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Casey’s (Cheers)

660a Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn
Night name:G-Spot
Music:Com/Top40, House, RnB/Funk, Party/Retro
Short desc.:Legendary Uni night a year or two back
Age group:
Correct at:Apr 3 ’06 (Max Moose)

Vanessa, North Balwyn, Wed May 12 22:26:19 2010
Best music, variety and crowd
Simon, Frankston, Sat Jun 21 03:07:48 2008
It's a great self esteem boost and you can dance and not have too worry about
anything! And bring all ya mates! GREAT FUN :D
Mj, kew, Tue Nov 28 04:34:39 2006
Hey guys, has anyone been to footloose fridays at caseys (cheers) ? Was just
wondering as i might be heading there and wanted to know what people thought of
it ?
D, Hawthorn, Mon May 2 16:36:35 2005
STOP PRESS: G-spot turns 10 (pics).
August 11, 2000
Not so long ago, G-spot was the place for a Uni student to be on a Friday night. It was impossible to get in, unless you knew someone, and the place had the greatest reputation. A cool sort of a crowd, well dressed, well behaved, no problems, and everyone showed respect. Not much has changed, but it is a little easier to get in to these days.

The crowd is very uni, and very Hawthorn. These days the ages range from 18-25, with most around 21-22. The place gets going 10.30-11, but changes around. Downstairs early, upstairs later. It is not so packed or impossible to get in.

Casey's / Cheers is a large venue. It has four or five distinct areas, but I will narrow this down to the ones that were open last time I visited. On the ground floor, just left of the entry is the main retro room. DJ Piero spins the tracks in here, with a range of party favourites, through to commercial dance and R&B. It is similar to the mix he plays downstairs at Blush, Thursdays @ Silvers. The room has a dancefloor, complete with built in lighting like on Saturday Night Fever, at the far end. A bar kind of in the middle, with a few tables and couches scattered around it. This room goes off earlier.

Later on, upstairs fires up. There are two rooms, linked by a bar. To the left of the top of the stairs is the Jaffa Bar. It is orange in colour, and tends to play cooler R&B and relaxed house tunes. It didn't fire up the night of the review like it can, but it was used for chilling out around the tables.

If you had gone right at the top of the stairs, you would have been in the main dance room. This has a rather large dancefloor, which can go off to a mix of deep and progressive house tunes. There is heaps of space, so everyone can go mad. There are also a few tables and couches scattered around.

Prices are pretty reasonable. A pass gets you a free drink, and drink prices throughout are not too bad.

All the elements that made G-Spot great still exist. It is a quality line up, and a great venue. I suspect all it needs to get back to "the old days" is the right promoters, and a bit of hard work. Given its history, it is one to check out, and keep an eye on.

Ben Clissold