MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Red Retro




L1 62 Main St, Mornington
Orange lime

good music and good fun
paige, mornington, Thu Sep 18 15:22:34 2008
its a good night with a day off the next day
ashleigh, hastings, Sat Sep 8 14:54:36 2007
all my mates go there
it's great
chelsea, mt martha, Mon Aug 13 02:58:42 2007
Candy is that you?
U can b as messy as you want and never get thrown out
lisa, mount martha, Fri Dec 22 16:50:52 2006
good atmosphere!! awomse music.
Aimee, Wed Nov 22 22:10:32 2006
good to socialise
j, bittern, Wed Oct 4 17:36:43 2006
it goes off!!
candice, dromana, Fri Aug 25 01:23:00 2006
you guys rock, play so much good stuff that everyone knows and can sing and
dance along to. also good for playing requests
anonomouse, bittern, Sat Jul 8 13:47:11 2006
local pub and lots of fun.
AnonyMoose, Wed May 24 00:14:07 2006
its easy to get to, the longest wait in the cue is an hour at worst, and lots
of people i know go there.
Madeleine, melb, Fri Feb 18 02:33:17 2005
Good Place to catch up with friends
Sarah, Mornington Peninsula, Mon Nov 8 05:43:25 2004
it has two different atmospheres up and downstairs. you can go from band to dj.
hollie, mt martha, Wed Oct 27 02:56:15 2004
Ventured down to Mornington on Friday. Arrived too late and had to head home too
early to do the normal Barrumba, Cube then Cruze Club routine, so stuck to Cube.
Downstairs was a great pub/bar crowd. 20-30, mature, fairly classy, sensible and
Upstairs fired up later than normal, but wasn't too bad. Younger than
downstairs: 18-25 and fairly attractive. The music was commercial and top 40,
but the DJ played too much stuff that you really couldn't dance too. That aside,
it was a pretty good night.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Apr 8 01:14:17 2003