MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Feel the Heat




Level 3, Crown Complex, Southbank

The RNB Superclub is at The Next Blue, Launching this Friday 7th October
featuring Random Live. Open 10pm
shannon, Southbank, Wed Oct 5 15:38:02 2005
I can't believe Heat is closed. Anyone know if they're moving the Friday to Spy
Lounge as well?
J.B., Tue Oct 4 01:32:03 2005
Max Moose congratulates Heat Friday for its results in the
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Runner up best RnB night.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:24:39 2005
classy hot chicks the djs r good @ getting the crowd pumped. can always rely on
heat 4 good night out.
adrian, rowville, Tue Jun 28 16:49:23 2005
it has a really good atmosphere, and the rooms are really good the way they are
set out. I love the lay out of the whole place, and the music is always great!
- please dont close it down!
lauren, ferntree gully, Sat Jun 4 05:16:27 2005
Funky, love the music, love the smart sexy look engendered by the dress code,
love the view of the flames outside!
Paul, Melbourne, Wed May 18 18:34:51 2005
Good selection of rnb music with a large dance floor.
Emily, Frankston, Sun May 1 22:11:36 2005
good venue good music good lookin fellas
Eileen , Kingsbury, Thu Feb 17 02:51:38 2005
Good music to dance to and plenty of friendly people. Not overly smokey and it
feels safe. Good place to sit when you need a rest and a really great bar!!!
Rachel, Hoppers Crossing, Fri Jan 28 05:42:04 2005
Me and my friends have a great time at Heat, we are there almost every week!!!
The music is Mad, drinks cheap and the choice of two different rooms is great!!!
We have been to alot of clubs and they tend to get a bit boring and repititive
with the music but Heat has made us wanna come back again and again...
Keep it up the good work Heat
MiSScO, Montrose, Fri Nov 12 10:17:37 2004
Good music, friendly crowd, lots of dancing and cheap drinks. I love to go
there with friends and dance for hours. Meeting people is easy too.
Sarah, Sandringham, Thu Nov 11 05:54:36 2004
i like it because of the the music that is played and i think that the set out
of the club is the best i've ever seen.
Dannielle, Preston, Thu Oct 28 05:45:38 2004
because i enjoy the music and there is a diverse range of people that go there
Melissa, Narre Warren North, Tue Sep 14 04:30:50 2004
Michelle, Endeavour Hills, Sat Aug 7 17:21:01 2004
R&B Superclub on Fridays is awesome. My friends and I are there almost every
week and it hardly ever dissapoints. The promoters are awesome and very
friendly. The security guards are also fantastic! ;P
Michelle, Endeavour Hills, Sat Aug 7 17:18:44 2004
good people, good atmosphere, easy to get to
Kristy Crawford, Endeavour Hills, Fri Jul 16 22:48:15 2004
great people and atmostphere, great music and entertainment, and it makes a
really enjoyable night out!!!!!!
anthea, sunshine, Tue Jun 1 05:32:11 2004
Great atmosphere, many people, drinks are great, the music is how I like it, the
choice of two different types of rooms gives a nice balance between fast and
slow pace of the night
EKC, Templestowe, Tue Apr 27 05:25:21 2004
Thinking of going to Heat, as I have heard it is "RNB NIGHT" If anyone knows the
details about prices & guestlist, please let me know. You can Email me @
Miss Michelle, Fri Mar 26 10:37:33 2004
Had a great time at Heat 2 fridays ago.Went for a friends bday and it was free
entry all nite and they played the greatest Rnb. The only thing is the drinks
are a little expensive. we loved the guy dancing in the cage. he was great!!!!!
Sarah and Andrea, Endeavour Hills, Fri Mar 5 09:05:44 2004
i have a interested in haveing my 21st at heat on fri. is there a
possibillity that i can have my guest list cauze im planning to have around 100
people? thanx.
bojana, Noble Park , Mon Sep 8 22:03:06 2003
Recently move from Darwin to Melbourne, heard HEAT was a good bet. And man they
didn't disappoint. The club it self is awesome!! Best i've seen. It wasn't
packed which I like but I think the weather played a part in that. The cocktail
bar was packed with nice latino/rnb beats but I'm a house man. The main room's
music was AWESOME!!!! Where do these boys get this music!? If anyone can help me
with that, that'd be great. The dj kicked ass. looking forward to next week,
might have to check out saturday and sunday night there. If anyone from HEAT
reads this, keep on rockin'!!! cheers Shawn G.
Shawn G, elsternwick, Sat Aug 9 15:11:36 2003
Alison, glad to hear your kind words and that you had a great time with us on
Friday night. Look out for our new club nights starting soon! PS. We're looking
for promoters for 2 new club nights so if you're interested, email us at
KROME Entertainment, Melbourne, Sun Jul 20 00:41:50 2003
Heat was mad last night! Side room was so packed! Mad R&B - the DJ played all my
favourite songs! Lots of cute guys too :)
That krome guy that writes messages in here really knows how to put on a party!
they were giving away free smints too lol. see you all there next week! thanx
for the free entry krome guy
Alison, Caufield, Sat Jul 19 17:43:58 2003
Back to School party this Friday @ HEAT! Commercial dance, house and techno in
the Main Room with Sexy latin and R&B in the Side Room. For FREE ENTRY goto the
Guestlists page on MaxMoose or email us :)
Krome Entertainment, Melbourne, Wed Jul 16 17:34:18 2003
Hey there everybody! HEAT Fridays have been going crazy these holidays! Make
sure you check it out. Commercial dance, house and pop tunes in the Main Room
and Sexy R&B and Latin in the Side Room. For FREE ENTRY email us or goto the
GUESTLIST page on MaxMoose :)
Heat Fridays, Melbourne, Thu Jul 10 13:09:04 2003
Massive after exams party this Friday July 4th @ HEAT. E-mail us to get on the
guestlist. Groups welcome!
Heat Fridays, Melbourne, Sun Jun 29 04:56:01 2003
I had an absolute ball at Heat last Friday! We went their for a friends birthday
and I must say that I didnt think I would like it (I normally goto Next Blue).
The R&B was just as good, but the crowd was even better! I'll be there again
this week!
Anna, Camberwell, Wed Jun 25 07:31:48 2003
Been hearing around that the people doing heat fridays will be leaving and
starting a new night somewhere else? Anyone know if this is true?
Tony, Bundoora, Sat Jun 14 05:10:01 2003
OMG heat is the best on fridays! It starts off a bit slow early but me and my
friends love it coz we get all the attention on the dance floor! lol! It starts
pumping about midnight and we have the maddest time! I love the DJ in the rnb
room hes so hot!
Jess, Dandenong, Wed May 14 16:48:08 2003
OMG! JA RULE WAS AT HEAT LAST NIGHT! I LOVE HIM! They wouldn't let me through to
see him though (he had some of the room all to himself and friends). I had an
excellent night, the music was great and the crowd the best looking I've seen in
ages! Oh yeah, thanks Krome for your guestlist too! Your free drinks party last
week was MAD!
Alice, Hawthorn, Sat Mar 15 15:56:09 2003
overlooking Southbank and the City skyline. UNLIMITED FREE Beer, Wine, Champagne
and Softdrink from 9:30-11pm. Simply say you're a GUEST OF KROME for FREE entry
before 11:30pm ($8 each after), which includes access to the BALCONY and DRINKS!
Open guestlist, unlimited people. For any questions or inquiries call Duncan at
Krome on 0412 268 873! Cya there!
Krome Entertainment, Melbourne, Fri Nov 15 14:08:53 2002
Dance4Dollars continues every Friday night @ HEAT where 1 lucky groover and
shaker will win $500 CASH on the night for being the best dancer! $100 drink
card to the runner up! Open to all and no experience necessary. THIS FRIDAY (8th
NOV) GUIDO HATZIS APPEARANCE! For guestlist visit or email
Krome Entertainment, Melbourne, Thu Nov 7 09:01:53 2002
July 13, 2001
As the quote goes, Heat is Australia's favourite dance club and it really shows on Friday nights as the crowd is dancing until the sun comes up. The crowd there is wide and varied, but the majority being students who want to get away from it all after a week of tafe/uni. The odd business man and 'oldies' can be seen too but everyone gets along with each other well.

Smart casual is the dress code with the majority of guys opting for the standard slacks and shirt approach while the girls wear tend to be a bit more creative wearing anything from singlet tops and short skirts to long dresses. Anything goes really but nothing too much like street wear. Their old rule of "no denim" seems to have dropped since the denim boom in fashion recently.

Our team arrives around 10:30 and the general crowd seem to start coming in around then too. The busiest times are around midnight when both the general and guestlist lines are queued up. Up until some times as late as 2am there is still a decent line waiting to get in (find someone with a guestlist, coz you'll wish you had after lining up in the general line!) Sometimes the side room or cocktail bar room are closed due to private functions early in the night. This tends to be more around holiday times and especially end of the year but the room is usually openned up to the public around 11pm-Midnight.

As you enter the club the cocktail bar room is immediately to your left where they play R&B and Latin tunes all night from DJ Mark Tyson. Inside the room is lots of seats and little tables and a curved room length bar. Theres also plenty of room to strut your moves on the dance floor, but it can get quite cramped in there some nights. Coming out of the cocktail bar room you enter the foyer again where there is a chill room to your left (aptly named The Cow Paddock because of the cow skin covered seas) and to your right is the toilets. Keep walking down the entrance and you enter the main room.

Directly in front of you is a bar which serves people on all 4 sides and in front of that is a generous sunken dance floor. As you step onto the dance floor you'll see the DJ booth right in front of you with 2 podiums either side on the floor and a huge mirror ball setup above you. Above the DJ booth is the infamous dance cage where you can see everyone stumble their drunken dance moves. There's some seating on the edges of the room and a huge big screen mounted on the rear wall. DJ's Oli Dee and Mike Evans play pop, commercial dance and techno in the main room until dawn.

Above the main room is the mezzanine level which looks out over the club. This is openned when it gets really busy and is usually restricted to VIP's and private parties. Throughout the night you will see appearances by Friday nights regular - Basil the African exotic dancer and his enterage of drag queens. There are also podium dancers and dancers who dance on top of the bar sometimes.

Friday nights regularly play host to various promotions such as the Moulin Rouge theme most recently and before that was the Cheerleader of The Year competition and Basil's Dance Off competitions so there is no shortage of live entertainment as well as DJ's playing music all night.

Drink prices are the norm (around $6 for spirits) but there are regular drink specials for whatever brand they are promoting at the time. Look out for hosts and promoters and you might score yourself a free drink from them!

July 23, 1999
Previously I had never been to Heat, but had visited many clubs. I had heard all the hype around it being Australia’s number one club but I just thought: yeah right! A friend had been wanting me to go for ages, so finally I went along with them and was pleasantly surprised by the night.

The whole club has amazing decor, lighting and sound. It is truly a place to party at! As you walk in the door there is a cocktail bar to your left which plays layed back R&B all night. As you head further in there is a bar to your left and a massive dancefloor in the middle with an elevated DJ booth at the end. Upstairs as you walk in the main room there is a section that overlooks the whole club that is the perfect environment to chat or just chill out.

Usually I am a strict techno purist, no commercial dance please! But at heat I found that no matter what they played, from house to commercial dance and techno, I just kept dancing and getting into it.

The range of people at the club is amazing. Of course there are heaps of clubbers, glam girls and drag queens but they all seem to just party together. Even the business men go off! When it comes to age groups, its mostly over twenties, although again everyone seems to come.

Dress standards are strict there is no denim (its not glam enough!) and guys must wear collars. Apart from that anything goes, although I have noticed most girls opt for anything little, the more gorgeous the better and the guys opt for the sexy club look.

There are heaps of giveaways at this club, mostly of the champagne variety (the best variety!) You can usually get a bottle if you really want it, or if you have a birthday on the night. The entertainment comes in the form of wonderful drag queens which are both entertaining and enjoyable! My favourite part of the night however is when people get totally smashed and dance in the cages located upstairs or in front of the roving camera, I have seen many images of totally trashed people partying it up on the big screen!

The drink prices aren’t anything special but as per usual its not what you know but who can get you free drinks! I have found the promotion team from scream productions are especially friendly when it comes to talking and drinking.

Overall, I set out to have a great time and it would have been the perfect party night, if I’d only remembered which level I had parked on in the casino carpark! Entry is $6 before midnight with a pass or $10 after midnight.

Natalie Shand