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Cruze Club

124 Main St, Mornington

13.01: Stafford Bros

Cruze, Mornington, Sun Jan 8 05:44:28 2012
The Cruze IS open on Fridays!! Currently they have this duo the Pierce Brothers
who are HOT TWINS & they play a good mix of originals & covers. You have to get
in early though as they finish at midnight & then the dj starts. Check them out!
Jane, Rosebud, Mon Apr 2 14:22:14 2007
ive been to the cruz the last 13 weeks i dont want to be any where else. i love
the cruze
matt blake, crib point, Tue Dec 7 19:14:36 2004
Cruze has not been millenium for almost 3 years so you should just list it as
Cruze. Also they are not open Friday nights - only Saturdays, so you need to
adjust your details to provide accurate information for max moose visitors!!
Rob, Red Hill, Sat Aug 14 14:10:39 2004
The Cruze rocks. It is open Saturdays and is the only place to be seen if you
are anyone!!
Bibi, Mornington, Fri Jul 30 18:41:35 2004
Now known as the Cruze Club, id have to say saturdays at Cruz are awesum better
than most things on the peninsula anyway! relatively cheap entry, and the crowd
dosent arrive till late! (had to line up for 30 mins to get in at 2am!) djs play
any songs requested!!
Rebecca, Frankston, Mon Jun 14 15:32:37 2004
They've had a string of names here too. Now its back to the Cruze Club. Mark
Zylstra and co are running a new night, with a far harder progressive edge to it
(possibly the reason for the night name Edge).
We were there a little too late to judge it fairly, but the crowd were certainly
enjoying the sounds. A good contrast to everything else in Mornington.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Nov 12 03:52:41 2002