or a few clubs? me confused and
wanting to dance!! where is it?
nick, kew, Thu May 18 19:06:09 2006
Bass is ing awesome.. it just sux how ravers are turnin into 'stereotypical
Emstar, Mount Waverley, Sat Feb 25 04:18:59 2006
Max Moose congratulates The Palace Friday for its results
in the
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it 3rd best tek night, and Best venue.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 04:37:13 2005
yea bass goes real hard only been there a few times I like more than 3d but
nothing compares to PHD
hope, Pakky, Mon Jul 18 15:42:51 2005
every time i go to bass station its just off the hook
Morgz, Mon Jun 6 17:40:02 2005
Fun, Social, Very friendly, and fewer sleazebags than i've seen elsewhere
Jade, frankston, Thu Feb 24 00:15:21 2005
03.12: BassStation 6th birthday
Bass Station also celebrates its sixth birthday this Friday! Big line-up: Thomas
P Heckmann (Ger), Jason Midro, Master Kaos, Jewelz, DJ Compound, Gazmatron,
Julian Reynolds, Sean Sullivan, LCK, Tonka, T2, Mastermind, Bexta (Syd), John
Ferris (Syd) and Baby Gee (Qld).
Bass Station, StKilda, Wed Dec 1 06:31:51 2004
I love hard NRG
Carroe, St Kilda, Mon Nov 22 02:29:31 2004
I have to admit... i am a Bass Station addict. Its not hard to get hooked on
this club.
Sit in the chill out room for half and hour and you are bound to make a million
friends... not sleazy guys / gurlz trying to get in your pants, just fun lovin
people and welcoming ravers wanting to dance!
(like me!)
Jewlz always gets the crowd shufflin' away and Midro always scratches up a
You will always find people dancing in the carpark and asking you if you have
had a good night.
Tash, Endeavour Hills, Wed Nov 17 04:18:00 2004
it's so fun, the people that are there are really fun to dance with and the guys
that r u there r HOT
Sally, Werribee, Wed Oct 27 03:55:26 2004
Better atmosphere than Hard Kandy!
Tara-leigh, Bacchus Marsh, Thu Oct 21 05:33:01 2004
One of our readers, Jodie, has made us aware of a petition to save
Twister/Palace. It has a couple of years left on a lease so is not closing soon,
but when that lease ends, the site may be redeveloped if Port Phillip Council
allows it. If you want to try to make sure it stays around longer than two years
go to:
Even though Bass Station is a relatively new addition to the venue, it has been
going great, and is worth keeping a bit longer than two years.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sat Oct 2 02:56:09 2004
Bass Station (at the Palace, St Kilda). The people are great and the music is
ausome. They only let in the type of people who are there for fun and no s or
Anthony, Kilsyth, Fri Sep 24 19:29:43 2004
always a great night, friendly atmosphere. Lots of naughty memories that i will
always remember.
rebecca dolman, port melbourne, Wed Aug 18 19:32:15 2004
Bass station has great music, great people and great DJs... its like
family..never a dull moment
bel, narrewarren, Thu May 13 05:49:51 2004
the esplanade is great and its Bass Station!
Sarah, Hampton, Wed Mar 24 03:12:16 2004
Hey there.. i wuld like 2 no if u wuld recommened an after party at ur club but
we have sum underages but have mostly over ages... thanx
Julia, Eltham, Thu Mar 18 20:37:23 2004
Its just got awesome energy there and the crowd is great!
Priscilla, nottingham, Thu Mar 18 04:17:31 2004
Bass Station= tha atmosphere is lyk no other and u meet heaps of ppl frm
everywhere and jst go out and hav fun
Cam, Endeavour Hills, Fri Feb 27 06:43:04 2004
not entirely true, Bass Station still does exist. t has just moved from ZOS. It
is the back of the Palace, St Kilda.
billy, Thu Jul 24 18:25:46 2003