Flash @ Boutique
Night:Flash @ Boutique
Short desc.:It's all about the 80s and 90s
Status:Weekly (Friday)
Music:Party/Retro, RnB/Funk
Dress:Classy, Trendy, Smart, Neat Casual
Age group:20-23, 23-25, 25-27, Over28
Correct at:Aug 3 12 (Max Moose)
Address:134 Greville St, Prahran
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Always a bit of a mix. Slightly older after work crew. I like it that way.
Seth, Albert Park, Thu Sep 6 01:22:24 2012
A night out at Boutique on Greville
leaves you feeling like you have just
bought a Stella McCartney at
Target...you have a "Stella" but
you bought it across from the
section that sells a 3-pack of Bonds
red/green/blue mens undies for the
bargain price of $9.95.

I headed out last Friday night with
the promise of uber-styled patrons,
great music and a dynamic
atmosphere in mind. They promote
themselves as having a discerning
door policy and being the 'it' place
for celebrities, so i was really
charged up. I do believe now, that
THAT means couture, bleach and
silicone for women, and Big W's
tartan shirts, thinning hair, and a
combination of beefy arms and pot
belly for men. As for celebrities, I
do suppose that Molly Meldrum and
the lingerie models from Kmarts
mass mail catalogue constitute
Melbournes elite in some small way.

The hot new door '' is a
refreshing change from the
previous guy - this one is not only
hot, he is polite, charistmatic and

The $20 entry fee seems a little
steep when the plush red sofas
inside smell like crusty old feet, and
the $9 drinks actually do not
include any alcohol content.

Friday nights retro DJ is
excellent....he plays all the right
tracks, and mixes them well. The
highest, most painful heel couldn't
keep you sitting down in this place.
The dancefloor really rocks.

The atmosphere is ok. All things
considered, people did exchange
smiles and conversation, but there
is no real sex here. Whether that is
because of the 5-women-to-one
man ratio, or whether there are
some very slim pickings for women
is hard to say. It could very well be
that the owners of this club are
sexual dinosaurs. They still seem to
prescribe to the porn (for men) is
sex mantra by showing the largely
female patronage videos of nude,
cahorting Maxim female models. It is
just 90's and a little sexist - so the
fake, male serving atmosphere is
not a huge surprise.

Still, this failed to make the men in
the club horny - so there was little
hope for the women.

Boutique is not a bad option for a
good Friday night out in Melbourne,
if you just want great music, a
clean environment and to watch
some trendy fashion on real life

Boutique is probably one of the
better places to go on a Friday
night in Melbourne and it certainly
has potential. They need to
encourage a larger proportion of
hot men in to the club, and provide
entertainment that is sexual but
hasn't been done before (like the
fashion shows, wet t-shirt comps,
and Bonds underwear demo's)

In the meantime, I am off to
peruse some real Stella Mccartney's.
catherine rose, south yarra, Sun Mar 15 12:46:09 2009
This place is amazing! Great venue, great music and such a sexy sexy crowd. Going back this week for sure.
Tom, Toorak, Thu Aug 28 10:31:55 2008
I like it
Andrew, Berwick, Thu May 3 14:14:04 2007
great crowd..... good music
angela, westbourne park, Sat Mar 17 16:05:37 2007
its fun and loud
tina, northcote, Fri Feb 2 02:54:31 2007
Great Looking people and great music
Justin, Brighton, Sun Dec 31 01:35:34 2006
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- Honourable mention best retro night

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 07:39:07 2006
music, venue, people
AnonyMoose, northcote, Wed Nov 29 23:53:33 2006
the crowd, the atmosphere and the fun 80's music
Jen, St Kilda West, Sat Sep 23 03:44:30 2006
i love to dance along with 80's music!
stephie, Eltham, Fri Sep 1 05:14:24 2006
Flash 80s presents
Matt Doll
Ex-Mavis' frontman joins Phil Ceberano's High School Band as special guest
vocalist 9.45pm this Friday 28th July
Mr Taske live and out of control in the Genie Room every Friday for those who
like their eighties tunes sleazy.
Boutique, Prahran, Fri Jul 28 05:28:16 2006
07.07: Apres Ski Party
Flash 80s: Apres Ski Party. Friday 7th July
Boutique, Prahran, Thu Jul 6 04:21:42 2006
Don't forget flash eighties 4th birthday party tonight.
Boutque, Prahran, Fri Jun 16 01:25:44 2006
16.06: flash 4th birthday
The wait is almost over.
Boutique is about to turn it on !!!
flash eighties
The legendary Friday night sensation is celebrating its 4th Birthday
Friday 16th June 2006
entertainment by our very own
Phil Ceberano & His High School Band (plus various hangers-on)
Boutique, Prahran, Wed Jun 14 01:35:53 2006
26.05: Kate Cebrano live
In a very special performance
joins her brother Phil's
High School Band
This Friday 26th May
Playing 80s hits live
on stage 9.45pm
Flash Eighties with Phil Ceberano and his High School Band
Boutique. 134 Greville St, Prahran.
Boutique, Prahran, Thu May 25 05:38:24 2006
05.05: Phil Ceberano
Flash Eighties presents
This Friday 5th May
Phil Ceberano
and his High School Band
performing 80s classics
by Blondie, Kim WIlde, The Cars, Kiss, Prince, The Gogos, Wham, Rick
Springfield, B52s & more.
Live on stage 9.45pm. Doors 9pm
134 Greville St, Prahran 9525 2322.
Boutique, Prahran, Fri May 5 07:16:50 2006
Good Friday
Fun starts 9pm
Flash eighties
Boutique, Prahran, Thu Apr 13 20:09:26 2006
it was great on friday: the girls the music the vibe and the sheer enjoyment.
michael, dandenong, Tue Aug 30 04:39:18 2005
Funky place with lots of people. Like to stay out for the long haul.
Benny, Prahran, Fri Jun 17 16:02:10 2005
geat music.great venue..but crowd is arrogant,not a as bad as motel but not far
away hot girls with great asses but they very snobbish as are the guys more of a
club to be seen than anything...
tristan, bewick, Mon Mar 14 10:36:34 2005
great club, and ur right there are way to many price is right models there, but
there are also a lot of collingwood boys too which is totally kool.Brodie
holland from collingwood isengaged to sarite stella from the price is right, no
prizes for guessing where they met!! overall it was a great club, lots of good
music, nice place and kool people too..
Jacqui, Toorak, Sat Mar 5 15:25:30 2005
ey yo EW, Boutique is in sth yarra.......check it out, classy crowd and nice
venue... good lookin people are only allowed in!
Sexy mama, burwood, Thu Jan 20 20:44:41 2005
Fantastic Night, Great little club! The people are quite pretentious and it may
take a while to get in if your not HOT or a regular but its worth a go... The
door woman (Blondie) is way to stuck up shes like an angry x-model and the guy
on the door pffft please someone tell him hes not all that!!!!!!!
Kelly, Melbourne, Wed Oct 13 02:20:40 2004
great night with a great array of people
jazz, dandenong, Thu Jul 29 15:06:22 2004
Are you kidding? Boutique may as well be an overrated nightclub version of the
price is right!!! There are enough price is right models that work there.The
only cool person there was the bar chick Nadia. I couldnt believe my eyes when
i saw Hansel from Zoolander to my dismay I didnt find derek!!!
And leggings please they sucked in the eighties and they suck now, rethink i
cant believe you shallow little twits would pay so much to look so very awful.
Over all good music crowd sucked and metrosexuality is over...And mitch the door
guy is a spunktake some lessons
Victoria, eltham, Sun Jul 25 20:11:27 2004
Fantastic night, great music if you're a retro fan (if you're not -- you'll end
up singing along anyway!). Great crowd, might seem a tad pretentious but hey,
you can get that anywhere... a little hard to get into some weeks but no prob if
you can pull some strings... definitely worth a try guys!
Miranda, melbourne, Fri Dec 12 22:14:41 2003