MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





2&3 Floor Virgin Store, Coverlid Pl, Chinatown

The best Rave club in Melbourne. You haven't heard bass unless u have been to
Paul, Mount Waverley, Fri Dec 12 15:48:43 2003
Two of htis city's most jacking techno crews, MTM and Forklift, combine forces
for the first time with melbourne's original blank magic boys KillRockStar
Entertainment for a weekly dose of searing hot techno and electro in one area
and the sounds of industrial tech-trance,hard style and twisted acid in the
call Blanket on 0408130949 before 8 for guestlist !!!!its time to get grimey
Blanket Man, Berwick, Fri Nov 7 17:16:35 2003
March 16, 2001
@mosphere is another of the Melbourne Friday night rave clubs, and is just around the corner from Hard Kandy at Billboard. Situated in an alleyway, it is located in a perfect underground venue and as take the elavator two levels up you can feel the adrenalin pumping.

Once you get in its all energy for the rest of the night going right through until about 10am. It show cases some of Melbourne's best up and coming DJs, and plays a mix of psy-trance, NRG, progressive, and acid techno.

Although not as popular as Hard Kandy I find it much better because there is always room to dance and there is two rooms working at once so you have variety.

The age range is very young; 18-22, but there is always clubbers coming to check out the scene and it is a very friendly environment.

Defintely worth going to, and, trust me, if you think it is just full of druged up bogans, you are wrong. Its a great night out.