MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Friday @

Nu Hotel

1 Scott St, Dandenong

Music:Com/Top40, House, RnB/Funk, Party/Retro, Bands
Short desc.:Launches Apr 21 with Adam12. Details to come.
Dress:Smart, Neat Casual
Age group:18-20, 20-23, 23-25, 25-27
Covercharge:Free b4 10pm
Correct at:Apr 28 ’06 (Max Moose)

Because the last relaunch of the Nu Hotel that we were aware of was in 2006. Heard nothing since.
Max Moose, Fri Apr 15 11:42:33 2011
y are all these coments sooo old????
kristy, bentleigh, Thu Apr 14 23:36:22 2011
Adam 12
The Nu Hotel has closed its Friday after just the one week. As everyone has said
on here over the weekend, it was a pretty quiet start. The verdict really was
that the people from Furnace didn't want to go to Dandenong.
We will let you know what happens with Adam12 shortly. They will be going
somewhere else.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Apr 26 15:50:50 2006
Glen - how can you say that a night that nobody went to was a winner? I couldn't
go but my friends went and said they won't go back. We like Adam12 but Dandy is
too far away and is a hole. If everyone from Furnace went there it might of been
alright but they didn't.
Katie, Beaconsfield, Tue Apr 25 14:07:57 2006
lol... it's amazing on this site whenever you are positive about something or
think something is going to go alright, all of a sudden I'm promoting.
I guess any positive comments are promotions, so yes rob that is promo talk -
because I liked Pulse and think it will get bigger and better every week.
I smell negativity!
Glen, E Hills, Mon Apr 24 15:03:38 2006
Adam 12
The Nu Hotel had 40 people on their opening night.
I dont think it's going to go anyh further?
Glen, I smell promo talk
rob, berwick, Mon Apr 24 14:14:14 2006
Club Pulse looks like a winner! I love those yellow Pulse cans and they gave us
a couple of free drinks!
The crowd was OK, but then again, the NU is HUGE! Massive! That is good in a way
for larger crowds, but makes it seem empty for a smaller crowd.
Adam12 were rocking and they will no doubt be the catalyst behind more and more
people getting down to Pulse.
As a Furnace-ite, the crowd and atmosphere was much the same, plenty of security
and there was no trouble!
I'm going to follow this one!
Glen, Endeavour Hills, Mon Apr 24 12:33:20 2006
I went on Friday night. We had the maddest time!! Not a huge crowd, but gotta
expect that for an opening night. Adam12 were rockin like ever before!!! They
were AWESOME!!! Gave out a few VB stubbies which is always good!! The Nu is
MASSIVE. Its got a huge dance floor, 2 big bars, a lounge, and big chillout
area. This night is gonna be so big. just you wait!
Erin, Belgrave South, Sun Apr 23 19:31:20 2006
Adam 12
So whats the verdict on the night, sadly I couldnt make it last night. Any
proper reviews that dont include bias for either side, would love to hear some
ex-Furnites comments on a possible new night.
Ben did you go?
Turmoil, Noble Par, Sat Apr 22 12:15:57 2006
Adam 12
Thank God they're back. I thought Adam12 would move too far away when the police
& Westfield took Furnace away from us (unfairly). Its great that the boys are at
the Nu. Can't wait for tonight!
Gabby, Narre South, Fri Apr 21 17:39:38 2006
your so right brett, if its got adam12 and drinks, it will be awesome
kristie, berwick, Thu Apr 20 22:46:24 2006
Adam 12
I'm pumped. I was so pissed when I heard Furnace was closed. I don't like the
other places around here but Nu Hotel - bring it on! Its new, its big, its got
the right band and a DJ, it has drinks - I'm there.
Brett, Narre, Wed Apr 19 18:14:05 2006
21.04Adam12 new residency
Adam 12
Adam12 have moved the Friday night party to a hot NEW venue
Club Pulse
at the Nu Hotel
This Friday (April 21)
Grand Opening
Club Pulse
Friday at the Nu Hotel
with Adam12 & DJ Brad
Join us every Friday Night
Same party vibe
Big newly constructed venue
9pm ‘til 3am
Melbourne’s hottest cover band performing live on stage
with DJ Brad playing the best club mix
Free entry to all b4 10pm
Present the Email b4 11pm for free entry & a complimentary “Pulse” (limit of 1
per person per night)
It’s all happening Fridays at Club Pulse
Club Pulse Nu Hotel 1 Scott Street Dandenong 9794 0522
This Email valid ‘til 2nd June 2006 Management reserves all rights Min legal
age 18 yrs

Pulse, Nu Hotel, Wed Apr 19 06:21:59 2006
21.04Adam12 new residency
Adam 12
We can exclusively announce that the Nu Hotel has signed Furnace’s Friday
coverband Adam12. The boys are taking tonight off and start a week from today
(Fri April 21). The band was the centrepiece of Furnace’s legendary Friday and
will certainly have their legion of fans follow them to the Nu now that Furnace
is gone.
The Nu nightclub has just been built and everyone who has seen it tells us its
fantastic. We look forward to checking it out for ourselves.
Max Moose, MaxMoose World HQ, Fri Apr 14 07:13:44 2006
21.04Adam12 new residency
Adam 12
We can now confirm that Adam12 is going to start at the newly renovated Nu Hotel
starting April 21 (next Friday). Apparently the renovations look sensational.
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Thu Apr 13 17:24:17 2006