MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Friday @


The Street, Westfield Fountain Gate, Narre Warren

DJs:Rob M & guests
Music:Com/Top40, RnB/Funk, House, Party/Retro, Bands
Short desc.:The biggest Friday in Melbourne. Great night
Dress:Trendy, Smart, Neat Casual, Relaxed
Age group:18-20, 20-23
Covercharge:$10 general, free b4 9.30
Correct at:Apr 14 ’06 (Max Moose)

Bree, I'll Email you the details directly.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Aug 3 17:49:15 2007
Could you tell me how to contact the people that run the my room computer thing that used to be done on friday nights??
Bree, Fri Aug 3 12:55:16 2007
hey ben, i saw your letter in the Berwick News. nicely said.
Deano, Beacy, Fri May 5 14:43:44 2006
The kids in the south east might as well get used to it. No-one will set up
another club out there until the council and police get over themselves.
Insider, Thu May 4 21:11:17 2006
Thanks Kylie, been meaning to mention that.
I don't have any definite answers on it, but I know that Westfield don't want a
nightclub there - that's most of the reason Furnace was forced out.
Westfield have a desire (maybe even an agreement) to put TGI Fridays restaurants
in their centres, and there's only one logical place for them (much like Wild
Bills at Southland). That's definitely my bet, especially seeing as I saw TGI
cars there the other day.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun Apr 23 23:12:15 2006
Ben, any idea what is going where Furnace used to be? I read in a local paper
that another nightclub could take the place if it got a license.
Kylie, Berwick, Sun Apr 23 22:36:09 2006
Adam 12
I tried a few places tonight all I can say is re open the Hallam. Theres a
petition at Sign it and get your friends to as
John, Narre, Sat Apr 22 04:08:44 2006
Adam 12
Enough of this. There is only one solution to Furnace closing and that is to
reopen the Hallam. We've started a petition.
Go to that website and sign on so we can get it open.
Shaun, Berwick, Thu Apr 20 18:40:14 2006
so true bec, if all the furnace ppl go there it will rock... i'll give the new
place a go...
kristie, berwick, Wed Apr 19 13:51:56 2006
Adam 12
Sounds like there are plenty of wimps on here. Yeah, Dandenong is a hole but I'm
here to party. I never herd of the Nu Hotel before but Adam 12 are there so so
am I. I say give the new place a go. If everyone from Furnace geos there it'll
Bec, Narre Warren, Tue Apr 18 18:22:00 2006
bring back furnace... :o(
kristie, berwick, Tue Apr 18 16:29:45 2006
Adam 12
besides the fact that Adam 12 (apparently "Melbourne's best cover band") are
absolutely terrible, i liked furnace. i havent had a great time there recently,
but that wasnt the club's fault. furnace is a good night, its a shame to see it
furnace as a whole was pretty good.
Deano, Berwick, Tue Apr 18 10:18:20 2006
Adam 12
Good call Shaun. Taxi home from furnace $13. Taxi home from niterider in Dandy
$28. Would be the same for Nu. Brother dropped me off at Furnace. Wouldn't be
arsed dropping me in Dandy. No good.
Tim, Berwick, Sun Apr 16 17:47:33 2006
Adam 12
Shaun ALH/BLM are the hotel chain that took over Tavener. They own stacks of
pubs. They own the Hallam (think they own the Nu). Think they've backed the
wrong horse this time. Dande is too far from Berwick and is rough.
James, Berwick, Sat Apr 15 21:02:13 2006
Adam 12
Went to 1422 tonight. Hated it.
I don't like Blitz either. To stuck up.
I love Adam 12 but love my life more so won't be goin to the New.
Not keen on going to the city on Friday.
Hello McFly? The Hallam is the place. It use to rock. Who is this ALH/BLM crowd?
They r sitting on a gold mine. Get it open.
Shaun, Berwick, Sat Apr 15 00:15:09 2006
Adam 12
Go greggy - yeah bring back the hallam. dandy is to dangerus.
Jodie, Hampton Park, Fri Apr 14 16:26:39 2006
Adam 12
Sadly, Furnace was shut down permanently last Friday. It seems Westfield,
copping some encouragement, decided to use the space for something that would
make more money and take less time.
The decision turfs 1,500 young people on to the street every Friday night. A mad
scramble is on to find them a new home. Things are moving quickly.
We can exclusively announce that the Nu Hotel has signed Furnace’s Friday
coverband Adam12. The boys are taking tonight off and start a week from today
(Fri April 21). The band was the centrepiece of Furnace’s legendary Friday and
will certainly have their legion of fans follow them to the Nu.
The Nu nightclub has just been built and everyone who has seen it tells us its
fantastic. We look forward to checking it out for ourselves.
Max Moose, MaxMoose World HQ, Fri Apr 14 07:18:43 2006
Adam 12
Blitz is also set to open next Friday (April 21). Its Saturdays have been
running at capacity from 2003 to today, but despite requests for it, they
haven’t opened on Fridays until now. We’ll know more next week, but it seems
that similar to Saturday they will focus on DJs rather than a band.
1422 is the only nightclub styled venue in the district that will be open
tonight. They have coverband Sexual Chocolate playing partyband songs, DJ Albert
(Dakota & ex Hallam & Brass Monkey) playing a commercial mix, and heaps of pool
There are also rumours that another new club will be opening in Dandenong in a
few weeks. ALH/BLM haven’t been convinced to reopen the Hallam yet.
If the options above aren’t your style, there is the whole of Melbourne to play
with. Granted, that’s difficult because Steve Bracks won’t extend the NightRider
to a municipality home to 20,000 of Melbourne’s 18-25 year olds, but our reviews
page might help.
Keep your eye on Max Moose for more updates in the next few days.
Max Moose, MaxMoose World HQ, Fri Apr 14 07:18:31 2006
Adam 12
Re open the Hallam! I'm not going to the new hotel its in dandenong. blitz sucks
1422 is a hole. bring back the old H
Greggy, Narre, Fri Apr 14 02:27:52 2006
Adam 12
We can now confirm that Adam12 is going to start at the newly renovated Nu Hotel
starting April 21 (next Friday). Apparently the renovations look sensational.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Apr 13 17:23:13 2006
i stopped goin to Furnace about september last year.. i dont know what happened
but th DJs started getting ter.. maybe they got different DJs in, who knows??
what ever happened to that dj guy that took photos all the time?
to tell the truth, im glad its closed.
started goin to clubs in the city like Area61, twister, mercury, Room680,
club2death, Narre Warren, Thu Apr 13 01:44:48 2006
Adam 12
As you are all aware now, Furnace closed down on Friday. Its fair to say that
there is a mad scramble on to pick up the crowd. The only place in the district
ready to be open this Friday (Good Friday) is 1422. There will be other places
opening in the next few weeks.
Adam12 are taking a well deserved break on Friday.
We'll keep you posted as things are confirmed.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Apr 12 04:22:27 2006
Adam 12
Boy, there's some misinformation out there. I don't know the 'official' reason
yet, but its unlikely to have anything to do with Council or the police. The
crowd behaviour there had been very good since it became Furnace. Its far more
likely that Westfield's lofty rent caught up with them. We'll let you know when
we find out more.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Apr 10 15:19:59 2006
was at furny fri night to hear its closing down.... worst news ever! heard a few
stories1) the council isnt happy with the place cos of a few bad incidents
lately & want it shut down. 2) its going to be done up and reopened. 3) they're
moving to pakenham. dunno which is true (think its no.1). i am so devastated,
furny always promised a good night and i always had an awesome time there! the
people, music and atmosphere on the whole is great! where do us locals go now?
my fridays wont be the same anymore without good old dirty furny! :(
so shattered!, e-hills, Mon Apr 10 13:07:37 2006
g'day, just wanted to know what people have heard about Max Moose's "Shock News
In The SouthEast". I assume they're talkin about Furnace closing down, so i was
wonderin if anyone knows details, like if it's reopening, etc.
i've heard it closed coz fountain gate is expanding, so furnace, spaghetti
graffiti, howl at the moon, etc are gunna become shops.
Deano, Berwick, Mon Apr 10 11:12:07 2006
Sarah, Berwick, Sun Apr 9 22:20:29 2006
Adam 12
Adam12, good music, all my mates are there...
Martin, Narre Warren, Wed Apr 5 02:16:48 2006
why doesnt furnace get all the old dj from blitz to rock saturday night, im
pretty sure they will bring the croud.
jo jo, Fri Mar 31 16:41:34 2006
Adam 12
Massive night at Furnace last Friday. The longest queues I've
seen there since Brass Monkey first opened. The regular queue went the whole
length of the building at 10.30! The ViP queue went around past the cinema
Great atmosphere inside - the best I've seen in Melbourne for a while.
They have rebuilt the walls upstairs and dropped an RnB DJ in there. It gives an
alternative for those not keen on the band.
Adam12 put on a great show. With a full house, the lighting and tunes they play,
its an experience.

Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Mar 16 08:19:29 2006
stopped goin to ol furnace for a while, now back into it an lovin it. stayin
upstairs mostly, the rnb room is back and rocks, needs sound- proof door again
though. best DJ ever aswell, Adam 12 bit old now- maybe some new songs and
shorter sets would have people wanting more:-)
club kitten, Cranbourne, Fri Mar 10 14:16:49 2006
Adam 12
It's close to home, and pumps out some good bloody music for a nite of fun.
Trsy, Dandenong, Fri Mar 3 03:10:06 2006
Adam 12
went to furnace last night, b4 that jhavent been in about 1 month. Why has the
crowd gone feral? and why was i charged 10 bucks before 9pm? not happy furnace!
and it wasent that packed either?
bec, cranbourne, Sat Feb 25 17:45:52 2006
Adam 12
Friday at Furnace, first timer! Had a great time. Ma Gal Pals and I went down,
we wanted to see exactly what goes down in the South East! First time seeing
Adam12, they're delicious! Talk about a hot band! ROCK ON! Great drink prices,
and friendly people. Waited in line for a bit cos it was busy, but well worth
waiting!!! Big Thumbs up, we'll be there this week!!!
Josie and the Pussycats, Hawthorn, Mon Feb 20 15:36:00 2006
Adam 12
Had the best time Friday night, don't care what they say about adam12, those men
know how to please a crowd! Freakin awesome band! stayed there until they kicked
us out! haha, best night is ages. Cheers.
Micky, Mt Waverley, Sun Feb 19 16:24:43 2006
lots of people and great music
Angela, KooWeeRup, Fri Feb 17 17:15:59 2006
Adam 12
saw adam12 at furnace on friday and they did play a few more older 'rockier'
songs. seems they may have responded to recent comments maybe??
i've heard most of their dance tracks and i reckon its a fine line. some tracks
sound alright but some are pathetic and should defenitly be left to the dj's
b-mac, nazza, Thu Feb 16 13:40:34 2006
Adam 12
Munted, I totally agree with you!! (except the part about the sad fans) Adam 12
are getting so boring. The DJ kicks arse.. I used to love going there, but
listening to the SAME songs EVERY friday night gets so boring. Maybe if Adam12
updated their song choice i would start going again. 'The Fonzz' maybe you
should try and get Adam12 back to Frostbites if you like them so much??
South East Suburbs, Mon Jan 30 12:50:47 2006
Adam 12
Lourette, you've nailed it mate! I used to go to Frostbites on Wednesdays, when
Adam12 were there, hot people, great drinks and I really liked listening and
rocking with Adam12, now, the place is dull. Leave Adam12 at Furnace if you want
the place to be in business, otherwise, they will take those 'sad fans' with
them where they go and Furnace will be crap and go broke. I'm no businessman,
but just stating the obvious. And Munted, don't call me sad, man, I'm a fan!!!!
The Fonzz, Hallam, Sun Jan 29 22:04:06 2006
Adam 12
Munted, Furnace is nothing without Adam12 12 and their 'sad fans', those sad
fans bring business to furnace, thus making it a full house almost every week.
If you don't like it, go elsewhere! Some people go there to see a band, not just
hear repetitive music from DJ's !!!
Lourette., Narre Warren, Sun Jan 29 21:56:37 2006
Adam12, one word for em is OLD NEWS. They have been there for a good 3 years now
and i personally think they should move on and hopefulli take all there sad fans
with them. If furnace was just 2 hav dj's, would be so much beta club.Thanx pplz
Munted, Hallam, Sun Jan 29 17:21:54 2006
Adam 12
Luke and Not Happy - why would Furnace change anything on a Friday? Its going
great and you'd be crazy to change a winning formula. Yes, we'd all like cheap
drinks but it ain't going to happen when its pumping.
John, Berwick, Fri Jan 20 03:05:21 2006
Adam 12
Furnace need to have realistic drink prices they have so many people come
through on fridays why not drop some of the drink prices untill midnight or
Not Happy, Fri Jan 20 02:33:58 2006
here here alex well said! ... Furnace should bring back the surf dogs b4 adam 12
start! because they rocked!! go surf dogs!
Luke, Home, Fri Jan 20 02:28:00 2006
Adam 12
... and another thing ... Steve - To Adam12's and other coverbands defense, it's
not about singing/playing 'correct' per say, it's about diversity in sound ...
any musician understands that it's not about copying the sound from a song, it's
about making it your own in your own way. That's what coverbands do... songs do
not need to be performed perfectly, the great thing about hearing a live band
... it's raw, they make mistakes and they don't sound identical to the actual
song. bands, ... keep doing what you do!!!
Alex, Berwick, Mon Jan 16 19:25:20 2006
Adam 12
People go to Furnace to see a band, some people go just to see Adam12 - fair
enough. Others go just for the DJ's... fair enough - everyone has different
tastes. Others enjoy hearing Love Generation and Voodoo Child and other 'DJ
produced' songs covered by bands .... that's why coverbands play them, people go
nuts when coverbands play such songs. The fact is this, coverbands play what
people want to hear! Adam12 and others do not sound exactly like the actual
song, so there is an element of creativity that comes with playing 'DJ songs'.
If you do not want to hear Adam12 sing Love Generation and Voodoo Child, block
your ears or wait until the DJ comes along, some of us actually enjoy hearing
Alex, Berwick, Mon Jan 16 19:18:48 2006
Adam 12
johnny i agree 100% with you! i have been going to furnace for a while now and
adam 12 are getting worse!!! they play songs like voodoo child and the veronicas
and the new song love generation. those types of songs should be kept for the
dj to play!! adam 12 ruin these songs and the only ppl that like it are the
drunk girls up the front. they should stick to the classics and the rock songs
for sure!!!!
leah, narre warren, Sun Jan 15 18:55:59 2006
went to Furnace forget the band Dj Phil G was greatness! cant wait 4 next week!
nikki, cbd, Sat Jan 14 19:33:26 2006
Hmmm, I don't agree Sim, sure Play-Doh are alright, talented, but Adam12 bring
the place down! Can't beat Adam12! SOOOO loooking forward to seeing them
tonight! Gorgeous boys!
Lindsay, Mt Waverley, Fri Jan 13 20:44:29 2006
Went to Furnace last Friday!! Have to say i like Play-Doh soooo much better!!
There songs are heaps better!!
Does anyone know where they usually play????? Thanx..
sim, Fri Jan 13 12:53:56 2006
Adam 12
Spaaanks Mad Max :) ... I'm like, so out of it, I should have looked on their
website. xo
Girls just wanna have fun, Hallam, Tue Jan 10 22:14:03 2006
Adam 12
Girls just wanna have fun,
I am pretty sure Adam 12 are just having a well deserved holiday. They'll be
Mad Max, Tue Jan 10 00:27:56 2006
Adam 12
Where was Adam12 on Friday? Wasn't the same without them!
Girls just wanna have fun, Hallam, Mon Jan 9 13:14:06 2006
Im homsick at the monement just woundering why isnt there a site about the
stamford, its like the old hallam!!!! it goes off, i love furnance too mis that
place! whats it like now havent been in oz for a year. so tell us whats happenin
at furnance and stamford me love both! are there any familar people still at
furnace who were there at the star when it first open? is it much better now?
Matt, London, UK, Wed Dec 7 20:39:25 2005
Furnace niteclub
Adam 12
Melbourne’s No. 1 coverband now live onstage from 10pm
Friday nights @ Furnace Nightclub
Biggest night in Victoria!!
Recently received awards for...
Biggest Friday Night
Best Suburban Venue
Best Band Night
It does not get better than this
Come & see for yourself
Over 1000 people
Adam 12 will be putting on a powerhouse performance
Get in early, to avoid disappointment. Doors open 9pm
Rob M on the decks spinning the best house & dance
Westfield Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, Magid Drive, Narre Warren

Furnace, Westfield Fountain Gate, Wed Oct 26 22:47:44 2005
Adam 12
Jemina its not techno. its all dance and when there is like 40 mins left they
play hard house
adrian, berwick, Wed Oct 19 22:55:32 2005
Adam 12
Jimmy, yes they do play techno crap at furnace now. After the band has finished
they have started playing all the crap. I much prefer the band to the music
they play at furnace. Gotta say though it's still a great environment and i
love going down there to check out my boys!!
Jemima, ROWVILLE, Wed Oct 19 08:55:30 2005
Adam 12
went down to furnace on fri, thinking it would be quiet due to caufield up, and
phillip island on the weekend.
it was full house. what the hell is going on, this rocks!
bec, harkaway, Mon Oct 17 11:18:42 2005
Adam 12
"techno crap"? jess, they don't play techno at furnace. maybe a touch of house.
i reckon its great that the band is going earlier. i prefer the dj to the band.
Jimmy, Hallam, Thu Oct 13 00:32:49 2005
Adam 12
why is adam 12 starting at 10 now. that sucks!!! some people cant get to the
club til 10:30 or 11. does that mean that they will play rnb later on or just
the techno crap all night!!!
jess, narre warren, Wed Oct 12 21:31:38 2005
Adam 12
Furnace niteclub
Adam 12
Melbourne’s No. 1 coverband now live onstage from 10pm
Friday nights @ Furnace Nightclub
Biggest night in Victoria!!
Recently received awards for...
Biggest Friday Night
Best Suburban Venue
Best Band Night
It does not get better than this
Come & see for yourself
Over 1000 people
Adam 12 will be putting on a powerhouse performance
Get in early, to avoid disappointment. Doors open 9pm
Rob M on the decks spinning the best house & dance
Westfield Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, Magid Drive, Narre Warren

Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Wed Oct 12 02:44:32 2005
Adam 12
Went down to Furnace last Friday. That place is on fire at the moment. The full
house sign has been out for at least the last six weeks. Good type of crowd too.
No troubles, just fun. It would have to be the biggest club night in Melbourne
right now. The photos will be up soon and the new dance room isn't too far away
now either.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Oct 7 02:37:38 2005
Adam 12
I love Adam12! They are the best band ever and they are all such nice guys!
Cheeky, Essendon, Fri Oct 7 01:37:01 2005
Adam 12
Ok guys, you asked for the best, you got the best, it's right here.
The biggest night in the state of Voctoria. FURNACE FRIDAYS. with a full house
of 1250 people each week by 11pm, and another 800 people waiting to get in.
Great music, fantastic people, and awesome crowd. Why the hell would you not
come? Be early.. very early, to avoid dissapointment. Doors open 9pm. See you
Furnace, Fountain Gate, Mon Oct 3 00:22:41 2005
Adam 12
Hey all, went to Furnace on Friday, had to find out what this hype was about.
I've not seen Adam12 before (I know, I know girls, where have I been! ;) WHAT A
BAND, they're gorgeous... and talented. I was really impressed. The venue was
fantastic, friendly crowd and nice bar staff (Thumbs up to the boys!) I'll
definitely be going back again. Even though we waited for 45 minutes outside cos
it was a full house, it was ace!
Bregita, Brighton, Sun Oct 2 11:56:29 2005
Adam 12
Max Moose congratulates Furnace Friday for its results in
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Best New Night, Best Band Night, Best Friday Night, Best
suburban venue, Runner up best night, Runner up best suburban night, Runner up
best new venue, 3rd best venue, an Hon. mention in best mainstream night, and an
Hon. mention in best place to pick up.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 04:48:06 2005
Mr Moose, I am not very happy with Furnace. They didn't tell me that Glenn from
Big Brother was going to be there last Friday. I check into Max Moose every week
to find out what is on there, and they didn't post anything to this page or send
an Email. Can you make them do it next time please?
Jemma, Berwick, Mon Sep 19 19:08:26 2005
Adam 12
$@^&*' Awesome night on Friday! Great band Adam12, hot people, good drink prices
... what more could ya ask for? Best night in town. Cheers
Batman and Robin, South East, Mon Sep 19 17:45:57 2005
Adam 12
Love it. Full house, Adam12, Welcoming atmosphere, people
JL, Boronia, Mon Sep 19 06:33:46 2005
Adam 12
its good to go and drink and have a good time with ur friends and its local
thats the best part
stace, berwick, Fri Sep 9 04:55:16 2005
Adam 12
Unbelievable night at Furnace last Friday. It was the first full house there in
ages. Brilliant crowd and atmosphere inside, the best atmoshere in Melbourne for
a mainstream night.
Its taken a couple of years, but they've set the dress standards right and its
come good. It was the best looking crowd I've ever seen there.
They've spent a bit on new lighting, and the new DJ is very good. He plays a
very good mix of top 40, commercial house, and favourites.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Sep 1 06:38:14 2005
went down 2 furnace friday nite, pretty pact.But seriously i felt old and im
only 20.
COHF, Hallam, Mon Aug 15 17:32:54 2005
Adam 12
THIS WEEK12th August
Melbournes BIGGEST Friday Night. SurfDogs & Adam 12 Pumping out the biggest
party tunes.
DJ ROB M Playing all the best R N B - House & Commercial Dance, to get you right
of your FEET!.
TRAFFIC LIGHT PARTYPurchase A Bacardi Breezer for you to get your glowstick.
Playstation 2 Given out, Hats, and other free merchandise! more information is
on at . Every 4 Bacardi Breezer's you purchase, you win a
prize. That easy!
Free Entry b4 9.30. Or 10pm if you register yourself on the doorlist @
Melbournes biggest party night is right here, with over 1000 people, you would
be crazy to go else were! See you there! :)
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Wed Aug 10 12:32:39 2005
bring back adam 12 play-doh = pain-ful!!
fletch, narre, Tue Aug 9 15:01:03 2005
Adam 12
Massive week at Furnace this week. We are giving away a $2000 snowboard, thanks
to Vodka Cruiser. Be there to see if you are the lucky person! Surf Dogs on
stage at 10pm to warm you up, followed by Melbourne's best coverband Adam12. Rob
M also playing the best House & Commercial Dance. Dozer playing the R & B hits
Furnace, Narre Warren, Mon Jul 25 23:40:24 2005
08.07Vodka Cruiser Snowboard
Adam 12
Surf Dogs on stage from 10pm to warm you up followed by the legendary....
Adam 12
Melbourne’s No. 1 coverband
Plus DJ Disco Dave plays all the biggest house, commercial & top 40 with DJ
Dozer playing all the biggest R&B hits early.
Free entry b4 9.30 - $4 basic spirits & $5 Vodka Cruisers B4 10.30pm
This Weekend’s Specials
Massive Malibu Chill promoAll Malibu Chills $5 Friday (8.7) & Saturday (9.7)
night from 11pm. Your chance to win with Malibu Chill.
This Friday enter the draw to win a snowboard thanks to Vodka Cruiser. Plus
drinkcards to be won.
Free entry to all Max Moose readers with password “Moose” before 10.30.

Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Thu Jul 7 05:30:15 2005
I rekon Rove haha has a point, i work at the shoppin centre and spend all my
time there, coz it rocks, so thats y furnace is my choice. If i could live there
i would
The Devmister, Narre South, Mon Jul 4 20:00:04 2005
My name is actually Mat, but i look like Rove, so keep and eye out 4 me and say
hi, id like to say furnace rocks my spot. Ive been going a fair bit latly, and
say its off its tits, for all u kidies out there, u will enjoy
Rove Ellis, Dandy North, Mon Jul 4 19:50:03 2005
I wish they hadnt destoyed this joint when they converted to furnace, it needs
the serperate upstairs room, u cant escape from adam bloody 12 now. jeez you
stuffed up wen it was a rip snorter time when it was brass!
Furnace Hater, Hallam, Sun Jul 3 21:50:48 2005
Adam 12
Surf Dogs on stage from 10pm to warm you up followed by the legendary....
Adam 12
Melbourne’s No. 1 coverband
Plus DJ Disco Dave plays all the biggest house, commercial & top 40 with DJ
Dozer playing all the biggest R&B hits early
Free entry b4 9.30 - $4 basic spirits & $5 Vodka Cruisers B4 10.30pm
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Thu Jun 30 07:44:42 2005
Furnace was awesome this week! My friends and i love the drink specials before
10:30pm. Need to play a bit more r&b but. Stuff bringing back the old Brass.
Furnace is so much better! Will be back again soon! :)
Jesska, Mon Jun 27 09:40:32 2005
the surfdogs are a top coverband. good atmosphere, reasonably priced drinks, and
a nice setup. good place to catch up with mates.
michael, berwick, Fri Jun 24 02:34:44 2005
Adam 12
I enjoy going to Furnace on a Friday night because of the ratio of women to men
and also its rather local to me and my mates.
Peter, Keysborough, Tue Jun 21 05:00:17 2005
Adam 12
Folks, we have finally posted the photos from the other week. Go to the photos
page for a look.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Jun 20 03:46:52 2005
completely agree marcus adam 12 are rubbish and spoil what would be a good club
at furnace..missy get over wheeleres its not that good city clubs rock
tristan, narre warren, Sat Jun 18 13:50:48 2005
Tod, We have a fairly straight-forward policy here. We want positive comment and
not negative comment. Regretably, too many people that were knocked back by
clubs used to come in here and take revenge by making up all sorts of stuff, and
that was reducing the accuracy/credibility of the forum. It can be hard to judge
which criticism is constructive and what criticism is imaginary. We've been
doing this for six years now and the formula works. The policy won't be changed.
However, please tell us about the places you do like.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Jun 9 16:57:17 2005
Hmmmm Looking through the messages left on this site i can only speculate that
Maxmoose has a Bias basted site. I could hardly find any negative comments about
any club or pub. How are people suppost to make a descision on which club to
venture to when there not getting the full story. Be brave Maxmoose and leave at
least a coulpe of negative points up.
Tod Gains, Narre Warren North, Thu Jun 9 15:21:38 2005
Adam 12
Went down to Furnace last Friday. It was a great night. Big crowd, getting
younger and looking good. It was kind of wierd to notice that the guys are
putting in more effort fashion-wise than they have ever done there.
There's a real buzz about the Rumba Room returning.
We took heaps of photos, but are a bit behind in posting them. We'll upload them
as soon as we find a second.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Jun 9 09:19:56 2005
Look, datz just my opinion.U hav 1 too.the new upstairs room should b
house/techno/rnb, dat would b awesome.
Bring The Old Brass Bak, Hallam, Wed Jun 8 21:11:49 2005
bring the old brass back, why do i think you either work at blitz or get knocked
back from furnace? if your serious, ive got one piece of advice for you. if you
don't like it stop going. a lot of us love it and think the band is great. that
is why so many of us go every week.
Tim, Narre Warren, Mon Jun 6 02:35:14 2005
Bring The Old Brass Bak, you have to be kidding, right? That many spelling
mistakes makes it look like you're pulling our legs.
I'm one of the few that remain from the Brass Monkey days. You wouldn't really
want to go back to the Brass days. Furnace is so much cleaner and safer.
I don't know how you can say its the same old people. Most of the Hallam and
Brass bogans have gone and whilst there is the odd familiar face there, most
have been replaced with younger people than me.
I think Furnace is going along ok but the talk about reinstating the upstairs
room is what it needs.
Rebecca, Berwick, Mon Jun 6 00:05:33 2005
Went to furnace on friday nite, sori to say but was really disapointed. but hey,
been there a few times and been disapointed then to. same old people, same old
cover band. adam12 really need a new play list. dont mean to be rude but they
actually ruion songs.
Bring The Old Brass Bak, Hallam, Sun Jun 5 21:41:43 2005
Adam 12
Surf Dogs and ADAM12 really have the place jumpin every Friday night. There are
some huge things comin up in the next few weeks at Furnace including trhe
reopening of the Rumba Room upstairs. This week we are giving all students Free
entry before 10pm with Student ID so you can have a great night out before Exams
start. Also $4 Basics and Cruisers before 10.30.
Last week DJ Dave gave away tickets to Dirty Dancing and the crowd had a ball.
Dont miss out on the biggest Friday in town. Be early to avoid the queue. DJ
Dozer plays R&B before 10, followed by Surf Dogs then ADAM12 bring it home. All
the latest Dance and Top 40 from DJ Disco Dave makes Furnace the complete
Furnace, narre Warren, Wed Jun 1 17:01:34 2005
Went to furnace last night to meet up with some friends, adam 12 were good fun,
entertained not only with their music... also the crowd was good with security
presence everywhere. all in all great night out and would recommend!
Scott, Dandenong, Sat May 28 14:45:56 2005
Adam 12
id just like to say that i am a regular to the furnace and i luv it. i think
that it is a great local place therefore it is cheap to catch a cab home. i
dont want to move out the square coz i luv the square that i am in. friday
nights are great at furnace. i must admit i was dissapointed in last weeks 8o's
night. i was expecting the band to play all 8o's music (well thats what i
thought anyway) and what is with the band playing signs by snoop. I HATE that
song!! But i still luv the furance and will still go there on friday nights
along with many other happy people!!!
kylie, Thu May 19 20:34:53 2005
Adam 12
It's interesting to read the comments from people regading Furnace. Whilst there
are a lot of new faces at the venue we still hope that we can give everyone in
the area a great night out. There have been a lot of changes at the venue over
the years but the main core element that was always the case since Brass Monkey
is this. We want to give the people the best looking Venue, best bands, dj's,
bar staff and clubbing experience in Melbourne.
In the last few weeks we have given away Kylie tickets, Apple Ipods, Esky's, T
Shirts plus heaps more. ADAM12 and the Surf Dogs are the best at what they do.
The crowd that comes in has a great time and as far as people urging others that
its time to move on well, I say no its not. We have some even bigger things
planned over the next few months so watch this space.
This Friday we continue to bring you the biggest Friday in Melbourne and we have
$4 Basics and $4 Cruisers till 10.30. Join us for another huge night at the
Furnace, Fountain Gate, Thu May 19 18:20:45 2005
Adam 12
love the music, adam 12 and the surf dogs on a friday night they are awsome
Erin, Melbourne, Thu May 19 06:50:02 2005
I think what Greg is trying to say is every week its the same flaming people
saying the same they said the last time they came on here. Ive only ever been
there twice. Now the venue is pretty good but i think I was over Adam 12 after
about 3 songs. The DJ was an awesome releif coz the band really sucked! sorry if
your a die hard fan, but hey, Get over it. After all, they are only a cover
band, who I might add play songs from bands who frequent our great town of
Melbourne which you can go out and see live. But that will take effort and
getting out of comfort zones.
Hessie, Glen Iris, Tue May 17 22:09:28 2005
Surf Dogs
Its interesting that you say it shames you to see so many people turning up week
after week, that says to me that you are there week after week. Maybe you should
take some of your own advice and live outside the square?? As for me i like
Furnace and like Greg i never went to Brass Monkeys. The bands are awesome and
music the same!! Cheap drinks, close to home what more could you want. Sorry
just had to have a say!!!
Sim, Tue May 17 20:44:21 2005
Adam 12
the atmosphere on a friday night is ace, dance music to get the night started
followed by two great cover bands that play all the music me and my mates love.
kelly, berwick, Tue May 17 05:48:43 2005
Adam 12
People go where people are! and Furnace is always full on Friday, well over 1000
people turn up because they know they are guaranteed a good night out. Adam 12
was voted one of the best cover bands in Melbourne and the DJ's mix some of the
freshest tunes this side of the city. We are lucky to have a venue of this size
so far away from Melbourne now that WB's is no more!!
DJT, Seaford, Sun May 15 18:38:45 2005
Adam 12
The thing you don't get is that most of us never went to Brass Monkeys. We were
too young. I came in at the end of Brass. It was okay, but the crowd had a few
bogans. Since they called it Furnace, the crowd is much better. Besides which,
there aren't too many good places out there on a Friday, so why travel miles
when its good near home and you can cab it.
Greg, Narre Warren Nth, Sun May 15 18:27:36 2005
Adam 12
Isn't it about time people moved on from Brass Monkeys, sorry Brass, sorry again
Furnace. It shames me to see people still turning up to this place week after
week. Live outside the square you live in.
TIME 2 MOVE ON!!!, Narre Warren Sth, Sun May 15 17:18:24 2005
Adam 12
This Friday we have an 80's Glow Traffic Light Party
You get a Green glowstick for available, Orange for taken but interested, Red
for unavailable. Plus we want everyone to dress up in 80's theme for a special
ADAM12 80's Party. The boys will be Dressing up in 80's gear to perform and we
have heaps of giveaways for everyone who dresses in 80's theme. You get free
entry b4 10pm if you are in 80's costume. This will be a really fun night and it
all starts with Surf Dogs @10pm
$4 Basics and $5 Cruisers till 10.30.
Fridays @ Furnace are HUGE so be early to enjoy this weeks special 80's Glow
Traffic Party.
Furnace, Narre Warren, Thu May 12 11:30:39 2005
Adam 12
great drinks, great people, great music. just a great night out
Sarah, Narre Warren, Thu May 12 05:28:16 2005
Adam 12
This week we have a huge night with Surf Dogs onstage at 10pm followed by ADAM12
at 11. Also we have a huge Vodka Cruiser promo where someone will win an apple
Ipod and someone will win an huge esky from Vodka Cruiser. Free entry password
Moose before 10pm.
Melbournes biggest Friday night at Furnace. We have even more surprises coming
in the next few weeks so make sure you dont miss out on a great nite out.
Furnace, Narre Warren, Fri Apr 29 01:42:28 2005
Adam 12
Absolutely awesome night down at Furnace last Friday. Very busy, and the best
looking crowd I've seen there (don't know if that was due to the long weekend).
In fact, it was the best looking club crowd I have seen anywhere recently
(didn't think I'd ever be saying that, but the management have really sorted the
place out). It is a pretty young crowd, and lots of fun.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Apr 28 06:06:59 2005
Adam 12
Good night at Furnace last Friday. Big crowd, even though the first cold night
for a while held it back a tiny touch. It was warm enough inside. Good
atmosphere. The crowd was pretty young, and out for a good time. Adam12 are
still the stars.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Apr 21 07:14:22 2005
it just goes off down at furnace all my mates go there on a friday. its just the
russell, berwick, Wed Apr 20 05:05:15 2005
Hey Guys, DJ Doza here from Furnace friday nights. alot of ppl ask me can we
play RnB. well i kick start the night with old school, hiphop and RnB. i only DJ
b4 the surfdogs come on then after surfdogs Disco Dave plays the house & dance
music so my suggestion is get there when it first opens. the bigger the crowd is
the better my set is so come support me when im playing and get there when it
Allan 'DJ Doza' Pennant, Narre Warren, Mon Apr 18 13:27:04 2005
Adam 12
2 Nyt we see the Surf Dogs return after a weeks holiday. Adam12 fire up straight
after that. This week we have a massive Canadian Club Promo .
$4basics & $5 Canadian Club before 10.30.
Free entry with password "Huge" before 10.00pm. Get down early to avoid the
queue. Melbournes biggest Friday grows every week.
Promotions, Narre Warren, Fri Apr 15 16:35:03 2005
Its soooo funny to read the crap going on between billboards and next blue. I
mean if all you care about is who looks good and who is cool then please get a
life! There are plenty of clubs that just have people havin a good time. Furnace
on Friday, Twister on Sat Frosties on Thurs just to name a few.
Half the post's put up are rubbish where one club is slagging off another. Yes
Ben has to remove post's because they are malicious and unfounded. This forum
does not seem to have many fued's between other clubs going on. It just seems to
be between Billboards and Next Blue. How about they both just grow up. Dale &
Danny left BB's for a reason. Just as they left Spy Lounge before that. Yes they
took a club that was crap and made it big, then they moved on. But remember
people go where people are and once they got a good base crowd the rest
followed. If you dont get into a club then tough, go somewhere else its not like
there are not plenty of other good clubs around. But I am a bit sick of the
constant bickering between these venues.
Bec, Knox, Thu Apr 14 12:23:24 2005
Adam 12
I like because its a good atmosphere, good music, good band. all out great place
to party.
Kira-Lee, Pakenham, Mon Apr 11 06:46:34 2005
Adam 12
Its just so much fun to go to the bands are great
amanda, keysborough, Wed Apr 6 05:42:45 2005
Adam 12
Another huge night 2nyt @ Furnace. Surf Dogs hit the stage @ 10pm playin toe
tappin tunes. Then the awesome ADAM12 raise the roof with the best set in
Melbouirne. If you have not seen these guys in action then you are missing out.
In fact if you have not been down to Furnace on a Friday night you are definatly
missing the biggest Friday in Town!
Also we draw the winners of the Kylie concert tickets.
Last week the Easter Bunny had a ball and the atmosphere was electric so dont
delay, dont miss out, JUST BE THERE. Get down early to avoid the queue and say
MAX MOOSE for free entry before 10.00pm
$5 Cruisers and $4 Basics before 10.30pm
Furnace, Narre Warren, Fri Apr 1 11:07:02 2005
Furry-nace, I am surprised you didn't make the password Mooster Bunny! That
would have been enormoose!
Anonymoose, Fri Mar 25 16:04:57 2005
Adam 12
Tonight Melbourne's biggest Friday Continues at Furnace.
Surf Dogs onstage @10pm to warm you all up. Then ADAM12 light up the stage in
another steaming show. Plus the last chance to win Kylie Minogue Tickets. Just
fill in the entry form at the door and you could be seeing Kylie Minogue with 2
free tickets.
Also Huge, in fact Massive Cougar Promo with a chance to win a Sony Playstation.
All this plus $5 Cruisers & $4basic spirits before 10.30. But wait you still
want more?
Well DJ Disco Dave will once again keep the dance floor packed and the podiums
Free entry before 10pm Just say "MOOSE". Get onboard the Biggest Friday in town
Furnace, Narre Warren, Fri Mar 25 14:23:46 2005
Adam 12
i love friday at furnace bcoz adam 12 are awesome and they play there
becky, hampton park, Mon Mar 21 05:23:29 2005
Adam 12
Hey clubbers, hope you have all recovoured from the long weekend.
Make sure you get down to Furnace this Friday night to catch the Surf Dogs early
plus the ALMIGHTY ADAM12.
Once again this week you have a chance to get 2 tickets to see KYLIE MINOGUE in
concert. Plus we have $5 Cruisers and $4 basic Spirits before 10.30.
Find out why Friday nights at Furnace is the place to be seen. Free entry before
10pm just mention MAX MOOSE. People go where people are , and everyone's at
Furnace, Narre Warren, Thu Mar 17 18:07:38 2005
Adam 12
...with the return of the legendary Surf-Dogs on stage from 10pm
Followed by.... Adam 12, Melbourne’s No. 1 coverband
Free entry B4 10pm with password “Max Moose”
$5 Vodka Cruisers & $4 basic spirits B4 10.30pm
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Tue Mar 8 06:38:53 2005
Adam 12
Tonight get down for your chance to win a double pass to Kylie Minogues SOLD OUT
concert. Plus ADAM12 Plus $5 Cruisers Plus $4 Basic spirits before 10.30
Plus you get FREE entry b4 1030 with password Kylie.
Melbourne's biggest FRIDAY night right here at FURNACE see you all there.
Furnace, Narre Warren, Fri Mar 4 12:02:39 2005
all my friends are there and its mad!! i have an awesome time everytime i go.
emily, narre warren, Fri Mar 4 04:51:40 2005
Once again the w/e is approaching. Fri night the Surf Dogs reappear onstage
@10pm followed by the Superstars ADAM12. $5 Cruisers and $4 Basics before
Free entry with the p/wrd "Max Moose" B4 10pm. Get in early to avoid the queue.
See why this is the biggest Friday in town over 1000 people every week know the
secret already!
Furnace, Narre Warren, Thu Feb 24 10:33:21 2005
luvd da live band playing and had awsom time wit m8s dancing n singin 2 songs we
hav always partied 2
Joshua, harkaway, Wed Feb 23 03:43:22 2005
Popped in to Furnace late last Friday to see what all the fuss was about. It was
going off. Big crowd in. Its good to see that this years crop of 18 year olds
have the right spirit. Plenty of 19-23s in too, and a few familiar older faces.
I'm told they're getting in earlier now, mainly to see acoustic duo Two Dogs in
action. Adam12 brings it home.
I'm hearing good things about the place again, and saw them last Friday. I think
they might have a good 2005.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Feb 18 03:18:31 2005
Once again get down to Furnace. People go where people R. And everybody is at
This week Surf Dogs on stage from 10pm followed by ADAM12.
Free entry B4 10pm for MAX MOOSE Heads with password Moose! Drink specials B4
1030. Kick start your W/E at Melbournes Biggest Friday Night. C U There.
Furnace, Narre Warren, Wed Feb 9 22:31:04 2005
adam12 is a great band the dj is good. they always have sum kinda competition
going when u buy ur drinks at the bar or one of the drinks that u like is half
price. great atmosphere and u really get to party. its great i love it.....
KL, pakenham, Tue Feb 8 03:54:32 2005
Last week was a record crowd at Furnace!
Melbourne’s South East once again partied harder than anywhere.
This week should be even bigger. Be early to avoid the queues! & if you’re there
b4 10 mention “Max Moose” for free entry...

...with the return of the legendary Surf-Dogs on
stage from 10pm
Followed by.... Adam 12, Melbourne’s No. 1 coverband
Free entry B4 10pm with password “Max Moose”
$5 Vodka Cruisers & $4 basic spirits B4 10.30pm
Plus all new pool tables and Daytona machine. Be early for Melbourne's biggest
Friday Night at Furnace.
Furnace, Westfield Fountain Gate, Thu Feb 3 02:59:33 2005
Went to Furnace last Friday and had the best time. Huge crowd, heaps of hot
guys, and great music. I loved the early band.
The crowd is so much better there now than it used to be.
Jen, Berwick, Thu Feb 3 01:59:41 2005
i like the people who go there
belch, cranbourne, Wed Feb 2 05:06:48 2005
Once again we crank up the party early at Furnace this Friday night. The Surf
Dogs on stage @10pm followed by ADAM 12 at 11pm. $5 cruisers & $4 Basic Spirits
till 10.30
Free entry this week with the p/word Surf Dogs b410pm
Also new pool tables upstairs.
Come and be part of the biggest party in Melbourne every Friday Night.
Furnace, Narre Warren, Wed Jan 26 20:54:44 2005
Went down to Furnace last Fri nite, had a great time!! Have to say that the
'Surf Dogs' were awesome, coulda listen to them all night.. Definately will be
going back to see them again!! :)
Sim, Mon Jan 24 11:34:36 2005
Adams angel, who ever gave you that information is so far off the mark its not
funny. Adam 12 are back from holidays this week and are not going anywhere. In
fact Fridays are getting bigger with the Surf Dogs returning every Friday night
from 10 starting next week. ADAM 12 were approached by a run down club looking
to launch a Friday but they do not want to leave the biggest Friday in town.
Hope to see you there tonight.
Furnace, Narre Warren, Fri Jan 14 15:12:58 2005
I heard Adam 12 are leaving furnace on fridays cause the crowd is dying ? does
anyone know where they are going ?
adams angel, Fri Jan 14 14:30:59 2005
We travel around an hour to get there. It's the closest place that rocks! we
started out as Metrik fans and after they left, we switched to Adam12. We love
them both. So It's fridays at furnace and occasionaly Saturdays at Roumors.
Just to see both!
Amanda, Warragul, Wed Jan 12 04:18:16 2005
Went to Furnace last week, Adam12 were on holidays so 'The Machine' filled in
for them, i have to say they were pretty good, Will be happy to see Adam12 next
week tho. Cya then!!
Sim, Mon Jan 10 16:20:57 2005
No worrries, Sim.
James Bond, Melb, Sat Jan 8 02:07:18 2005
Thanks James!! I'll have a look :)
Sim, Fri Jan 7 08:38:49 2005
hey guys, heard machine b4-they do a great gig, but the main reason ill be going
2 furnace this friday night is not for the music, its for the ladies
bennyjars, longwarry, Thu Jan 6 18:32:59 2005
Ok so who's this Machine band?? Apparently they are really good!!
Sim, Thu Jan 6 15:51:42 2005
I don't know if you people remember Rob Thomas? He was with Adam12 then left and
was replaced by Daniel. THE MACHINE is Rob's new band... and they're very
Mechayla, South Yarra, Mon Jan 3 12:35:14 2005
The Machine... not a bad band. Very talented group. They will not disappoint
however, the punters who are used to Adam12 may find that Machine does not live
up to Adam12. My opinion, anyways.
James Bond, Melb, Mon Jan 3 12:19:26 2005
friday nite a band called machine r playin and adam 12 will be bak the
following week. has anyone heard of them???
jodie, Sun Jan 2 23:20:58 2005
does anyone know who is playing at furnace this friday night? adam12 is on
holidays for a week and furnace never lets anyone know about it until you end up
paying the door charge. dont think its worth going on friday if its not going
to be entertaining, but maybe they have something special lined up like last
Steph, Narre, Sat Jan 1 23:00:28 2005
Havent been here in ages. Good to see people that i havent seen in ages too:) It
wasnt a bad night. They need to play more R'n'B though. Ill prob head there
again some time soon and rip it up again;)
Brad, E Hills, Mon Dec 27 13:36:42 2004
good ppl, good atmosphere close and cheap
ab, endeavour hills, Fri Dec 24 05:08:34 2004
It's local, has great music and hot cover band, Adam 12!
Meags, Berwick, Thu Dec 23 04:06:55 2004
furnace is really good because they play heaps of cool music... and Adam 12 are
sooo good...
Taryn, cranbourne west, Wed Dec 22 04:36:11 2004
Adam 12, Melbourne’s No. 1 coverband
and the return of My Room
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Fri Dec 17 02:21:12 2004
Melbourne’s biggest FRIDAY
Adam 12, Melbourne’s No. 1 coverband
and the return of My Room
Furnace, Westfield Fountain Gate, Thu Dec 9 07:02:45 2004
Furnace goes off, cant believe how much better it is now!
Kate, Berwick , Tue Dec 7 10:42:36 2004
I lov adam 12 plus now i'm a regular, i have lots of friends there. Plus i know
most of the staff and sercuirty so i feel safe even if i go out on my own.
Heidi, Doveton, Fri Dec 3 02:17:53 2004
Great night at Furnace last Friday! Good crowd, both in number and appearance.
The crowd was in the best mood (post exams), which created a fantastic
atmosphere. I love this time of year. New photos now up.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Nov 25 06:25:48 2004
Furnace goes off on Friday Nights, Adam 12 and an awesome DJ, great atmosphere
and more than one bar...what more could you want?!?!
Lindsay, Berwick, Wed Nov 24 04:06:41 2004
Adam 12 play great music, from top 40 to the old classics from the 80's. close
to home, heaps of friends there every week.
Jodie, beaconsfield, Thu Nov 18 05:20:41 2004
I luv the atmosphere and Adam-12!
Renee, Drouin, Fri Nov 12 06:53:26 2004
Great crowds great music and Adam 12!!
Jess, Berwick, Thu Nov 11 05:56:16 2004
I have to agree with Brit. It was to warm and it did feel like the air
conditioner was not working. Apart from that my friends and I did have a good
nite coz Adam 12 were awesome!!!!
rachel, narre warren, Mon Nov 8 12:48:08 2004
Good bands famous people
Kev, Berwick, Mon Nov 8 06:30:10 2004
went to furnace on friday, good music from band allthough music from the dj
could improve and they need to use the airconditioner instead of the heater. it
was way too hot!! otherwise it was a great nite out.
brit, berwick, Sun Nov 7 22:34:42 2004
Furnace is heapsa fun on a Fri nite..... Alcoholic Icepoles are the best...
Lol.. $3 each!! Cya there 2moro nite!!
....., Thu Nov 4 13:14:28 2004
Friday at Furnace is one of the best spots for a awesome nite!! Drinks are of a
reasonable price & entry only $10. U'll definately be seeing me there 2nite!!!!
Cya xo
Sim, Fri Oct 29 09:06:08 2004
This FRIDAY October 29
the place to be on Friday Night!
Every Friday Night! Come and see the stars, the band and even win great prizes
all night.
Very BIG surprise guests this weekend!
Live, Melbourne’s greatest coverband
Adam 12
with DJ Disco Dave playing all your favourite party anthems, commercial dance,
funk, sexy R&B grooves and X-rated tunes all night
Bulge Fridays, the Footy Show’s very own “House of Bulger” stars just keep
appearing at Furnace.
Fridays have already made their mark with a mix of celebrities, such as Sam
Newman, Renee Henderson, Igor, Billy Brownless, Melbourne Storm, and the good
old Calrton and Essendon boys!
More Celebrity Visits Soon
This week, Robert ‘Millsy’ Mills performing live on stage (Monday, Cup Eve). We
have Idols, at least two big Big Brother guests, and a BIG surprise this
Furnace, Westfield Fountain Gate, Thu Oct 28 08:28:22 2004
I like their music and its fun
Danielle, Cranbourne, Wed Oct 27 02:29:04 2004
The atmosphere, the people, the music and especially the band are great a fun
place to be on a friday night.
Maria, Hallam, Thu Oct 21 08:23:51 2004
its close 2 home, great atmosphere, always know that you'll see someone there u
kristy, narre warren, Tue Oct 12 01:28:14 2004
hey stace i totally agree with you on furnace. its a gr8 place always fun all
the guys i know r cool although adam 12 are wearing a bit thin on me lol but
despite them i always have a gr8 night
sexy babe, narre warren, Mon Oct 11 21:07:12 2004
goes off every time, always a good crowd and music
Stace, Berwick , Sun Oct 10 18:12:53 2004
08.10Ladies Night
Your personal invitation to the SASSY NEW LADIES NIGHT this FRIDAY October 8, at
FURNACE, in the VIP Lounge, is available from the popup window.
Ladies night starts at 9pm and the VIP Lounge is exclusively yours ‘til 11.30.
perfect gift to all the girls
great entertainment
pampering from our staff
huge door prizes
complimentary drinks and chocolates on arrival.
best dressed wins the ultimate prize!!!
first 100 girls receive an awesome ‘show bag’ filled withsamples, flowers,
vouchers, gifts, lollies, accessories, make up bags, lip glosses, lanyards,
badges, coupons, condoms, perfumes, mirrors, tattoos, bottle openers, key rings,
hats, cocktail books, straws and more
free photos all night long
Chocolates... candles... Sex N the City... an abundance of couches to chill out
on, with your girls... Not to mention a bunch of sexy boys downstairs waiting to
flirt with you.
The first 100 girls to say the magic password ‘jo jo’ will receive a surprise.
Show the popup or Email for FREE entry before 10:00pm.
Hope to see you & all your girlfriends there. Don’t forget to say hi.
xox JO JO xox
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Wed Oct 6 03:38:19 2004
08.10Gift to the Girls
FRIDAY October 8
The first 150 girls to arrive before 10:30pm receive a FREE showbag packed full
of giveaways.
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Mon Oct 4 03:42:14 2004
luv this place its awesome always have fun. hot boys,good music,friendly locals
and a lil guy i know caled rakkas u r the best, girlsif u know him i recommend
sexy babe, narre warren, Sun Oct 3 23:07:34 2004
01.10Bodyline Calendar Launch
Furnace niteclub presents
This FRIDAY October 1
Bodyline Calendar Launch
Renee Henderson
Come and meet Australia’s sexiest models from BodylineRenee
Henderson from the Fooy Show & 3 other models. Photos, signings & calendar
FRIDAY October 8
Gift to the Girls
The first 150 girls to arrive before 10:30pm receive a FREE showbag packed full
of giveaways.
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Fri Oct 1 03:33:32 2004
great atmosphere and the band that plays that nite are awesome
dru, warragul, Thu Sep 30 13:36:34 2004
its a fun place to bo plus all my mates go!
jess, Nar Nar Goon, Wed Sep 29 03:30:45 2004
good live music by adam 12 and its close to home, spacious and not too over
carmen, pakenham, Wed Sep 29 00:40:43 2004
It's great there's always a great crowd on a friday night & the staff including
security are great I have gotten to know them well. The music is always pumping.
Heidi, Doveton, Mon Sep 27 22:17:45 2004
01.10Bodyline Calendar Launch
This Friday the BODYLINE Calendar Launch
"One for the boys"
Come and meet Australia's sexiest models from BodylineThe Footy
Show's Renee Henderson (Chelsea Biggs). Photos, signings and calendar giveaways.
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Mon Sep 27 15:40:35 2004
adam 12 are sexy and i love to come and see them every week. i love the
environment and enjoy spending my friday night there.
haylee, pakenham, Mon Sep 27 03:03:24 2004
24.09AFL GF Tix. M Roberts +
* Newsflash *
Carlton star Brendan Fevola has just confirmed that he will be adding to our
list of guests for tonight
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Fri Sep 24 18:10:11 2004
24.09AFL GF Tix, M Roberts
Furnace niteclub presents
This FRIDAY September 24
The pretty boy of the AFL...
Michael Roberts
from Channel Nine & a host of AFL stars
Plus your chance to win 2 Tickets to the AFL Grand Final
With the band Melbourne voted its favourite, Adam12, live and loud.
FRIDAY October 1
Bodyline Calendar Launch
Come and meet Australia’s sexiest models from BodylineRenee
Henderson from the Fooy Show. Photos, signings & calendar giveaways
FRIDAY October 8
Gift to the Girls
The first 150 girls to arrive before 10:30pm receive a FREE showbag packed full
of giveaways
Furance, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Fri Sep 24 17:52:19 2004
24.099s Michael Robrts GF Tix
This Friday, Sep 24th, join Channel Nine's Michael Roberts and a host of AFL
stars for your chance to win @ TICKETS TO THE GRAND FINAL.
Furnace, Westfield Fountain Gate, Wed Sep 22 02:16:10 2004
Aphro from Big Brother was at Furnace last Friday, so we went down there to do
some pics (which I think are online now). It was looking like yet another huge
night. Furnace's Friday is going from strength to strength.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Sep 16 04:31:49 2004
17.09Big Brother's Kane DJs
Furnace niteclub presents
This Friday September 17
Kane from Big Brother will rock it up with his DJ grooves, moves and style
Enjoy $4 Cowboys all night long!
With the Friday night game on the big screen and, the band Melbourne voted its
favourite, Adam12, live and loud.
We’ve added a little something more to the Gift to the Girls night, so it will
now be held October 8
We’re offering a special ticket price for next Wednesday’s Aussie Storm show
only if you’re at the venue this Friday or Saturday night. Girls make sure you
bring some extra cash for your tickets!
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Wed Sep 15 08:07:04 2004
17.09Kane from Big Bro DJs
This Friday the 17th will be HUGE!!! Spunky ’KANO’ from Big Brother is here
LIVE, to spin some tracks.
This night will be the perfect touch to Come and get your flirt on with KANE!
PLUS just to TEMPT the ladies we will be showing a small preview of AUSSIE STORM
on the live screen, who will be performing on WEDNESDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER. FREE
ENTRY TO THE BOYS AFTER 12PM...its the best place to met lovely ladies.
TIX’s on sale NOW...special offer for large bookings
Don’t forget the big screen with the Friday night game
We would like to thank My Room for the entertaining and spicy Virtual Flirt
Party we have experinced in the past weeks.
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Tue Sep 14 04:51:13 2004
Hey Mikey, Don't go knockin Jimbo, he's a good mate!! I agree its an improved
crowd, but more commercial rnb is definitely needed.
Zac, Berwick, Sun Sep 12 18:08:16 2004
Yeah I know what your sayin Sheridan they could at least have kept a room for
rnb like it used to be. The rnb room upstairs was always packed on Friday nights
for Brass Monkey. And it gave people options.
Peter , Narre Warren, Sun Sep 12 16:26:23 2004
Furnace has done a great job of reducing the number of the bogans. Why would you
want more RnB and bogan brew (Jim Beam) to encourage them back?
Mikey, Upper Beac, Sun Sep 12 03:14:23 2004
i just wanna complain about the music put some decent stuff on more r'n'b on and
get back the bottles of Jim Beam and Smiroff they are good drinks!
Kind regards
sheriden, hallam, Sun Sep 12 01:10:38 2004
Peter, the whole My Room thing is optional. Just go down there and you can have
a normal night if you like. Alternatively, they have a couple of computer
terminals where you can find the stickers with numbers. If you put a number on,
you can then enter your number to send and receive messages. If you see someone
with a number that you want to message, you go to the terminals and put in your
number and theirs, then pick a line from a movie to send them. When they check
the terminals or big screen, they will know to look for your sticker.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Sep 10 02:30:22 2004
Heh peeps I havent been to Furnace the last couple of weeks so Im just wondering
what the deal was with this My Room thing.
Im goin tomorow night so I wanna know what the 411 is. Do you have to wear a
number and do many people do it. Thanks
Peter , Narre Warren, Thu Sep 9 21:20:31 2004
Huge night at Furnace again on Friday. One of their biggest crowds. Plenty of
people came in to see the Carlton footballers, and they had a good time. I can't
believe one of the boys stage dived and no-one caught him (great shot though).
Sim, I thought the My Room thing was fairly harmless. People seem to get into
it, but I didn't think it changed the crowd much.
Anyway, its a great night that continues to grow.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Sep 9 07:47:12 2004
10.09Big Bro's Aphrodite
Furnace niteclub
Bulge Fridays with Adam12
This Friday September 10 presents
Aphrodite from Big Brother is coming to party
Enjoy $4 Cowboys & QFs at Aphro’s party and a special hot bodies big screen show
for the ladies early
My Room Returns
You asked for it (except Sim). It was so much fun last week that by popular
demand My Room returns this Friday. If you choose to wear a number, people can
send you messages from the computer terminals. Its a great way to flirt and have
Now with the Friday night game on the new big screen and, the band Melbourne
voted its favourite, Adam12, live and loud.
More Celebrity Visits
This week, the Aphrodite with surprise guests. In coming weeks House of Bulger
and AFL stars.Have your photo taken free with the celebs and you can collect it
next week.
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Thu Sep 9 07:17:32 2004
I really liked Furnace alot better when 'My Room' was not there...
Also where are all the Guys?? There always seems to be 70% Girls & 30% guys....
Maybe there will be more Guys there this Fri.....
Sim, Tue Sep 7 16:14:53 2004
i love all the people that go there. and the music they play is awesome!
fel, narre warren, Tue Sep 7 05:52:18 2004
03.09Carlton Players Party
Furnace niteclub
Bulge Fridays with Adam12
This Friday September 3 presents
Carlton’s End of Season Players’ Party
The boys from “THE BLUES” take over Friday for their official end of year
players’ party. All players in attendance.
My Room Returns
You asked for it. It was so much fun last week that by popular demand My Room
returns this Friday. If you choose to wear a number, people can send you
messages from the computer terminals. Its a great way to flirt and have fun.
Now with the Friday night game on the new big screen and, the band Melbourne
voted its favourite, Adam12, live and loud.
More Celebrity Visits
This week, the Carlton players with surprise guests. In coming weeks House of
Bulger and AFL stars. Have your photo taken free with the celebs and you can
collect it next week.
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Thu Sep 2 07:53:28 2004
hot boys, good atmosphere
Courtney , Hampton, Thu Sep 2 07:32:24 2004
Huge night at Furnace last Friday. Probably the biggest (and youngest) crowd
there since the opening. It must be the biggest Friday night in town, and its
still growing.
Big Brother fans, you missed people from all different series. Peter, Vincent,
Brodie, Igor, and a couple of others. Reality TV in clubs...hmmm? There's a
They really get into the My Room thing too. Send a flirty line from a movie to
someone else. Its interesting.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Sep 1 06:03:12 2004
03.09Carlton Players' Party
This Friday September 3rd
Carlton Footy Club end of Season Players' Party
The boys from the "The Blues" take over Friday for their official end of year
players' party. All players in attendance.
My Room, the virtual flirting system will be back again by popular demand, and
Adam 12, as always, will have the place jumping.
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Wed Sep 1 05:32:55 2004
27.08The Big Brother Party
Bulge Fridays with Adam12
This Friday August 27 presents
The Big Brother Party
Join the stars from Big Brother. Heaps of photos and giveaways with your
favourite stars.
Mystery Big Brother guests are coming to our house this week. Will we have Igor,
Kane, Afro or the spunky Ryan??? There’s only one way to find out.
My Room Returns
You asked for it. It was so much fun last week that by popular demand My Room
returns this Friday. If you choose to wear a number, people can send you
messages from the computer terminals. Its a great way to flirt and have fun.
Now with the Friday night game on the new big screen and, the band Melbourne
voted its favourite, Adam12, live and loud.
More Celebrity Visits
This week, The Big Brother Party with surprise guests. In coming weeks House of
Bulger and AFL stars.
Have your photo taken free with the celebs and you can collect it next week.
Cinema Entrance, Westfield Fountain Gate. Ph9705 7800

Dress standard applies, so dress for success. Management reserves the right to
refuse entry. Min. legal age 18. Photo ID required.
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Thu Aug 26 05:30:05 2004
Fun night at Furnace on Friday, and a big crowd. They had the My Room promo
running. You get a sticker with a number on it, and people can send you a
message from the computers. The message is banked and shown on the big screen,
or can be collected from the computers. Most people seemed to get into it, and
had a bit of fun with it.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Aug 25 05:02:33 2004
Ashalea & Kristy,
Just noticed that the website address for Adam12 was missing a dot. It is
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Aug 23 13:53:17 2004
27.08Big Brother Party
This Friday night, come join the stars from the Big Brother. They'll be there to
meet and greet and have their photos taken with you.
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Mon Aug 23 05:51:26 2004
Cheers, Kristy. I appreciate that! Thanks.
Ashalea, Sun Aug 22 21:14:07 2004
Adam12 Web
kristy, Sun Aug 22 19:30:24 2004
I agree... furance was great last night, and the little keyrings with ya photo
is so cool!
Sophie, Sat Aug 21 13:27:08 2004
What a huge night last night as Furnace... i'm paying for it now arghhh...
!@#$%^ awesome! In my opinion, it would have to be one of, if not the, best club
around. Adam12....., so so hot and of course very talented, does anyone know
their website addy, i forgot to write it down ...? . .........It was definitely
a huge night though, packed to the max. I'll be there again next week... just
totally awesome.
Ashalea, Melb, Sat Aug 21 12:58:05 2004
Virtual flirt party... that sounds like an interesting concept... I guess it
would be good to head on down to Furnace and check it out...
Mel, Fri Aug 20 12:55:35 2004
20.08Celebrity Snow Party
Furnace niteclub
Bulge Fridays with Adam12
This Friday August 20 presents
Celebrity Snow Party
Win a trip to Mt Hotham to party with 5 of Australia’s best known celebrities
Hey snowmen, snowbunnies, everyone,
Slide on by Furnace this Friday for your opportunity to party with the stars at
the ultimate celebrity snow party.
Introducing My Room
Its all about FUN... GAMES... BOYS... GIRLS... and getting LUCKY. My Room is THE
hottest thing to hit nightclubs since the smoke machine. This Friday at Furnace
My Room is giving you the chance to get filmed and put up on TV in front of
everyone, for drink cards and giveaways. Its your own VIRTUAL FLIRT PARTY. Don’t
be shy...Come and get your flirt on!
Now with the Friday night game on the new big screen and, the band Melbourne
voted its favourite, Adam12, live and loud.
More Celebrity Visits
This week, Celebrity Snow Party with surprise guests. In coming weeks House of
Bulger and Big Brother stars. Have your photo taken free with the celebs and you
can collect it next week.
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Fri Aug 20 03:35:34 2004
Another good crowd at Furnace last Friday for the AFL Men for all Seasons
calendar. Good ratio of girls to guys, and a nice atmosphere. A couple of the
Essendon boys rolled in (late) after the game. The photos are now up.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Aug 19 02:10:41 2004
20.08Celebrity Snow Party
Celebrity Snow Party, this Friday at Furnace. Come on down to see heaps of your
favourite celebrities in our first annual snow party. Heaps of giveaways and fun
for snowmen, snowbunnies, and anybody else who wants to drop by.
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Thu Aug 19 01:10:50 2004
Generally there's a good crowd. Music's always good and of course there's Adam
Thalia, Berwick, Wed Aug 18 05:01:25 2004
Furnace was great last Friday for Adam12's return. The crowd is good there now.
In fact, it would have been at least 50% girls last week. Best thing to do is to
take a look at the pics for yourself. Hopefully they will be up by the time you
read this.
Oh, and another big bonus. They finally installed a big screen, so you can catch
the footy game, or whatever other events are on at the venue. Nice.
The Men for All Seasons Calendar night ought to be huge.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Aug 12 04:16:16 2004
13.08AFL Men for All Seasons
Bulge Fridays with Adam12 presents
AFL Men for All Seasons
This Friday August 13
The AFL’s hottest join us to show off their new calendar
This will be one big night, as hot AFL players reveal their latest calendar.
Ladies, come on down to see the best bodies the AFL has to offer. Gents, the
ladies will need some company and you can see your heroes in the flesh or
playing in
the Friday night game on the new big screen.
The first forty ladies to arrive and mention Jo will be treated to joining the
boys in the VIP bar, and being first to have their photos taken with the boys.
and, the band Melbourne voted its favourite, Adam12, live and loud.
More Celebrity Visits
This week, AFL Men for All Seasons and surprise guests. In coming weeks House of
Bulger and Big Brother stars.
Have your photo taken free with the celebs and you can collect it next week.
Furnace nightclub
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Wed Aug 11 06:27:09 2004
I love promotions like the Men for All Seasons one at Furnace this Friday. All
the girls come to see the footballers so its mainly girls. When they cant pickup
the footballers they have to make do with guys like us. ;o)
Greg, Berwick, Wed Aug 11 01:19:35 2004
Hey.. where are the new photos? It just seems to be showing me all the old ones
(from furnace)
Sarah , Tue Aug 10 19:29:39 2004
13.08AFL Men for all Seasons
The AFL Men for all Season Calendar boys come to visit this Friday. It will be a
huge night of AFL stars.
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Tue Aug 10 06:14:35 2004
Thank god Adam12 were back this week!! Furnace is the best Niteclub around on a
Fri nite... Can sum1 let me know when the photos are going to be up????????????
I have to say last week the GUyZ were as fine as ever..... Coulda been a lil bit
more of u GUyZ tho... lol... too many chicks....
Sim, Mon Aug 9 08:20:28 2004
Great night at Furnace again. The crowd gets better every week. Not necessarily
bigger but more attractive and better dressed. Its been really good every week,
except that week that Adam 12 were away which was good, but not great. Don't go
away again boys.
Jules, Langwarrin, Sun Aug 8 04:11:28 2004
SIM -------- I think it's free entry before 10pm, at Furnace... I may be
mistaken, but that's what I've heard :) A huge night tonight guys! I'm
soooooooooooooo looking forward to it! I you're sick of waiting in the long
line... get your name on the guestlist, kids ----------------
OCE, Melb, Fri Aug 6 17:27:26 2004
I'm so pumped for tonight. So happy that Adam12 are back. Its going to be a big
Tam, Narre Warren South, Fri Aug 6 16:51:38 2004
Hey guys, Can ne1 tell me if you can get cheaper entry b4 10pm at Furnace 2nite?
Or is it $10 ALL nite!!!
Sim, Fri Aug 6 08:27:41 2004
Strange night at Furnace last week without Adam12. Everyone's hanging for their
return this week.
Brock Downey was an original band, so not what the crowd was looking for. They
had plenty of energy, but nobody knew their songs.
Anyway, Adam12 is back this week, and so are the celebs.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Aug 5 06:43:23 2004
06.08Adam12 returns
Furnace niteclub Bulge Fridays presents
Back from holidaysADAM12
The band Melbourne voted its favourite, Adam12, were only on holiday for a week,
but we know you missed them. This week we celebrate their return.
More celebrity visits
This week, more Big Brother evictees and surprise guests.
Have your photo taken free with the stars and you can collect it next week.
Coming Soon
Shane Crawford
Sam Newman returns
AFL Men for all Seasons calendar stars
and many more House of Bulger, Big Brother and big name celebs to come.
The team at Furnace would like to thank those that have been part of the fun
during our big first month and hope to see you this weekend.
spaghetti GRAFFITI
Furnace nightclub
Cinema Entrance, Westfield Fountain Gate. Ph9705 7800
Furnace, Westfield Fountain Gate, Thu Aug 5 04:30:42 2004
06.08Adam12 Returns
ADAM12 are back from holidays at Furnace this Friday! :o)
Heaps coming up in future weeks. More of the Big Brother Crew this week. Sam
Newman is returning, Shane Crawford will drop in, the Men for all Seasons
calendar crew will swing by and much, much more.
Come on down each Friday to have your photo taken with our celebrities, and the
photo will be waiting for you free the next week.
Furnace, Wed Aug 4 05:10:43 2004
Furnace is a top place but the staff can be really rude, we mentioned Max Moose
and they didn't want a bar of it.
Sandy, Narre Warren, Tue Aug 3 17:42:43 2004
I thought that Brock Doweny were good. An awesome up coming band. I think the
reason why people were not getting into it is because they are not a cover band
and played all there own songs. But it will be good to have Adam 12 back again
Sammyt, Doveton, Tue Aug 3 11:19:48 2004
Brock Downey were crap. A bunch of try hard, pretty boys who should keep their
shirts on. We only knew one song they played, and they did that badly. Thank
goodness Adam12 are coming back this week.
Bec, Narre Warren North, Tue Aug 3 06:01:15 2004
There's a good crowd there, no fights.. Good music
shona, berwick, Sat Jul 31 04:10:50 2004
30.07Brock Downey CD Launch
Furnace niteclub
BULGE Fridays
Special Guest appearance by the new and spunky group.....
Friday July 30th
This is a once off show LIVE with the CD launch of their new single “don’t bring
me down”
Doors open 8PM - Don't Miss Out!
spaghetti GRAFFITI
Furnace nightclub
Shop 1125 Westfield Shopping Centre Fountain Gate 9705 7800

Dress standard applies, so dress for success. Management reserves the right to
refuse entry. Min. legal age 18. Photo ID required.
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Thu Jul 29 05:49:18 2004
Hi great first time back wanted to see for myself what the fuss was about.
Different crowd it was good also as a female to feel safe, after so many
problems with Brass.Great band Adam12..staff was friendly,door people made you
feel welcome.Only problem the doormale door I think his name was Glenn is not
avaliable. But it is good to see a doorman that is not a sleeze.I even asked him
if he was not doing anything after work to come to a party with me.As said not a
sleeze he said he was attached and madly in love with someone (what a shame).But
it was good to watch hmself and the doorwoman working well together as I watch
whilst standing there refusing riff raff. Good luck Furance
Kim, Berwick, Wed Jul 28 07:13:03 2004
We swung on down to Furnace again. Sorry to those that want us to share
ourselves around, but I can't travel far with this temporary back muscle injury,
and, well, I love the night. Its the biggest Friday in town.
If you haven't been, go give it a chance. As everybody else is saying, the crowd
quality is nice ;-) Go see the photos.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Jul 28 06:44:31 2004
I really can't believe how much better the crowd is now that it's changed
owners! I used to hate brass, but i love furnace.
Had the same prob with the guestlist though. I still think $10 is a bit much for
a suburban club.
Claire, Berwick, Mon Jul 26 16:58:17 2004
Agree 100% with Anon, Furnace is going from strength to strength. One of the
best nights I have had there in ages. Adam12 was great even going as far as to
do a double encore =]
Too bad they wont be there this week (they are on holidays).
And no so called "celebrities" or annoying hosts to be seen this week either
And Ben what happend with the gustlist? I mentioned Max Moose and they just
looked at me funny and asked for the entry price =\
Turmoil, Noble Park, Mon Jul 26 11:26:02 2004
Gr8 band-Adam12, gr8 atmoshere & gr8 people
Anon, Mon Jul 26 04:36:00 2004
The friendly folk at Furnace have agreed, as an introductory thing, to allow
anyone who mentions MAX MOOSE guestlist entry before 10.30pm. Another good
reason to get to Melbourne's biggest Friday nice and early.
Max Moose, Max Moose world HQ, Fri Jul 23 05:30:17 2004
Furnace was good on Friday again. I cannot tell you how much better the crowd is
there now than when it was Brass... well maybe I can. There are so many people
who we have to take photos of. Go see the photos page.
Billy Brownless was there. Very funny, especially when he got behind the bar and
started serving.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Jul 21 08:38:00 2004
16.07BulgeBilly Brownless
BULGE Fridays
Friday July 16th
Billy BrownlessThe clown prince of the Footy Show
Billy Brownless brings “Joybell Bulger” and her special guests to Bulge.
Every Friday Melbourne’s favourite party band Adam 12
Cinema Entrance, Westfield Fountain Gate. Ph9705 7800. Dress standard applies,
so dress for success.
Furnace, Westfield Fountain Gate, Thu Jul 15 07:21:14 2004
After three weeks of being stranded at home with an injury, I finally made it
down to Furnace for a look. The verdictthe renovation is coming together very
well, and the crowd is much improved in number and standard. There were heaps of
people worth meeting there, girl/guy next door types.
Taking out the upstairs walls makes the place feel far more open, and there is
more to come.
The entertainment is as good as ever, with Adam 12 still putting on a great show
and DJ Dave mixing up a popular set, but lets face it, its the crowd that
It is bigger than it was as Brass, but a much better standard. Fairly young,
mostly 18-22, but much cleaner.
Heaps of celebrities about too. Sam Newman dropped by, so did Brendan Fevola,
and a heap of Big Brother ppl.
The new owners really have this on the right track. The crowd is much better,
and every week, the venue is improved as walls are moved. It is definitely worth
giving Furnace a go.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Jul 14 06:51:20 2004
Well, we headed down to Furnace on Friday night... HAD to see what this fuss was
all about! Must admit we were not expecting much from an inner suburban niteclub
BUT we had the best night in a long time. The atmosphere was FANTASTIC, everyone
is friendly and beautiful. The band who plays there, Adam12 were truly
incredible, I would have to say they are one of, if not, the best cover bands.
The bar staff are SO wonderful. Overall, we had such a fantastic night, we had
to get kicked out of there at the end of the night lol. So definitely worth a
look, it's totally FAB! Check it out guys. Never realised what a nice
neighbourhood Narree Warren really is.
Natalia, Richmond, Sun Jul 11 19:09:56 2004
I think that you can. You could at Brass. The best thing is to ring them and
ask. But i a, guessing that you can. It would be the same as open toed shoes.
Sammyt, Doveton, Fri Jul 9 13:40:49 2004
Can anyone tell me if girls are allowed to wear thongs to Furnace on Friday
Simone, pakenham, Fri Jul 9 13:34:21 2004
09.07BulgeSam Newman visit
BULGEFriday July 9th
Sam Newman
Join the head of the BULGER family “George Bulger” for all the inside gossip on
the Bulger household and your footy show highs & lows.
Every Friday Melbourne’s favourite party band Adam 12
Furnace, Westfield Fountain Gate, Thu Jul 8 06:48:52 2004
16.07BulgeBilly Brownless
Bulge FridaysFriday July 16th
Billy Brownless
The clown prince of the Footy Show Billy Brownless brings “Joybell Bulger” and
her special guests to Bulge.
Every Friday Melbourne’s favourite party band Adam 12.
Furnace, Westfield Fountain Gate, Thu Jul 8 06:39:44 2004
Furnace is Ace. Adam 12 is fabulous. Never went 2 Brass b4 bcoz of all the bad
reports. It was a pleasure 2 c a professional doorman that doesn't take "" from
anyone & doesn't let the "SCUM" in!! He also has a sense of humour yet still has
a maturity about him. If he remains there, I believe Furnace will remain very
successful. Job well done 2 the new owners!!
Elisa, Noble Park, Wed Jul 7 11:43:18 2004
Anon. ok everyone has an opinion but you dont have to write it as an abouslete
idiot. I love Furnance and dont like Blitz but you dont see me getting on here
and swearing and stuff about it. Maybe if you wrote some decent stuff about
Blitz then it wolud be kept. Just a question ahve you been to Furnace since its
been opened and waht was so bad about it?
Sammyt, Doveton, Tue Jul 6 14:51:17 2004
Went to Furnace last Friday nite, had a great time! Cept for when the music went
off for at least 1/2 hour.. Hopefully it will be more organised 2nite.. Cya
there 2nite 2/6/04.
Simone, Berwick, Fri Jul 2 08:37:18 2004
09.07BulgeSam Newman visit. 16.07BulgeBilly Brownless visit.
Furnace niteclub
Fridays BULGE
The Stars from the House of Bulger
Friday July 2ndAFL vs NRL
Friday July 9thSam Newman
Friday July 16thBilly Brownless
with Adam 12 every week
Furnace nightclub
Cinema Entrance, Westfield Fountain Gate. Ph9705 7800
Dress standard applies, so dress for success. Management reserves the right to
refuse entry. Min. legal age 18. Photo ID required.
Furnace, Westfield Fountain Gate, Fri Jul 2 07:41:19 2004
Furnace was a lot better then i expected.. i never really was a fan of brass.
But it could've just been because it was the opening night, so there was a lot
of people i knew. Hopefully it's good every time though!
Lindsay, Berwick , Thu Jul 1 13:30:22 2004
i used to be a big fan of brass on fridays, but then the crowd got a bit to ugly
- jumpers and ripped jeans = dodgy. went back a few times later but was no good.
i was really happy to go to furnace for the first time. all the good people were
back. it was such a great night, and plenty of boy talent. every one was picking
up and my friends met some nice guys (shirts = respectable). had the best night
ever there and will be back. thumbs up to the new owners.
Lisa, Narre, Wed Jun 30 00:30:26 2004
Turmoil, good call on the BB ppl and skanky ugg boats, but u have to admit it
was heaps better than it was. I had the best night I ever had there on Friday. I
thought it was really good, especially with the upstairs room not having that
wall any more. The dancers on the bar were a nice touch too. I didn't go there
when it first opened, but Friday was so much better than I ever saw at Brass.
Jayne, Endeavour Hills, Mon Jun 28 20:42:03 2004
Better than normal??? there was no dress code put in place yet. Guys still got
in with T-Shirts and Jeans, and there were girls walking around with ugg boots
on for crying out loud *shakes head*. Hopefully in weeks to come the dress code
will get tighter as they said it would be.
As a long time regular I was hopeing the new management would bring it back to
like it was when the place first opened. Sadly they still have a long way to go
IMO. But any improvment they make is good, as no matter what I will be there
most weeks.
Big Brother participants are now considered personalities... god help us ;D
Turmoil, Noble Park, Mon Jun 28 18:18:15 2004
Turmoil, except for the comments on Brodie you are being way too harsh, probably
because you were half KB'd. The place absolutely rocked. It was a great crowd
and looked much better than the crowd that had been going to Brass.
The new room upstairs was great, and there were celebrities everywhere. I had a
brilliant time. The best night out for ages!
Kelly, Berwick, Mon Jun 28 17:26:07 2004
So much for the big opening, it seemed pretty much the same as usuall brass. The
opening of the techno room gives the place more space which is nice. The
giveaways and free drinks were not that impressive for a grand opening night but
anything free is ok I guess ;D.
I agree about the doorman, after getting kicked out of the VIP line (yes I did
have a VIP pass) and told to go to the general line, I saw 2 females walk
straight in via the VIP line...
The rest of the staff are great though.
AND thank god for Adam12 made the power outage and Brody's painfull babbling
worth it.
Turmoil, Noble Park, Mon Jun 28 14:11:22 2004
Was a great night expect the music going off for a while. But they handled it
well. Great opening weekend and cant wait to go again
Sammy, Doveton, Mon Jun 28 11:20:11 2004
FURNACE Grand Opening on FRIDAY was FANTASTIC. An enormous turnout. The band
Adam12 were superb, very entertaining as were all those special guests. The
venue looks great, more spacious and room to move, though it was VERY difficult
to move around on Friday since it was so packed. The new owners and staff are
lovely. If you haven't already, you've got to check this
place out. I hear people are coming from all over town. Don't forget to keep an
eye out for more special guests in the coming weeks. Drink specials every week,
Adam12 live on stage every week and of course the funky MC Brody. We had such a
fantastic time on Friday. Congrats to Furnace for such a spectacular debut.
OCE, Melb, Sun Jun 27 13:29:37 2004
TONIGHT! F U R N A C E nightclub (ex Brass) will have its grand opening.
Come on down, you won't want to miss this one! Guest celebrities, ADAM12 live on
stage, HEAPS of drink specials, A HUGE surprise that will guarantee to please
and of course a fresh new concept in entertainment!
BURN the floor at F U R N A C E nightclub --------Fountain Gate Shopping Centre,
Cinema Entrance, NARREE WARREN (where Brass Monkey used to be) You won't want to
miss this one, kids.
Grand Opening at FURNACE, Fountain Gate Shopping Centre., Fri Jun 25 09:37:41 2004
MAX MOOSE RecommendationGrand Opening weekend @ Furnace
Hey party animals,
Easy choice for this week's recommendation. The Grand Opening of Furnace will be
the biggest club launch in ages. Everybody is talking about it, and the thing is
ready to go! We cannot wait.
This week, 25 & 26.6Grand Opening weekend @ Furnace!
Everything is right for a huge launch. An all new venue with new owners, a new
look, a new style, and a new everything. All that remains the same is Adam 12 on
Friday and the location. The stars are coming out to play, and you should join
Where Furnace, Cinema Entrance, Westfield Fountain Gate
Dress Dress to impress. It's a launch so put in some effort.
Specials Free entry before 10pm Saturday with last night's Email. Fridays will
be loaded with celebrities, including the cast from the House of Bulger, and a
very special surprise guest this week, as well as Adam 12 live. Saturdays star
Molly Meldrum and Andy J (Sgt Slick), similar to Sundays at Heat.

Max Moose, Max Moose World HQ, Fri Jun 25 03:05:20 2004
FurnaceStar-studded grand opening this weekend
Furnace niteclub GRAND OPENING
This Friday June 25 & Saturday June 26
Fridays BULGEThe Stars from the House of Bulger
Friday July 2ndAFL vs NRL
Friday July 9thSam Newman
Friday July 16thBilly Brownless
with Adam 12 every week
Furnace, Westfield, Fountain Gate, Thu Jun 24 05:26:50 2004
F U R N A C E nightclub (ex Brass) will have its grand opening this weekend.
Come on down on Friday and Saturday night, it'll be the best place to be! Guest
celebrities, ADAM12 live on stage, HEAPS of drink specials, A HUGE surprise that
will guarantee to please and of course a fresh new concept in entertainment!
BURN the floor at F U R N A C E nightclub --------Fountain Gate Shopping Centre,
Cinema Entrance, NARREE WARREN (where Brass Monkey used to be) You won't want to
miss this one, kids.
FURNACE GRAND OPENING, BERWICK, Wed Jun 23 16:18:41 2004
And, sorry Ben, another little thing, is it possible to become a promoter for
the Furnace? If so, how would I go about it? I would be very interested. Thanks
OCE, Melb, Wed Jun 16 17:11:00 2004
Ben, since the Furnace opens on the 25th, will the venue still be open either as
Brass or Furnace this week, Friday and Saturday? :)Thanks in advance.
OCE, Melb, Wed Jun 16 17:05:12 2004
Rebecca, yes. Furnace will launch on June 25th. It should be massive.
Ben Clissol, Wed Jun 16 06:25:30 2004
So is Friday the 25th of June the first night of Furnace??
Rebecca, Berwick , Tue Jun 15 17:42:13 2004
Fridays are about to BULGE
Join the House of Bulger Stars and Adam12
Melbourne’s best bands, DJs and celebrity guests will entertain you every Friday
from June 25.
Furnace, Westfield Fountain Gate, Fri Jun 11 03:53:06 2004